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Status Report

Okay so a day passed and now I know more. First things first, now I stand up the whole system again so I can use my own laptop again to write this post to you.

So after several different try of recovering my data from the SSD it seems that it is officially DEAD. That means a ton of old/new project is gone pernamenly, now I’m running on a new clean system on a new SSD. Good news is that, the other HDD is still functional no data loss, so everything is ready for a new clean start. I have the DAZ Studio with all the files, all the content etc. to create like it was nothing happend.

Now I’m on the job to get back everything to have a fully functional system like I had before and with my count it won’t take too long, so I’m gonna be ready to create again in one day, if everything goes as planned. Now I have to get a whole bunch of stuff back to live again and give them the direction to starts to work properly again.
I’m still trying to figuring out how much I truly lost with this little “update” how much of my personal stuff and comics went to somewhere peacfully beautiful place. One thing I know that several ideas, big projects and many short ones.

I would like to say thanks to everybody who feels with me, I’m trying to do my best to act the best in this situation and maybe yesterday, I was a bit sudden and harsh but I had to take these all out.

One thing left with the dead SSD, when I will have the money I will give it a shot to take it to some recovery company to see if there is any solution to get back all those data!

Anyway, that’s about me, next week we are coming with the Haloween Contest, a haloween comic and something from me when I’m done with it! 😉 😉 Just POSITIVELY! 🙂 🙂 🙂



  1. glad everything is working out )))
    about my prize (story) from previous contest. no rush, take as much time as you want, but i was just wondering if you got my email?(want to hear little of your thoughts)

  2. I have saved most of your old illustrations and stories (from Deviant Art). I don’t know if you lost these as well but I can send them to you if you want or need them.

  3. Glad to see things are going well! The update screwed over my laptop, too, just not as bad. Also, if you want, I have a lot of your old comics downloaded if you need them

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