Swappin’ Time

I’ve been writing a horror-themed, 30 pages long story, and it’s almost over, but the last chapter doens’t want to come out.

So, for now, here’s a brief one-shot with a simple, old-fashioned swap 😉


by Planet

“You’re such a dork. Get out of here.”

Oh, the joys of being the younger sister. Can’t she leave me be just once?

“I’m just trying to do some exercise,” I said, pointing at my new jogging clothes.

“Exercise? You? Don’t make me laugh. You’re flabby as shit. You’ve never done any exercise in your life.”

That hurt, because it was true. Unlike my sister, I wasn’t very fond of physical workout. But at 11, I was starting to notice I was getting a bit chubby around the middle, and I didn’t want to become the fat girl at class. It was enough getting bullied at home, and I was sure other kids would start bothering me if I got any plumper.

So, when I didn’t answer, she just shrugged.

“Anyway, fatty, I was here in the backyard first. It’s MY yoga day. So get out.”

“Well, it’s not like two people can’t fit in here. I’m not disturbing you, I won’t even talk.”

Danielle was 18, and she planted her much taller body in front of mine and then she pushed me. She was much stronger than me, and I fell over the grass, not able to stand my ground.

I didn’t cry. I was too used to her cruelty for that, but I did look up at her with disgust.

“Must be nice having someone smaller than you to push around, so that you can feel superior,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s nice, actually.”

“I wish I was the big sister,” I said, unable to contain myself. I had wished it often, but it was the first time I had admitted it aloud.

But Danielle just laughed, amused.

“Yeah, sure! As if that would change anything! You’re a dork, and no matter what age you are, you’re always be a dork! What, you think you get to be as fabulous as me just by being older? You’d just be like a bunch of loser girls I have classes with.”

“No,” I said, lowly but confidently. “I’m just a loser because you keep pushing me around and treating me like garbage. If you were the kid… and I was older… I just wish you’d see.”

“Yeah, right, kiddo, I wish it too. You’d be a fat slob, and nobody would like you at school either.”

We glared at each other. Then Danielle jumped.

“Hey! What’s happening? I feel weird.”

I suddenly felt it too. Something was going on.

“What the fuck?!”

Danielle was freaking out. This time she was completely justified, too, as a thin blue mist was slowly emanating from her skin. It was barely visible, but still there, and obviously worrying.

“Stay there,” I said weakly, getting on my feet. “I’ll find Dad, or something…”

But then the mist started to be absorbed by MY body, and I didn’t feel like I could walk back to the house. Anyway, I suspected our parents would hear Danielle scared screams anyway and come.

“My feet! What is happening to me?”

I looked down to see what she meant and almost yelled myself. Danielle’s toes were getting smaller! That was even weirder than the blue smoke.

Then, an expanding sensation started on me, and I saw how my own bare feet stretched out in the grass, becoming several sizes bigger in a matter of seconds.

“Ah!” I shrieked. “It’s happening to me too!”

I instinctively rose my hands, sure that they were enlarging too. Indeed, my fingers were becoming long, as were my fingernails. To my surprise, they were also getting painted in blue polish, and so were my toenails.

“I have kid’s hands!” my indignant sister was saying. “And you… You have adult’s hands!

Her eyes swelled in sudden realization, as did mine.

“Our… our wish,” I said.

“What do you mean “our” wish? It was YOURS! You did this.”

But even as she said that, she remembered she had wished for it too.

“I… I don’t actually want to be 11 again! I was just teasing you!”

As usual. I shrugged mockingly, my heart suddenly beating fast in anticipation. As it happened, I did want to become 18. Not that I actually thought it would happen. But now…

I felt my whole form raising upwards, as I got taller thanks to her age. My arms and legs were becoming longer, as was my torso, while my sister got shorter and shorter. I noticed the Blue Mist was a bit thicker, and a second later I realized I was the same height as Danielle… then taller.

When that part was over, she was about my old height, but I wasn’t hers. I was 5’11, four inches taller than Danielle had ever been. My clothes were too small for me now, but then they stretched to better fit me. They had also changed a bit. My jogging suit was gray now instead of purple and it was completely sleeveless. The neckline was much lower too, and I felt somewhat exposed showing that much skin.

I was vaguely aware that my sister’s clothes were changing too in front of me, but then my sports pants started to get tight again as my legs widened. I felt strength coming to them as my calves and thighs filled with rounded muscle, all while my sister’s got thin and girlish.

My buttocks were swelling too, to much larger proportions, but when I seized them, I noticed they were firm. I wasn’t getting fat, just curvedly athletic. My hips flared outwards too, but my stomach was actually getting tighter. I could feel it under my top. I was losing the slight layer of fat I had developed over the last year, and I noticed the surge of power that marked the development of some abdominal muscles. I was becoming FIT.

“You’re so big!” Danielle was saying in obvious fear.

