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Sunday Update, Forgotten One comic, Site improvements…

This week was not just  beautiful but we also have a few updates here on AgeArts, and to continue it today we give it an another push! Let’s see what we have here:

cover forgotten

This weeks “newcomer”  TheForgottenOne  is gave me the honor to put up one of his latest – and I think his best so far – work on the store. It is called “The Revenge of the Little Sister“! I think with this one he reached a milestone in his carrier, if you would like to see my review of it check the store page!

I uploaded today a quick made 2 Page long comic what was inspired from a video what I saw 2 days ago on youtube. It wasn’t any interesting scene in it or anything what is notable, but the camera angle catch my attention! That is why you can have this little comic called Lurkers.

Maybe the ones who are walking with open eyes on the site spotted some changes on the site. Mostly the changes what happens are made under the hood but today I’ve done some improvments on the surface:

  • I’ve updated some widgets what looks better and now the annoying errors are gone away from the footer widget.
  • Changed the name of the menu “Profile” where you can reach your Store profile. Here you can only check your shop interface if you want to see your AgeArts profile you can reach it from the right side widget after you logged in.
  • I also changed and refreshed the “About” page. It is now looks more better and the future Artist/Authors short description will be here as well.
  • And probably the most noticable chage is the new header. I think it fits better to the site and the text don’t irritating the page titles.
  • One more little thing is that I made a refreshed & updated “bela04” profile pic:

bela04 - NEW


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