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Supplemental Youth (Commission) – Ch 1 – lostandwhatever

Series commissioned by anonymous, originally published on my Patreon.


Susan wanted to top up on fitness supplements before she started her new yoga class, which was why she decided to stop at a little shop she had never noticed before. The store was named Fitness Arcanum, as displayed above it on a sign with the same undifferentiated red lettering as the ones belonging to every other shop in the mini mall.


The wizard who owned the shop waited patiently for Susan to park and step inside to start browsing. He looked her over as she walked to the door, checking out her body and, using his magic, her mind. Susan Yang was 54, divorced, mother of one grown daughter, and scared as hell of every grey hair and wrinkle she discovered while looking in the mirror. She had turned to exercise and fitness as a way to fight off aging, and it showed. Her body was trim and athletic although still considerably thick around the ass and thighs. She was the model of the modern middle-aged woman, growing old “gracefully” if only because she could not stop growing old at all. She meditated, she exercised, she hydrated, she ate a balanced diet, she filled herself with vitamins and supplements, she slept a melatonin-aided 8 hours a night, and she still felt, correctly, as though she were losing the battle against aging.


She was just the type of customer the wizard preferred.


“Hello,” he greeted her warmly. “Can I help you find something, ma’am?” As he had hoped, she frowned at hearing the word “ma’am.”


She looked at the white-haired man behind the counter, and struggled to guess his age. His top knot was a decidedly youthful hairstyle, but the long white beard that hung down to his chest indicated he was probably a senior citizen. The fact that he was surprisingly muscular did not help her confusion. “I’m looking for some supplements,” she said, and began scanning around the store, looking at the bottles and boxes on the shelves. “Do you have anything with Omega-3 or just something good for energy?”


“I do,” he said. “There’s the more conventional remedies on your left there.”


“Thank you,” she said and started reading the label on a bottle of vitamins.


“Of course,” he said with a gentle smirk. “If you are interested in something a little more… effective, I have a special stock of new concoctions behind the counter here.”


Her curiosity piqued, she walked up to the counter and said, “What do you have there? Chinese medicine? Homeopathics? Something herbal? I’ve tried quite a few of those already.”


He smiled. “I am sure that you’ve never tried what I have here before. This is alchemy, magical elixirs to cure whatever ails you and, in some cases, to improve upon what nature has provided to you.”


“What are you supposed to be? A wizard?” she asked him with a sharp edge of sarcasm to her voice.


“I am,” he said.


“Working in a supplements store?”


“Putting up a sign saying I sell potions and elixirs was not drawing in as many customers as it used to. I go where the money is, which is supplements nowadays.”


“I see,” she said, not at all convinced. “I think I’ll stick to the regular supplements.”


“You are skeptical. You want a demonstration,” he said. “I understand. Most people are naturally skeptical.”


“What kind of ‘demonstration’ do you mean?” she asked.


“First,” he said, “ a demonstration of my Muscle Builder elixir.” He flexed his buff arms for her.


“That’s nice definition there, but that’s hardly proof of anything. I’ve seen men as buff as you at the gym.”


“I am centuries old, but I have the strength of a young man,” he said. “Wouldn’t you like to feel younger and more energetic?”


“Of course I would,” she said.


“Here,” he said, picking a jar of skin cream off of a shelf behind him. “Try this on your hands.”


She unscrewed the lid and gave the cream a quick sniff before she put it on her hands. “It feels good,” she said. “What’s in it?”


“Something that brings back youth,” the wizard said. “Take a look, Susan.”


“How did you know…?” she started to say, but was rendered speechless by what she saw happening to her hands. She watched in wonder as her wrinkled knuckles began to smooth out. Her skin seemed to thicken and soften, hiding the prominent veins on her hands. When the changes stopped, she saw a pair of hands that could have belonged to a young woman in the full bloom of her youth.


“Incredible,” she said, feeling the skin on her hands as she rubbed them gently together. She began to search through her purse for money. “I’ll take it. What else do you have?”


“As I said, I have cure-alls for anything,” he said and began to point at boxes and bottles on his shelf. “Muscle builders, mammary enhancers, phallic enlargers, supplements for youth, for beauty, for…”


“Wait a moment,” she said. “A youth supplement?”


He smiled and pulled a sizable bottle off of his shelf. Through the clear plastic beneath the label, she could see what looked like a fine brown powder inside. He set the bottle down in front of her and said, “This is Supplemental Youth. Mix a spoonful of the powdered elixir into a glass of water once a day and you will look and feel years younger.”


