It has been some time since I have been on DA and while I have written a few stories I had never published any. Thus since my friend Areg said that although he does not like graphic descriptions, he did like this story. I hope that you all like it as well and that maybe someone could potentially make artwork of it!

Warning, This story contains strong sexual content, blowjobs, age regression, diapers, lactation, breastfeeding, transformation elements and unbirthing. You have be warned!


Emily beamed with joy as she walked out of the video game store, she had just bought the last copy of Immortal Battles the 9th installment in the infamous fighting game series. Today was her boyfriend Jim’s birthday and she could not wait to play it with him and then since she had a new sexy cosplay, he could “finish him” later. Emily and Jim were both huge gamers and while Emily preferred playing mostly RPGs and Real Time Strategy games she loved the thrill of playing fighting games with Jim.Continue reading