I wanted to make an insulting remark, but I decided against it. And anyway, there were more pressing concerns: both my sister and I clasped our groins as they changed too. I have no idea what she felt as she regressed down there, but the development of mine was wonderful. It pulsated as it gained seven years of maturity, and it pulled taut against the crotch of my yoga pants.

Since Danielle’s arms were getting skinnier, I guessed that’s were my change would go next. Indeed, they grew stronger as my shoulders got wider, making my upper back a bit broader. Then my nipples tickled and I gasped in eagerness. I had always wondered how those would feel like.

“No, not my boobs!” Danielle said. She had always been rather proud of them, and now they retreated into nothingness.

Mine, instead, were about to make their grand entrance. The gray cotton across my chest pushed forward as I gained a significant amount of mass in a matter of seconds.

Danielle, who had been covering her flatness with her hands, now looked at me in shock.

“Aaaah… wooooah…” I exclaimed delighted, yet self-conscious as my brand-new breasts increased in size and weight, forcing me to arch my back.

My sister’s had always looked large to me, but these orbs of mine were surpassing hers visibly. They also appeared to be quite sensitive, and I was vividly aware of the fact that they were hanging in front of me and advertising my newfound adult status to the world.

When they were done, they looked rounder and larger than I had ever imagined in my wildest dreams. I lifted the left one and let it drop, marveled at the feeling. Then I pushed them together.

“Ohhhhhh!” it was so odd, yet kind of awesome. Danielle just looked in jealousy and disbelief.

I tilted my head. From the neck down, I was already a fully grown young woman. I guessed I had to look quite weird with a child’s face, though not as much as my sister, whose teenaged features hardly matched her prepubescent body.

But then my jaw started to shift. My chin was pointier now, and my cheekbones were cracking and altering my whole facial structure. I always had thin lips, but now they were getting considerably full and pouty. I could also taste some translucent lipstick suddenly.

I spat my last few baby teeth, and they disappeared as they touched to ground. There was no blood or pain inside my mouth, but I could feel the new adult teeth emerging on my gums. My forehead grew broader and my ears did too. I felt a prickle as their lobes got pierced. I could see my nose getting a bit larger between my eyes, which were changing their shape along with my now arched eyebrows.

My hair was still tied on a ponytail, but I could see a reddish tint to it. Since I was now wearing nail polish and some make-up, it didn’t astonish me that much to see that my grown-up self had dyed hair. What really shocked me was the tickling sensation on my skin that came next.

I looked down at my bare arms and saw ink emerging, forming patterns… images.

“Tattoos? You’ve got tattoos!” said Danielle. Though her face had just finished regressing into her 11-years-old self, she still sounded as usual.

“Yeah, I…” I stopped. My high voice sounded ridiculous coming from such a womanly form.

The body art was quite extensive. Both my arms were almost completely covered by the tattoos, and judging from my tickling, part of my back was too. Even the top of my feet had some. I was stunned. I never had liked tattoos, but as I watched them, something switched on my brain and I became immediately appreciative of them. I loved how they looked on me. Yeah… I looked totally hot.

The Blue Mist was dissipating. The last of it came out directly from Danielle’s throat.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” her scream sounded increasingly childishly.

The misty stream entered into my mouth, and I swallowed it. My throat started to feel a bit coarse.

“Oh, yes!” I said in my normal voice. “This is…” my voice cracked. “so awe… oh!” it was getting definitely deeper. “…awesome!” I finished, now sounding like a grown woman.

There wasn’t blue in the air anymore, so I knew it was over.

I took deep breaths trying to recover from the intense metamorphosis. I stared as my cleavage rose up and down with every inhalation and exhalation. It was a very alluring sight, and indeed I found that my sister was also staring at me rather than at her transformed body.

I knew the reason. She had just regressed into her own, once familiar self, while I had become something new, unexpected, and frankly impressive.

“Is that… really you, sis?” asked Danielle in disbelief.

I had to check my changed, larger body with my own eyes once again before answering.

“It is me. I really am an 18-years-old girl now.” I had aged seven years in a matter of minutes. The word “girl” sounded wrong to describe me now. Yes, I was still a senior at high-school, like my sister had been, but I felt much more like a woman than a girl.

I was much more mature, well-developed and attractive than Danielle had ever been. As pretty as she used to be, she wasn’t as sexy as she thought she was, and certainly not like I had just become. That thought brought a smile to my full lips.

“So I was going to be a dork when I grew up, wasn’t I?” I asked, placing my hands over my wide hips, thrusting my chest out.

She looked at me with envy as I towered over her, my breasts facing her like cannons.

“Okay,” she admitted. “I was wrong. I seems like you were not going to be a loser forever after all. You are obviously quite, uhm… hot, and cool with your tattoos and everything, and just the kind of girl I would be jealous of at school. There, I said it. Now let’s just wish things back to normal.”

I smiled, pleased, but I didn’t mind her. My attention shifted back to my body.