“How many years?” she asked.


“A decade, maybe more than a dozen years. There’s no precise age to how young you will get.”


“Will I get younger if I take more?” she asked, doing mental calculations of how many spoonfuls she should try.


“You would,” he said, guardedly. “But, I would not recommend it. Taking too much can trigger hormonal reactions, which might affect your behavior and reasoning. A single spoonful is quite effective and safe to take daily. An overdose… well, might cause unexpected side effects.”


“Sure, sure,” she said, but she was barely listening to his warning.


“So,” he said, turning to the cash register. “You’ll take the Supplemental Youth, the hand cream, and… Can I entice you with a box of mammary enhancer snack bars? They’re a boob job in a bar… er, now that I say that out loud, I realize that might not be the best slogan for them.”


“Fine,” she said. “I’ll take a box.”


“Excellent!” he said and began to ring up her purchase. The total was hundreds of dollars, she handed over her credit card with no hesitation. He finished the transaction and handed the card back to her, saying “Be sure to follow the directions on the packaging to make sure you use the supplements safely. They are very potent.” He bagged her order and handed the bag to her.


“Certainly,” she said. “Thank you.”


“Thank you,” he said. “Do enjoy your youth.”


She smiled and left the store.


The wizard watched her walk to her car. He noted that there was more of a spring in her step now. He did feel a touch of worry about what she might do with his elixirs.


“I suppose I had better watch and see what she does,” he said to himself. Then, he turned and walked to a back room in the shop. The storeroom was mostly stocked with merchandise, but there was one corner of the room that looked like it belonged to a wizard. There were crystals, (some glowing some simply refracting light), precious metals, animal parts in jars, strange markings and runes etched into a stone table, and much more. He lifted a red velvet cloth from a crystal ball the size of his head and peered into the cloudy white center of it.


Moments later, he could see Susan Yang emerge from the white fog, driving her car to her new yoga class. He settled down on a comfortable chair and began to focus on moving forward in time. The world around him slowed down to be almost still as she watched the future unfold inside the crystal ball.




Susan parked at the sports complex and took a couple of minutes to transfer her new purchases from the shopping bag to her gym bag before entering the building. Once inside, she noticed a clock on the wall and realized she only had about 10 minutes to get ready.


She hurried to the women’s locker room and got out the youth supplement bottle and her water bottle. She opened the supplement and found a small measuring scoop buried in the brown powder. A quick scan of the text on the bottle’s label said she should only use a single scoop a day. However, that would only give back about 10 years according to the wizard. That was not bad, but she would rather not be just a slightly younger middle aged woman. She would be much happier if she could be back in her 30s at least.


She put two heaping scoops into her water bottle, filled it with water, and shook the mixture together. She gave it a look, and was surprised to find that the water had only become slightly cloudy but still mostly clear. Then, she took a drink. There was no flavor to it at all. She drank some more and waited a moment to feel if it was having any effect on her. Aside from a little extra energy, she could not sense any change.


As much as she wanted to spend some time in front of a mirror watching herself change, she realized she had to get into her workout gear fast to make it to class on time. She slipped on her yoga pants and workout bra, locked her belongings away, and hurried to her class with her rolled up mat in one hand and her water bottle in the other.


When she entered the studio room with the ballet mirrors on one wall, the instructor had already begun his introduction. He had told his predominantly female students that his name was Ricardo and had given them his standard introduction to yoga as a form of exercise.


“Now,” he said. “Let us begin grounding. Have a seat on your mats and follow my movements to find the correct posture.” He lead them in a brief meditation and then started them on warm up activities. “I will be traveling around the room to help you with your positioning,” he said after his students began posing.


Sensing that Ricardo would have an impact on future events, the wizard dug into his mind as well. This was the moment Ricardo had been waiting for all day. He had a perfectly legitimate excuse to examine every woman in the class and gently correct their posture. Naturally, he used his hands to reposition their limbs and guide their feet to where they needed to be. It took a lot of self control to avoid feeling them up as he went, especially the younger women. Then, he had to concentrate on not getting an erection when he touched their feet.


Women’s feet were Ricardo’s passion, his fetish. As an athletic instructor, there were many courses he would have been qualified to teach, but he always went for yoga classes. They were a sure-fire way to surround himself by pretty bare-footed women. The only problem was that he had to work hard to control himself to avoid creeping them out. He had learned to be subtle, to let his fingers linger for only a moment on their toes and heels as he “positioned” them.


