Neither Girl, Nor Woman

Another mini-story. I'll try to do something longer eventually.


Neither Girl, Nor Woman

by Planet

Only two weeks ago, if anyone had told little Janie that she was about to be transformed into a grown woman –the most beautiful woman in town, no less-, she would have thought that she would be happier than ever. And she was… at first.

It all started on a Tuesday like any other. 10-years-old Janie was paying attention in class when their teacher, Miss Manderling suddenly dropped to her knees. Janie yelled along with a few classmates, but then she realized that she was feeling something odd too and also fell to the floor.

Nobody around them seemed to share their sensations, but Janie and her teacher moaned and contorted over the floor. Then, to everyone’s surprise, their bodies slowly started to change. It didn’t take Janie long to realize that Miss Manderling was shrinking, while her own physique was enlarging, her school uniform terribly tight. She contained a scream as her derriere ballooned impressively, and she tried to stay calm during the rest of her metamorphosis.

The other kids were startled, both at their regressing teacher and at Janie, now a teenager and still maturing. The girl’s flat chest exploded into two large breasts, and the green eyes on her now adult face widened in surprise as her hair cascaded longer down her back. She could feel dozens of tiny differences all over her body as it became fully developed.

It felt longer than it had actually been. In just a couple of minutes, the two of them had thoroughly switched ages, leaving the teacher as a scared 10-years-old, while the shivering Janie had been turned into a comely and curvy woman of 22, barely clad in torn and ill-fitting clothes.

What had followed had been so dazing that Janie barely remembered it. She had been steered to see the principal, then her hysterical father, then a series of very confused doctors. None of them were able to understand what had caused a spontaneous age swap between girl and woman, but it looked like they were stuck that way.

When the inquiries were over, it seemed to Janie that the time had come to finally enjoy her early journey into womanhood. And though her self-discovery had been amazing, she couldn’t help but start to feel a bit lonely as days passed.

She missed her friends, but they didn’t want to be with her any more. They were all too scared A few had tried to spend an afternoon with Janie at the park, but it was obvious that they didn’t feel at ease around her now that she looked so much older. And her best friend was obviously jealous of what had happened to Janie, so she didn’t even talk to her.

Janie then sought the company of real adults, but they weren’t welcoming either. Obviously, everyone knew what had happened to her and what her true age was, so grownups didn’t feel comfortable around her either. Not even men approached her, even though she was aware that puberty had turned her into an above-average attractive woman. But they all knew that she was a child inside, and no matter how alluring they found her, nobody was interested.

To make things worse, her new hormones had awakened adult needs in her, so Janie dressed up and took great care of her appearance, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to find a partner. To begin with, she wasn’t even sure if she was looking for a man or a younger boy.

Her own single father didn’t know how to treat her, now that she was just a bit younger than he was. Seeing her fully-grown daughter had been confusing, but so it had been discovering all the sudden changes that her personality was slowly undergoing, from the way she insisted on dressing to her panicked confession that she was curious about sex now. He had no idea how to deal with all that, much less help and guide her.

In all, things weren’t as smooth as she would have believed. She was in a no-man’s land between childhood and adulthood, and she was all alone in there.

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Enjoy ^.^ I’ll try do more in the future, and please comment for feedback and what ideas would you to see me do

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