Status Update

Heyyy Boys & Girls!

Welcome, welcome… I’m here again, I know… I know… it’s been a month since there was any comic update… Well, you could say I was on holiday! 🙂 One full month back in Hungary, spending some quality time with the family and friends! I have to say, it was more than good… It refilled me with energy, something I was in need of!

But know I’m back… I can say, that the last month wasn’t gone into “waste” if I look at the comics… Yes, I had a smaller amount of time to work on the upcoming releases, I still had time to sort things out.

First, I made some changes on my Patreon page what is basically reduced to one Tier. If you wanna know more about it and how it will affect the future works on there please read this article! I think with this new system, things will be faster on there for everyone’s biggest happiness!

Other than that, I made a few commissions what took most of my time, but one of that will be available next week! Also, working on the new “Selfie” comic what should be ready to roll out within a month. I cleared some of my time for the upcoming times, so I try to focus on turn some of the ideas what was given to me by the great “AgeArts Writers” group! Hopefully you can see some ideas from that very soon!

So this month gonna be amazing, that’s for sure, you can expect some really nice comics what was released on my Patreon already and some exclusive stuff too! Next week, a commission project, some captions and probabaly another short tale!

But for today, please welcome a short Age Progression tale about a young girl, who’s crush is enough to make her wish come true!

Stay tuned!

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