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Spring of Desire

Afternoon, the last of the sun’s rays pierce through the South American forest canopy illuminating Edward and Shelby, two young archaeologists, as they continue their expedition to find the legendary “Springs of Desire”. Edward scratches his worn calico hat as he studies the map given to him by a native tribe they had encountered three days early, “I just cannot understand what this last symbol is, we found a boulder that looked like a jaguar posed to strike, the silhouette of a snake on the Amazon River, but where is the waterfall which carved out a section of rocks that looked like a pair of macaws joined together!” Shelby walks up to Edward, “Maybe I can decipher it?” Edward frowns and buries his face I the map, “No you arrived late to the expedition, remember, you were the replacement! Besides the village’s shaman said that I would find what I was looking for” Shelby grins and places her arm on her hip, “Yes, but wasn’t I the one who found both of the real symbols when you were still looking at the map! And what did he mean by find what “you’re” looking for, isn’t this supposed to be a find that would be beneficial to the greater archaeological community?!” Edward returns to looking at the map, Shelby suddenly forms a grin. She walks up to Edward and in one swift movement snatches the map from him, “Hey!! Give that back, you don’t even know the native language” Edward shouts as he is pushed back by Shelby, “I may not know the language but I have more experience than you in the study of hieroglyphics. I mean every time you describe to me the symbols I can tell exactly what it is, based off my own knowledge! I bet if I had been the one looking at the map, we would have found all these landmarks and possibly even the spring in one day instead of five!” Edward frowns and crosses his arms, Shelby smiles and giggles a little, “Wow, man you act like such a child sometimes! You were the same way in college!” Shelby smiles nudging Edward in the back, “That’s why I liked you, I still do…”

Shelby reaches for Edward’s hand but Edward snatches his hand from her grasp, “We have to get a move on, it’s getting dark and we may not find the site if it gets any darker, could you please hand me the map?!” Edward says holding his hand out. “No way, as I said before you’ve had your turn with the map, perhaps I can find the Spring of Desire faster than you.” With her muscular, yet feminine arm holding Edward back, she continued. “I was always faster than you at nearly everything…you used to always ask me for help with everything when we were in college” Shelby says turning her back to Edward, an audible laugh escapes her mouth as she watches him struggle to get it back from her.
 Edward strains trying to reach the map, at 5’4 he had always been short and Shelby, being 5’11, always had fun teasing him about his height. In the past, she had been there to help him with anything he could not do, she liked to help him. However, after the last time she saw him, he had completely changed, he did not want her help with anything. “Give that map back to me Shelby, I did not really need your help back in college and I don’t need it now!” Edward said, his face beginning to grimace more as Shelby easily kept him at bay. Shelby smirks, her white teeth glisten in the twilight, “Well, you’ve been looking for this same statue for two week, I would have thought that an independent man like you would have found it by now, hmm?!”  Shelby giggles as she looks at Edward with his baby blue eyes, brown hair and skinny frame trying desperately clawing at the air around her to get the map back, ‘he is so cute,’ she thought to herself. She snaps out of her thoughts of Edward and looks back at the maps inquisitively, “By the way the map looks we are heading in the right direction, and we have to get all the way down into that valley down there which will take at least twelve hours going around this heavily forested mountain,” Edward sighs and begins to collect dead wood from the trees around him. “What are you doing?” Shelby asks furling her brow, “It is too late to venture on then, we only have about 2 ½ hours of light left, so we should continue tomo…“ Edward’s sentence is interrupted by Shelby rolling up the map and putting it in-between her D cup cleavage.
 “Why did you do that?! That map is our only key to finding the Springs of Desire!!” Shelby giggles and starts to run down the path they had already gone,” While you were trying to be logical with your studying of the map, I quickly glanced at the map and found a short cut that could get us there in less than 30 minutes and if we don’t find the Springs with my new route, you can just take this map right out of its “hostler”!” Edward grins and nods his head, “Alright you’re on!” When Edward said this he instantly thought, thinking of Shelby’s breasts, ‘you’re on top’, he wanted to suck on those “hostlers” and replace the map with something else long and cylindrical. “If I catch you before we get there we have to head back and make a shelter, and I will replace the map with something else entirely,” Edward said in a very seductive manner. Shelby blushes with the thought of what he was implying, “Oh, I like the sound of that, I may just let you catch me, and then we can do whatever you want Eddy!” Shelby said with a wink, Shelby ran as fast as she could through the forest, and just like in college Edward was far behind her. They had never really broken up while they were in college, but because of the Edward’s tremendous workloads and because of what she found out about Edward, he stopped seeing Shelby. She knew however that he still felt the same feelings he did for her while they were in college, this escapade proved it, she just wished that she could get him to not be so busy. She wished that she could take back what she had said to him, if he won she knew that she would play out his fantasy.