He also made sure to keep himself in perfect shape. He knew well that a fit yoga instructor had a chance for his students to become dates with only a little gentle flirting. Still, he had to be subtle. He had to seem legitimate, respectful, and, above all, professional, while he lusted after their gorgeous feet.


It was a difficult balance, but balance was his specialty, after all.


The first time he passed by Susan, he barely gave her a second glance. She was one of the older students in the room—an aging housewife with too much weight around the hips. Not that he minded that, but his attention was focused more on the other end of her legs.


Susan noted his handsome figure and wondered if he would be more interested in her if she were younger. She checked her reflection in the mirrors to see if she had begun to look younger, but she did not notice any changes yet. She was beginning to worry that the guy in the shop might have ripped her off.


However, she was feeling better and better as class went on. Her body felt more limber and flexible with every new position and pose. Her blood seemed to flow with lively energy as if it had been purified.


The next time the instructor walked by, she felt herself lusting for him with an intensity she had not experienced since before menopause. That intoxicating energy in her blood seemed to be fueling her sexual cravings. The feeling was so strong she had to stop herself from drooling as she thought of what she might do with him alone.


Ricardo was momentarily confused when he saw Susan giving him bedroom eyes. He could have sworn that she was a middle-aged woman when he had seen her just minutes ago. Clearly, he had been mistaken. She did not appear to be any older than he was. The hips he had taken for over-large were in fact only curvy in a very inticing way. Beneath that, he could see that she had gotten a pedicure sometime recently as well. He decided to give her some personal attention.


“You have good form,” he said. “But, you could relax your shoulders more.” He stepped behind her and gave her shoulder muscles a gentle massage. She moaned softly and approvingly in response. “And, you should lift your foot a bit higher.” His hands gently probed her toes and heel. It was a lovely foot—well cared for and just the size and shape he enjoyed most.


She said, “You have such strong hands… and thick fingers.” The tip of her tongue slid across her lips briefly, tasting the air around him. “Do you do private sessions?”


“Sometimes,” he said letting her foot go reluctantly. “We can discuss it after class if you would like.”


“Good,” she said. “We can be more private, then.”


He had an impulse to just cut class short then, make up some excuse to start their “private” time right now. Instead, his professional side reminded him to do his job first. The fun could wait until later. Besides, concentrating on teaching would help him avoid showing an embarrassing erection.


He continued working the class through their postures, checking and positioning as needed. Every time he saw Susan, he had the impression that she was posing for him, showing off her body to get his attention. When the position required her back to be straight, she stuck out her breasts. When she was bent over, she presented her ass prominently for him. Always, she looked back at him with those hungry eyes.


When class was done, he gave his students some homework practice and thanked them for being such a great class. The students filed out slowly after gathering up their mats. Susan was leaning against the wall in the corner by the mirrors. One leg was bent at the knee with her foot resting flat on the wall behind her. When they were the only two people left in the room, he shut the door and approached her.


“I never got your name,” he said.


“Susan,” she said.


“Tell me, Susan,” he said. “What sort of private session are you interested in?”


“I thought I might bring you to my home. I could use some… stress relief. Maybe your hands could limber up my tight body.”


He replied with an approving smile and nodded.



Stepping into her house, Susan felt as if she did not belong there. She felt as though she were trespassing in the home of an older woman. The decor, the furniture, the art on the walls—it all seemed too conservative, too grown-up. She felt wild, youthful energy tingling through her, and it was making her horny as hell.


“Mirror,” she said. She needed to see herself. She had to check out her body.


Susan dropped her bag by the door and ran upstairs. When she was at the top, she looked back and wondered when was the last time she had bounded up a staircase like that. It must have been decades. She rushed to her bedroom, put on the lights, and approached the three panel dressing mirror in the corner. Her reflection split into three and approached her as she marveled at the woman she saw.


It was a body she had not seen for at least 20 years. Looking it over, she noticed what was missing first. Gone were the wrinkles on her face. Gone was the saggy chest. Gone was all that extra weight around her hips. Now, her skin was smoother and more vibrant. Her somewhat average breasts rested high and firm on her chest. Her hips were muscular and seemed more curvy and less chubby.


She removed her workout clothes, piece by piece, giving herself a personal strip dance. Every inch of youthful skin she exposed heightened her excitement over her new body. She cupped her bare breasts, feeling their renewed perkiness. She caressed the curve of her hips and ass. Then, she let her fingers trace the slit of her crotch. Even that gentle stimulation was enough to excite her. She considered making a quick plunge inside, maybe grabbing one of her “aids” to help, but she held off, knowing that she would have company soon.


