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Supplemental Youth (Commission) – Ch 2 – lostandwhatever

Series commissioned by anonymous, originally published on my Patreon.

Continued from Chapter 1.


As the two lovers recovered on the kitchen floor, the wizard’s attention was drawn to the driveway of the house. He watched as a car pulled into the driveway and parked. Then, a young Asian woman stepped out of the car. He focused on her and learned about her. She was Erica, 22 years old, and the daughter of Susan, his customer. Much like her mother, she had a pair of thick athletic legs, which were a product of years of gymnastics practice.


Erica had intended to drop in for a visit with her mother, but she hesitated when she saw an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway in front of her. She tried to figure out whom it might belong to. Her mother had friends that would visit sometimes. It might be one of their cars. Then again, she was no longer married. Maybe… “No,” Erica said, picturing her middle-aged mother with some young stud. The idea was laughable. “No way.”


“Hello, Erica!” a woman called to her from the house next door.


Erica looked over to see her mother’s neighbor, digging in a small flower garden. “Hello, Carolina,” she replied.


Carolina was about the same age as Erica’s mother had been, but she had a great deal more weight on her than Susan had. She wore it well, though, around her hips and chest. Even her waist was thick without seeming too fat. She would always credit her Latina genes for blessing her with incredible curves. However, it did slow her down some as she got to her feet.


“It’s been a while,” Carolina said. “I haven’t seen you visit in weeks. I’m sure your mother has been missing you.”


“You’ve been watching?” Erica asked, remembering how much of a busybody her mother’s neighbor had always been.


“I notice things,” Carolina said with a shrug.


“Okay,” Erica said. “Then, did you notice who this car belongs to?” She pointed to the other car parked in the driveway.


“Hmm,” Carolina said. “That car has been there since last night. I did not catch who it belongs to, though.”


“Really?” Erica said. Maybe she was wrong. It might not be so laughable to think her mother could have a man over. Now, she had a dilemma. Should she knock on the door and potentially interrupt something between her mother and her lover? Or, should she just leave and send a text instead? “Well, I’ll see you around,” Erica said to Carolina. Then, she headed for the front door.


“Hey,” Carolina said. “You sure you want to do that? She’s probably not alone.”


Erica looked back, smiling, and said, “My mother has meddled in my love life more times than I can count. She’s scared off a few of my boyfriends over the years. So… What’s the phrase? ‘Turnabout is fair play?’”


Carolina gave Erica a disapproving look, but the young woman just turned, pulled out her keys, and unlocked the front door. Without knocking, she opened the door and stepped inside the house.


“Hello?” she said. There was no response. The house was silent.


In the kitchen, she discovered two plates on the table with a half-eaten breakfast on them. A chair was knocked over, and there was a trail of clothes on the floor leading upstairs. The clothes did not belong to her mother. Then, she heard the sound of water running upstairs and wondered how many people were in the shower.


“Oh, my!” Erica said, amused again at the thought of her mother getting romantic with someone. She was looking forward to embarrassing her mother in any way she could as soon as she came downstairs.


Her stomach rumbled, and she realized that her plans for getting breakfast with her mother would have to be cancelled. She looked around for something simple to eat and found a fresh bottle of supplement and a box of nutrition bars. She opened the box and took out a bar. It was a brand she had never heard of. If she had taken a moment to think about it, she might have noticed the word “mammary” on the label, but she was too hungry to think too much about what she was eating.


She tore open the wrapper and took a bite of the white bar inside. It was surprisingly creamy, but not in a bad way. In fact, it was delicious. The flavor brought up recollections from before she had conscious memories. She thought of being nurtured, being held, being safe and loved. If she had really considered the flavor, she might have realized she was recalling the taste of breastfeeding. But, she had finished the bar completely before she had time to think about it much. Feeling as though she was not quite full, she quickly scarfed down a second bar.