 Edward chased Shelby through the forest, passing many exotic plants and animals which had yet to be discovered, but these animals had to wait, the chase was too exciting to stop. Shelby jumped over roots coming out of the ground, ducked under tree limbs hanging from above and ran along boulders on the side of the path. Shelby was on the track team in high school and college, as a result Edward was still a hundred feet away from her. Shelby decided to have a little fun, putting her hands on her waist she pulled down her khaki shorts revealing her voluminous large booty and panda print thong. She began to shake her butt back and forth, her curves jiggling like jelly with every sway of her muscular hips. Edward saw this and his face became as red as a hot pepper, he temporarily lost his train of thought as he goggled her. Shelby giggled as she pat her thong clad bottom. “Do you like your prize Edward? Do you like my big booty?!” She began to step backwards out of her shorts, focused on Edward and not her surroundings. “If you catch me, you can slap this big ass as much as you want and maybe I can “pad” yours!” She giggled knowing that she had struck a chord with him. ‘Maybe this will make him run faster and catch up with me!’ she thought to herself closing her eyes briefly as she stepped back, there was only air beneath her. Edward’s face contorted as he watch Shelby, as if in slow motion fall off the path and down the steep hill below.
Edward couldn’t believe it, he just witnessed the woman who used to occupy all of his fantasies falling down a rock and tree branch littered slope. Sporadic thoughts raced in his mind, ‘how could I let this happen, why was I so busy for her in college, what did she mean by pad, could she mean, no, can’t be,’ but the most important question was ‘can I still save her?’ He placed his foot down and a new found almost animalistic strength came out of him. He ran faster than he had ever run before, ‘I can and I will save her’, he thought to himself as he ran down the slope hoping across all the rocks, he could see Shelby bouncing off of a head of him. ‘I must get to her,’ he thought as he raced further down the slope. Suddenly he felt something sharp tear open his khaki shirt, it was some kind of poisonous vine, he could tell because he almost instantly felt weaker after it touched his skin. Edward mostly ignored the vine though as he watched Shelby finally hit the bottom of the slope. Edward quickly rushed after Shelby, feeling his strength slowly deteriorating.
“Shelby please okay…” Edward held Shelby in his arms, tears streamed down his face as frantically looked about. He could see the large gashes, brushes and cuts all over her body. As he embraced Shelby, he stopped crying momentarily when he heard the sound of rushing water. He looked over to his right and saw a large spring and what appeared to be a waterfall less than 200 feet away. He immediately took the map out of Shelby’s bosom and quickly glanced at the picture, the rocks just like the picture before him looked like two macaws nuzzling their becks together. Edward’s eyes widened as he got a full glimpse of the waterfall that almost turned to mist as it the earth, “The Spring of Desire.” He knew what he must do, Edward picked up Shelby (despite having back problems) and as fast as he could he carried Shelby to the spring. The closer he got to the spring the weaker he became, though almost all of his muscles in his system were beginning to shut down, he continued towards the potentially life saving waters. When he finally got to the spring he knelt down and took a sip of the refreshing spring, he knew that according to the legend whomever drinks from the spring will have one desire fulfilled each time he or she took drank from the spring. After taking a sip, feeling himself get weaker, he looked at Shelby, tears running down his face, “Please let her be healed…” Edward felt himself grow weaker as the poison crept through his system; if this didn’t work he knew that they would both die. Then without warning a light began to irradiate from Shelby, the blinding light sealed all of Shelby’s cuts, mended her bruises and even removed all the leaves and twigs from her hair as it de-tangled itself. Shelby was healed.
Edward smiled as he felt his eyes getting heavy. Shelby woke up and saw that all of her injuries had been healed; she then looked down and saw Edward close to death. “Edward!! I know you saved me; I don’t want you to die!! I want to save you too, please don’t die?!” Edward with barely a breath in his body opened his nasal passages and said “If you drink from this spring, your desires will become real, that’s how I saved you…” Shelby looked down at the brave man before her; she could tell that whatever was in his system would kill him if she did not drink the water soon. She cupped her hand, placed it in the water and then slurped up the cool crystal clear liquid.
