Sunday & “Used”

So here we are, the week pased and the last day of the updates are come. It was a really good experiance for me to find something new to publish every day and I have to say, I kinda like it! Still it would be hard to do this all time, I would be rushed out of content in time! 😀
But I’m always open for ideas and new authors & artist who would like to show they work here on AgeArts! The door is open, so get in touch with me if you have something to show!


So I’m closing this week with another new one right away from TGTrinity’s  lab, a very neat Age Progression comic from his Patreon  page! He works a lot to make new content both in comic and stories as well! So if you feel you could help his work a little bit, “throw” him with some bucks! 😉  – we have a new collab upcoming so he surly can use some help! – So please welcome TGTrinity’s “Used” !
I’m gonna post as often as possible for you guys but tell me: how did you like this weeks progess?


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