When she was done eating the breast enhancing nutrition bars, Erica settled down at the kitchen table, preparing to ambush her mother when she and her man came downstairs. As she waited, she started to feel a strange warmth in her chest. At first, she thought the air conditioner needed to be turned on. A few moments later, she started to feel some pressure from her bra. It was digging into her breasts a little. She tried to adjust the straps as she wondered what had happened to it. She was sure it had fit her fine when she put it on. The warmth and pressure increased, and she realized that her own bra was squeezing her painfully, now. She reached back and undid the hooks, and her breasts slipped free of the cups that had started to constrict them. She let out a sigh of relief, which quickly turned into a gasp of surprise when she saw her breasts expanding right before her eyes. They were swelling up like a pair of water balloons, stretching out her camisole top and forming a line of cleavage despite being loose from her bra. Just when she thought they would burst free from her top, her breasts cooled down and stopped growing.


Erica stared down in stunned wonder at the enormous pair of tits she now had hanging from her chest. They would rival the size of curvy Carolina’s breasts, but on Erica’s slimmer body, they seemed absurdly huge. She cupped them and found them to be more than a handful for her now. “What the hell?” she said. “How?” She looked over at the box of bars and asked, “Did they do this?” She stood up to examine the box and nearly fell over because her weight distribution was all off due to the extra mass she was carrying on her chest. After regaining her balance she walked back to the box and read the packaging. “‘Mammary enhancers?’” she said. “‘Made by Fitness Arcanum.’” She read the label on the bottle as well: “‘Supplemental Youth?’ What is this? ‘One scoop to remove a decade or more.’ Can this be real?” She looked down at her chest and saw all the confirmation she needed. “Hmm,” she said. “Magic supplements…” Ideas began to form in her head, plans for ways she could have some fun, but first, she went to the downstairs bathroom to check out her new figure.


Erica’s first thought upon seeing her reflection was that she looked like a stripper with melon-sized implants. She had never seen a woman at her weight with a natural pair of breasts this large. She pulled off her tight top and slipped off her bra to get a look at her bare tits. They hung naturally, but with more perkiness than would be expected in breasts this large. Somehow, the bars had given her tits an incredible size while leaving them perfectly shaped. Again she cupped them, squeezed them, let the soft flesh spill out around her fingers. Her already enormous nipples stiffened at the stimulation and jutted out of her dark areola a full inch, as thick as her thumbs. She brushed her fingers gently against them and felt herself getting wet due to how incredibly sensitive they were. It was like she had a pair of exposed clits at the end of her tits. They were so achingly pleasurable that they almost felt sore. “Holy shit!” she said, letting go and trying to calm down.


When her nipples had gotten a little smaller again, Erica slipped her top back on, leaving her useless bra on the floor. The shape of her nipples was clearly visible through the fabric, but she did not care. In fact, she found herself looking forward to the looks she would get for her fantastic tits. She had a strange impulse to show them to the world. Much as they were foremost in her appearance, they were now foremost in her thoughts. She kept imagining what it would feel like playing with them or having someone else play with them. It took all of her focus to keep from masturbating right then and there.


The sound of the shower ending upstairs was enough of a reminder of her real purpose. She needed to have some fun with her mother, first. Then, it would be time to have fun with herself.




Upstairs in the bedroom, Ricardo toweled himself off, glancing back at Susan toweling herself off as well. As clean as he was, he had dirty thoughts on his mind. Susan was feeling similarly horny. Their shared shower had done very little to calm either of them down. All it had accomplished was to wash off some of their stray fluids while giving them further opportunities to feel each other up. Certainly, Susan had never had cleaner breasts.


“So…” Ricardo said. He paused, trying to think of some suggestion of what they should do next but struggling to come up with any ideas besides fucking. “Um, what do you wanna do now?”


Susan smiled at him, and he knew she felt the same way. She lay down on the bed and crossed her legs with her feet up in front of him. “I wouldn’t mind another foot massage,” she said, clearly knowing what would get his attention.


He knelt down in front of her feet and was about to get to work when she suddenly pulled her feet away and said, “Wait a second.”


“What?” he asked, feeling whiplash from her sudden shift in mood.


“Shh,” Susan shushed him. “I heard something downstairs.”


They both listened silently for a moment.


“Music?” he said.


“Someone’s down there,” she said, worried.


He stood up, realizing it was his duty to be a protector. “I’ll go check on it.” He grabbed his underwear and pulled them up. He did not think much about how loose they were. Besides, his semi-boner was keeping them from slipping down his narrow teen hips. “You stay here,” he said.


“No,” she said. “Don’t leave me alone.” She grabbed her robe and put it on, tying the belt securely. “We go together.”