She considered greeting him at the door as nude as she was now but, instead, decided to dig out some old lingerie she had boxed away in her closet. After some searching, she pulled out a lacey black bra and matching thong. They had been a gift from her ex-husband, intended to “spice up” their relationship. In time, she had outgrown them, much like she had outgrown her marriage. She stepped into the thong and strapped on her bra. They fit perfectly again. She posed in front of the mirror, admiring how the dark lace stood out against her light skin.


The doorbell rang, and she smiled. Wearing only her lingerie, she hurried down the stairs and peeked through the curtains. Her yoga instructor was standing on the stoop, waiting for her to answer.


She walked to the door, tried to take a pose she thought he would find alluring and opened the door. His eyes went wide when he saw what she was wearing. She smiled at him and said, “Hello.”


He just looked at her in stunned silence. Of all the times Ricardo had gone to have a “private session” with a woman in his class, this was the first time one had greeted him in her underwear.


“Well,” she said, enjoying his reaction. “Would you like to come in?”


He nodded, and she stepped back to let him enter. Then, she shut the door behind him.


“Can I get you a drink or…” she started to say, but was cut off when he pulled her close to him and planted a kiss on her lips. Before she knew what was happening, she was kissing him back. In the back of her mind, she wondered how many years it had been since she had felt this kind of passion with another person. How long had it been since she had even kissed a man? Now, they were making out in a youthful frenzy.


She pulled up for air to say, “Bedroom.” Suddenly she was lifted into the air and cradled in his muscular arms. He carried her up the stairs as she smiled up at him and chuckled. She could barely believe this was actually happening. It was like something out of one of those cheesy romance books she enjoyed.


He carried her into her bedroom and laid her out on her bed. Then, he proceeded to remove all of his clothes as well. She watched in lustful anticipation as he revealed more of his nut-brown skin and bared his muscular physique. When his underwear came off, she was delighted by his size there as well.


He climbed onto the bed with her and positioned himself next to her legs. Long ago he had learned how to traverse the path down to a woman’s feet. First, she needed to be ready and wanting him. Then, he needed to work his way down slowly. He leaned in for another kiss. Soon, he had her bra off and he was fondling her nipples with an occasional brush of his lips. He kissed his way down to her belly and removed her panties. She spread her legs, and he dove in tongue first, burying his face in her crotch.


As he spelled out the alphabet, she moaned and gasped at the stimulation. Again, she could not recall the last time she had felt a man’s tongue inside of her. However, she knew this was the first time she had felt a man use it so well. The pleasure grew and grew, like water heating to a boil. She felt the first bubblings of an orgasm building up, getting stronger and stronger, until her body shuddered as she climaxed. Her mind blurred in the wave of pleasure that crashed on her. She felt as though she might drown in it, having become so overwhelmed by her own orgasmic bliss.


Ricardo felt her come and pulled back slowly, kissing his way down her leg, around her knee and down to her ankle. He massaged her foot, fondling her toes and rubbing his thumbs into her sole. He put his lips around her big toe and tasted it, as sweaty and pungent as it was. He licked and sucked her toes, feeling their shape, enjoying their texture in his mouth.


Susan was too lost in the afterglow of her orgasm to care what he was doing to her foot. Eventually, as her mind regained focus, she made eye contact with him. She retracted her foot away and spread her legs wide again, letting her body say what she wanted now. He got the message and moved his stiff shaft to her waiting moist pussy. When he penetrated her, they both let out a light gasp. She was so tight now, so ready for this pleasure. Again, she could not recall a sexual experience quite like this one. She may have never had a man this large before, who filled her almost to the limit of what she could handle. He was feeling the same sense of amazement at how tight she was.


They fell into a rhythm with his thrusts, speeding up and slowing down as she felt herself building up to another orgasm. He felt it building in himself as well and worked to hold it off as long as he could, waiting for her to be ready with him. When her moaning and panting reached a crescendo, they climaxed together. He blasted his load into her, too impassioned to pull out first. She barely noticed, once more overcome by the joy of her orgasm.


As youthful and passionate as they were, they had reached their limit for the moment. Both of them knew he would be staying the night, and they lay down next to each other to rest and recover.




The wizard, feeling more like a voyeur now as he watched the couple in bed through his crystal ball, decided to speed up time as the two slept. Hours sped by until the light of the morning shone through the window of Susan’s bedroom, and time slowed to its regular pace again.