“How weird is this?” I said to myself “I’ve got huge tits! ME! This is amazing!”

“Hey!” yelled Danielle. “You can’t leave me like this!”

I arched a brow. Both of us knew I could physically overpower her now, and I was tempted to push her down on the grass, but that wasn’t like me.

“I’m going to tell Mom and Dad!” she snapped.

I shrugged.

“Tell them and see if they believe you. Haven’t you realized that they didn’t come out even when we were changing and moaning like crazy? I think they won’t notice anything is amiss. I bet the Mist made everyone think I’ve always been the older daughter. We really switched places. I’ve got your birthday now, and you have mine. As far as everyone else is concerned, I was born 18 years ago, and you weren’t here until I was 7.”

“But… but… This isn’t possible! I was going to college in a few months!”

She suddenly seemed to realize something was gone in her head. Just as I noticed the opposite.

“No, you’re not. I AM finishing high school now. I’ve actually been accepted at two colleges, I somehow know that. I’m going to move away and live on my own in a few months! Wow!”

“That’s not fair! Wish us back!”

“I don’t think that’s possible. This is permanent.”

I was sure of that, and she was too, I could see. A few tears glistened on her eyes, but they didn’t move me that much. She had been a bitch at 18, but I remember she wasn’t much better at 11 either. She would really need to change that attitude this time around.

As she looked more and more sullen, I kept checking my improved self. I was starting to get used to the idea of having tattoos. I knew I had to wear long sleeves to cover them at school, but I could display them everywhere else. They would make me attract a lot of attention, as if my huge boobs and overall looks didn’t already do that. I beamed. I realized I loved the attention. It seemed that my personality had adjusted a bit to whom I would have become at 18. I had never felt this confident before.

I also realized other things. Responsibilities. I couldn’t linger too much at home any more. I worked at a TV and video store downtown, and I needed to get ready. I smiled at the thought of having a shower in this body. Also, my sister never had a job.

“Sorry, Squirt,” I said. “I have to go to work in a while.”


“Yeah, I’m driving over there, actually! I’ve got a license now!”

We both instinctively looked at the garage and saw that Danielle’s car had been replaced by a beautiful blue truck. I recognized it. That was the one that my sister had wanted to buy, but my parents had settled for a cheaper model when they had seen Danielle’s school reports.

“Well, it looks like I’ve been a good girl!” I said. I knew it was true. Despite my rad looks, I was still responsible and decent, and I knew my parents appreciated it a lot. The truck was proof enough.

“I don’t know how to drive!” realized Danielle. “I don’t… I don’t remember things about my friends!”

“Well, you’re in my former class now, so I guess you’re friends with the kids there. Ugh, I bet you’re besties with Shelly Sanders and those awful girls. They’re so like you.”

“Yes, I… Somehow I do know Shelly.”

“And I’m in your class,” I commented. “But I’m doing much better than you, and people actually like me!”

“Wait, does this mean… Oh, no, I’m a virgin!” Danielle looked authentically troubled.

“I am…” I thought very hard. “Wait, I am too, in fact,” I said.

I realized I was now familiar with a few things about sex, and though I remembered that I had fooled around with a couple of boys, I hadn’t actually gone all the way. I knew I was attractive, and guys hit on me all the time, but unlike my libertarian sister, I preferred to wait until I was out of school. I had a steady boyfriend until a year ago, but he had moved outstate after departing for college himself, so I was single at the moment.

“So bizarre. I had never even thought about this stuff before.”

I started towards the house, Danielle trailing behind me, and I instinctively went into my room… which wasn’t mine any longer.

“Wait… these are some of my old things,” my sister said. “But stuffed into your room. Still, looks a lot like the one I had at 11, except I hadn’t Frozen things then, or this iPod…”

Pleased, I headed to the larger room that had been Danielle’s. I also recognized a few of my old things there, but most of they were new, and reflected my mature age and new tastes. There were posters of rock bands I now liked, and films I had never seen before but which I now liked. I also saw an electric guitar and I realized I was able to play it. My computer had been upgraded and though it was a little messier than my former room, I instantly liked it.

“This is so weird,” I repeated once again. As startling as having this body was, the new knowledge was even more impressive.

I noticed I was very hungry. My body felt a bit sore after my major growth spurt, too. I supposed it was to be expected. After all, I had been very small just a few minutes ago, and enlarging this much had to cause a lot of strain to a physique, magic involved or not.

There were a few sobs behind me, and I turned to see my sister standing at the doorway, weeping again.

“Uhm… You should get out, Danielle. I have to shower. Unless you want to see…?” I teased, pretending to remove my blouse. The new kid didn’t react, though.

I wanted to yell at her, as she usually did with me, to push her away and slam the door on her face.

But that had been her, not me. That wasn’t the kind of big sister I wanted to be. And something inside me told me that it was exactly the reason why my wish had come true.



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