He nodded and quietly walked down the stairs with her following close behind. They tracked the sound of the music to the kitchen where they found a large-breasted woman sitting at the breakfast table, eating some toast.


Ricardo halted there, speechless.


“Erica?” Susan said, recognizing who the woman was after looking past the breasts.


Erica noticed the two of them standing in the hallway and put down her toast. “Morning, Mom!” she said, cheerfully. “How are you?” She looked at Ricardo. “Who’s your little friend?”


“What are you doing here?” Susan demanded, walking past Ricardo into the kitchen to turn off the radio and confront her daughter. “And, what happened to your… body?”


Erica fought back her own laughter when she saw her mother trying to seem authoritative while looking like she was just barely old enough for high school. “I’m just visiting,” she said. “You always say you don’t see me often enough. As for my body, I tried out some of those supplements you have on the counter. I can see you’ve been trying out some of them as well.”


“You should have asked first before eating my supplements. Also, you need to call first before you visit,” Susan said. “I might be doing something.”


“Or, someone?” Erica asked, looking over at the boy staring at them from across the room. “You’re not going to introduce us?” she asked.


“Um,” he said, feeling strangely nervous talking to Erica. Something about her was worrying him. Maybe it was her huge tits, or maybe it was that, at his new age, he instinctively sensed that she was out of his league. “I’m… Ricardo.”


“I’m Erica,” she said and stood up. She held out her hand and approached Ricardo with her shoulders pulled back to push out her incredible chest. He shook her hand and marveled at how relatively tall she looked. He had to fight to stop himself from checking out her legs and feet although he suspected that he would enjoy them even more than her tits.


“Nice to meet you,” they said to each other.


“You need to go,” Susan said, realizing that her daughter had become competition.


“But,” Erica said, “I just got here.” She walked back to the table and returned to her seat. She leaned her chair back to put her feet up on the table, which she knew her mother hated to see.


Ricardo let out a soft whimper, and Erica caught him staring at her feet with a growing bulge in his boxers. She flexed her toes and watched him squirm, confirming that her breasts would not be the best way to get his attention.


Susan was getting fed up with her daughter ignoring her orders. She grabbed Erica’s feet and flung them to the ground. “Get out!” she said. “Now!” She had meant to sound threatening, but she realized she was coming off as petulant instead.


“Take it easy,” Erica said. “I just wanted to spend some time with you. I thought we might go out for breakfast or, you know, do something fun.”


“Not today,” Susan said.


Ricardo innocently asked, “Why not?”


The two woman looked back at him, and he felt himself blush. “I mean,” he said, avoiding eye contact. “We could have fun as a group. Why not?”


Susan sighed, realizing that she was losing him to her daughter. It seemed that she would need to change tactics. Time to play along. “Fine,” she said, to Erica. “We can do something fun. What do you have in mind?”


“Hmm,” Erica said, putting a hand to her chin. “Let me think.” She looked at the two of them and knew just the place where she could enjoy feeling superior to them. “How about we go to the beach?”


“The beach?” Susan asked, suspiciously.


“Yes,” Erica replied. “That’d be perfect. It’s going to be a sunny day. We can get a bit of tan, do a little swimming…” She glanced at Ricardo. “…walk barefoot on the sand.”


“Yeah!” he said, unable to contain his excitement. “That would be perfect.”


Realizing that she was about to be outvoted, Susan decided to try reasoning with them. “Ricardo does not have a swimsuit with him, and you…” She looked at Erica’s breasts. “I doubt you have a suit that will fit you.”


“Oh,” Erica said, waving off her concerns. “Never mind that. We can buy suits at the beach, my treat. What do you say?”


Susan was out of arguments. She gave in at last and put on a smile. “Fine. We’ll go to the beach.”


Erica and Ricardo let out a cheer and Susan did her best to hide the resentment she felt towards her own daughter.


“You two get dressed,” Erica said. “And, I’ll drive us there.”


“Right,” Ricardo said and took off running upstairs like an excited child.


Susan and Erica shared a silent stare with each other in the kitchen.


“You’d better get dressed now,” Erica said. “Or, we might just leave you behind.”


Susan turned and left the kitchen while plotting revenge.


Once she was alone again in the kitchen, Erica checked the labels on the supplements again. She wanted to see if there was a duration for the age reduction effect. When she could not find the information on the label, she decided it would be safest for her to bring along the supplements. She was about to pack them in a bag but a better idea came to her.