Ricardo awoke first, being accustomed to early morning workouts. For a moment, he wondered where he was. Seeing a woman sleeping next to him in bed gave him part of the answer. Clearly, he had hooked up last night. Then, the memories of meeting Susan in his class returned to him as did the memories of the fun they had enjoyed last night. He slipped out of bed gently, hoping that he might get out of the house before she woke up. As much as he enjoyed his nights with women such as her, he would rather avoid the complications that followed in the mornings. For instance, there was no telling if another man might stop by, unexpectedly. There was also the threat that the woman might want things to get more personal as opposed to staying simply physical. At the moment, he had no interest in romance if he could avoid it. He was at an age and in a position where he could play the field and have a good time at it. Why get himself trapped with one woman when the world was full of them?


Swiftly but silently, Ricard got dressed and headed for the bedroom door with his shoes in hand. Unfortunately for him, a creaking floorboard alerted Susan to his escape attempt. When he heard it, he froze and looked back at her. Her eyes opened, and she groaned and stretched, as she woke up.


Letting out a frustrated sigh, he greeted her, “Good morning.”


She saw him and smiled. “Good morning, sexy,” she said. “Up already?”


“I was thinking I might go out to get us some breakfast,” he said, making up a kind lie.


“Hmmm,” she hummed. “That sounds nice, but I do have some food in the fridge if you’re up for making something.” She got out of bed, still fully naked and approached him. “After we eat breakfast, I might have something else for you to do with your mouth.” She kissed him.


“Right,” he said, realizing he was in for a long morning with her. “I guess I’ll get cooking.”


“And, I’ll get cleaned up and join you in a little while,” she said and walked to the restroom.


He watched her go, enjoying the sight of her shapely ass again. Then, when the door was shut, he headed downstairs to figure out a meal for them. He set his shoes down by her door and noticed her gym bag sitting there unzipped and, out of curiosity, decided to do a quick bit of snooping inside. Her street clothes were folded in there along with some nutrition bars and a tub of some supplement he had never heard of before. He gave her socks a quick sniff and then left everything in the bag as he had found it.


In the kitchen, he found enough food in the fridge to make a pair of omelets for them. As he started to chop vegetables, he heard the toilet flush upstairs followed by the sound of a shower.


In the bathroom, Susan revelled in the warm water that washed over her body. She soaped her younger skin and tested its taught surface and the sturdier muscles beneath it. She tried its softer places as well and considered pleasuring herself a moment, but she held off, knowing that there was a man downstairs to do that for her after breakfast. Clearly, the shower was making her hot in more ways than one.


Downstairs, Ricardo finished up their omelets just at about the same time that he heard the water shut off upstairs. He checked in the fridge for juice or milk but found none.

He walked back to the base of the stairs and called up to her, “How’s it going up there?”


“I’m nearly done,” she yelled back to him from behind the bathroom door as she toweled off.


“Breakfast is nearly done as well,” he yelled back. “But, I’m looking for something to drink with it. Do you have anything like coffee or tea, maybe?”


“I think I’m out of coffee,” she said, “but I might have some of a supplement mix left in one of the cabinets near the fridge.”


“Right,” he said. “I’ll find it.”


He checked her cabinets for something to mix in a drink, but found only a nearly empty bottle of a supplement with barely enough for half a drink left in it. Then, he remembered her bag by the door. He returned to it and fished out her fresh bottle of supplement and the nutrition bars along with it.


“Did you find it?” she called down to him from her bedroom as she searched for her robe.


“Yes,” he said. “Come down soon. The food is ready.”


He hurried to the kitchen and got out a pair of glasses for them, which he filled with water. Then, he added a scoop of the youth supplement to each glass and mixed it in with a spoon. The brown powder dissolved almost completely moments later, leaving the water mostly clear. He set aside the supplement bottle and the nutrition bars on the kitchen counter and proceeded to set the table for the two of them. She walked in wearing only her robe just as he was finishing.


Susan sniffed the air and hummed pleasantly. “Hmmm. Smells delicious.”


“Dig in,” he invited her.


She took a seat at the table, and he sat opposite her. Then, they began eating.


“So good!” she said after a few bites.


“Thanks, it’s my specialty,” he said with no attempt at modesty.


They both washed down the food with an occasional sip from their drinks.


“So,” she asked him. “Can you stay long? I don’t know if you’re working today.”