“We’re going to get thirsty out there,” Erica said to herself, smiling. “Maybe we should bring a refreshing drink with us.”


She found a one-gallon portable beverage cooler in a cabinet and unscrewed the lid on it. Then, she opened the bottle of youth supplement and dumped in a couple of spoonfuls of it into the cooler. She set the cooler in the sink and turned on the faucet. In the freezer, she found some ice and threw that in the cooler as well. When it was full of water and supplement, she screwed on the lid and gave the whole thing a good shake. She grabbed some plastic cups out of a bag and put the beverage cooler and the cups into her mother’s large cloth shoulder bag. She even managed to stuff the rest of the supplements in there as well, just in case.


“Just make sure you don’t drink it,” she reminded herself.




“I don’t like this,” Susan said as she stood in her room, still wearing a bathrobe. She was trying to think of some way to take control of the situation again, but her head was a bit too foggy with teen hormones to focus well.


“What’s the matter?” Ricardo asked as he tied up the waist string on a black pair of her gym shorts that he had put on. His own clothes were surprisingly too loose for his body. That should have set off alarm bells in his mind, but much like Susan, he was a bit too hormonal to recognize that something was very wrong with his body. Instead, he just felt a bit frustrated that something had gone wrong with his clothes, causing him to put on some of Susan’s clothes instead.


“She’s up to something. I can tell.”


He slipped on one of her tank tops. “She seemed friendly to me.”


Susan cast a suspicious glance in his direction. “I saw you getting a bit too friendly with her,” she said. “You’d better watch yourself.”


“What?” he said, trying on her sandals. “I was just saying ‘hello.’”


“You’re with me,” Susan said. “Don’t forget it.”


“Of course,” he said and walked into the bathroom where he began checking himself out in the mirror. “Hey, do I look skinnier to you?”


Susan sighed and began getting dressed herself in her stretchy yoga clothes.


Meanwhile, Ricardo decided that he needed to step up his workout.




Minutes later, the three of them were reunited downstairs by the front door.


“What do you have in that bag?” Susan asked Erica.


“Just some snacks and some water. Don’t want to get dehydrated, do we? I hear it’s really bad for your skin.”


“Fine,” Susan said. She opened the door and stepped out first.


Ricardo gestured to the door and said, “Ladies first.”


“What a gentleman,” Erica said, giving him a warm smile. He watched her go, paying particular attention to her sandals and the feet that filled them. He followed her out and shut the door.


Erica saw Carolina was still outside trying to act casual as she spied on them all. “Hello again,” she called to their neighbor.


“Hello,” Carolina said while approaching the driveway, staring continuously at Susan. “Is that your mother?”


Erica looked at Susan as well, and said, “Yes. She’s looking good today. Isn’t she? Very refreshed.”


“I barely recognized her. I thought she might have been one of the kids from down the street.” Carolina looked at Erica and her eyes went wide when she saw Erica’s chest. “Oh my!” she said. “Your… Were they…? What happened to your… top?”


“Would you believe me if I told you it was all thanks to a new bra?”




“Want to know our secret?” She gave the woman a conspiratorial smile. Carolina leaned forward and Erica whispered, “We’ve been using some amazing new supplements.”




“Yep,” Erica said as a wicked idea formed in her head. She pulled the jar of skin cream out of her bag and handed it over to Carolina. “Want to try some?”


“Huh?” Carolina said, examining the jar. “I just put it on normally.”


“It will take years off your skin,” Erica said. “The more you put on, the better.”


“Right,” Carolina said. “Thank you. I’ll leave it with your mother later. If it’s as good as you say, then she’ll have to tell me where you got it.”


“Enjoy,” Erica said. Then, she turned and called to Ricardo, who was unlocking his car doors. “Nope. I’m driving.”


“But…” he protested.


“Just get in my car,” she said. “I’m not letting you drive me anywhere the way you are now.”


He locked his car again. Then, he walked to Erica’s car. Susan beat him to the front passenger seat, so he ended up stuck in the back seat, alone. Feeling put upon, he crossed his arms and pouted.


“Seat belts, kids,” Erica said as she started up the car. “Let’s go.”


Continued in Chapter 3.


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