“I don’t have a class until the evening,” he said. “I did have a private session scheduled for around midday, but I can cancel that if I need to.”


“Good,” she said, feeling as though her body was waking up more with breakfast. “I was thinking of keeping you around for an extended ‘private session’ with me instead.”


Ricardo was feeling somewhat more lively as well. He had been willing to humor her a bit more today, but now he felt genuine enthusiasm about having her again. She looked sexy as hell, after all. In fact, she seemed even more youthful and vivacious than she had been last night.


They kept on eating their omelets and drinking down gulps of youth supplement. All the while, they grew increasingly more excited and aroused by each other. Meanwhile, their bodies were experiencing an opposite effect. Susan found herself having to tighten up her robe after it fell open once revealing a nipple to Ricardo. Not that she minded him seeing her breasts, but she wanted to preserve some shred of modesty. She was not prepared to just wander around her home with her naked body exposed to anyone who peeked through a window. It surprised her a bit to see him looking younger than she remembered him being. Maybe it was a trick of the morning light, but he barely looked like he was out of high school now. He was experiencing a similar surprise as he tried to guess her age again. Last night, he could have sworn she was in her thirties at least. Now, he worried if she was even legal.


However, Ricardo’s attention was soon drawn more to himself as he felt his clothes hanging more loosely on his body. He looked down at his chest and arms and was distressed to see his muscles looking less cut than usual. He seemed to have lost some mass and definition recently without realizing it. Clearly, he needed to step up his workout again. He took another sip of his supplement mix, hoping incorrectly that it might help.


Susan, meanwhile, had to readjust her robe again as it had begun to slip off her shoulder. She too worried that her chest was looking smaller than it should be. However, that worry was being overwhelmed by the warmth growing within her. It was not heat, exactly, more of a feeling of general arousal. Her smaller nipples had begun to get hard, and she sensed herself getting wet below.


Ricardo had a similar warmth burning in him now as well. In his case, the sensation was focused in his throbbing hard erection, which normally would be painfully squeezed in his pants. Yet, he seemed to have ample space around his waistband now to make room for his cock.


The erotic warmth drifted upwards in them, going straight to their heads, and they felt their thoughts fogging up. Their concerns about their bodies were quickly being overwhelmed by their mutual desire for physical pleasure. An intoxicating cloud of pheromones had filled their air between them. Soon, all they could think about was getting intimate with the sexy teen sitting across from them. All the adult restraint they had developed over the years faded away. Susan let her robe slip from her shoulders, exposing her perky young breasts. She lifted a foot up to his crotch and he nearly came in his pants when he felt her toes brush against his cock. Ricardo stood up from the table and barely noticed when his pants and underwear dropped to his ankles, revealing his stiff teen cock poking out from beneath his oversized T-shirt.


“I wanna fuck,” he declared, drunkenly.


“Yeah,” she consented. What else was there to say?


He stepped out of his discarded lower clothes and pulled off his T-shirt and rushed around the table. She stood up to meet him, dropping her robe on the chair behind her. Their lips met, and they began making out furiously next to the breakfast table. While last night their lovemaking had been erotic in a controlled, adult way, this morning they were going at it more like a pair of wild animals, letting their raging hormonal bodies take full control of their actions. They were horny beyond reason and wanted nothing more than to get off right this moment. The two of them half-sat half-fell onto the tile floor in a tangle of limbs. Susan’s hungry mouth drifted down to Ricardo’s crotch. His own mouth followed her example and sought out her waiting pussy. Tongues and saliva went to work on their genitalia as they sixty-nined each other, gleefully.


If they had been more mindful of anything but sex, then they might have noticed more changes occurring as they pleasured each other. For instance, his cock was filling her mouth less and less without getting any less hard. Meanwhile, her formerly shaved crotch seemed to be growing its hair back, one strand of which he had to pause to pull from his teeth before returning to eating her out. All the while, their bodies dwindled away in general, leaving adulthood behind more and more.


He came first, and she pulled away after the first spurt in her mouth. The next couple landed squarely on her face and hair. Even as he ejaculated on her head, his tongue kept working at her pussy until it too flushed soaking wet and left her shuddering in orgasmic pleasure next to him.


They lay on the tiles by each other, a pair of young teens, faces wet with each others fluids, panting in exhaustion, dazed and spent by their own erotic pleasure.


“Wow,” he said, between pants.


“Wow,” she replied in agreement.


Those were the only words they exchanged as they lay there recovering. What else was there to say?


Continued in Chapter 2.


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