She looked at Edward and a strange thought shot into her head, ‘Poor thing, he looks so helpless just lying hear, he’s almost looks like a sick ba-‘Suddenly a strange yet familiar thought and a nurturing desire popped into her head. She remembered that while they were in college, Shelby was helping Edward with the start of his archaeology thesis, when she saw a strange link on his desktop called “Regression Fantasies”. When Edward was not looking she clicked the file and found a plethora of artwork of people being turned into babies. As she went through the file she saw hundreds of pictures and stories of men and women either being age regressed or being put in adult diapers, there were even pictures of busty lactating women taking care of the infants. She herself had some unusual fetishes herself including bondage and being treated roughly and spanked. Initially after Shelby found out about his fetish, she laughed and found different ways of making fun of him. “Aww does widdle Eddy-baby need help wif his homework?” She would laugh and call him a freak for liking what he liked, all the while groping herself to arouse him and make it harder for him to study.
Time passed and Edward grew tired of her belittling him, he stopped asking for help from her like he had done when he was a freshman. Even when she came to him in earnest, saying that if he forgave her for picking on him, she would act out his fantasies, but it was too late. Despite the fact that he still liked her, he had not forgiven her and he found different ways to keep himself occupied with more studies, becoming busier and more independent. Shelby knew that he had been ashamed of his fetish and as he became more distant from her she began to actually have fantasies of actually acting out his fantasies. She thought to herself, ‘He’s small for an adult and I bet he would actually be super cute in a puffy diaper’, it had also explained why he ogled her breasts so much. Unfortunately, it was too late for her to change anything, due to his hard work he graduated before she did and he had not spoken to her since.  Shelby felt guilty for being so mean to him, now that he had saved her, she knew how to repay him.
 Shelby remembered one of the stories she had seen in his file and whispered into Edward’s ear, “Mommy’s Medicine,” as he closed his eyes once more. Within seconds of voicing her desire Shelby’s D cups became almost two cup sizes bigger. Shelby smiled as she unbuttoned her shirt and undid the front of her now undersized lacy panda print push-up bra. A glorious erect pink nipple spilled out in front of Edward,” Drink up Eddy-baby; you need your medicine to get better…”  Upon hearing this Edward slowly began to open his eyes, whenever Edward had heard Shelby say “Eddy-baby”it usually meant she was mocking him. However, this time those words sounded different. The words Shelby spoke no longer sounded condescending, they were syrupy, sensual and maternal. When Edward fully opened his eyes he saw the last rays of sunlight create a surreal silhouette of Shelby. With her silky brown hair, sparkling green eyes, smooth skin and warm welcoming smile, Shelby looked like a goddess to Edward. Edward blushed when  he looked away from her face and saw a supple, round pair of breasts with vanilla colored nectar dripping from from Shelby’s pink erect nipples. She grinned and gently picked up his head, “I know you want to, Eddy-baby…”Shelby held her milky breast to Edward’s lips and with a little bit of confusion he opened his mouth as little drops of sweet liquid dripped down, touching his tongue and drizzling down his chin.
Shelby wrapped her hand around the side of her breast and began to squeeze, at first the milk only came out in drizzles, and then abruptly the sweet creamy liquid came out in full streams. Shelby moaned as milk spouted from her nipple and into his mouth. Edward swallowed, the sweet ivory nectar hastily moved down his throat. He gazed into Shelby’s bright green eyes he had always admired, “Did the spring work or am I dead and gone to heaven?” Edward said as a strange, yet pleasurable tingle shot through his body. Shelby smiled and brought him inches away from her erect dripping nipple, “It did Eddy and to repay you for saving my life, I will make your fantasy real with me!” Edward’s face stretched into an exaggerated grin as he blushed, licking the milk off his chin. “You mean, you’re gonna—“  Suddenly without Shelby giggled and pulled Edward’s head further into her bosom, feeling him latch on to her nipple “Hello titty!”
 Edward looked into Shelby’s jade eyes and felt confused because she looked more like a mother’s than his once girlfriend from college. ‘This is just like many of the dreams I had in college’, he continued to suck though because the flavor was pineapple and he couldn’t pass up a mommy with delicious pineapple milk. Edward’s cock throbbed with anticipation as Shelby stroked it. He continued to suck the sweet juices from Shelby’s breast; he felt all of the sickness in his body dissipating. He could feel everything about him getting better, but he could also feel his muscles relaxing in a way they had never done before, but he didn’t care he was being cuddled for saving Shelby’s life.
Shelby noticed that Edward was becoming lighter in her arms and he began to shrink. She smiled as she watched him become smaller; his clothes shrivel and become baggy. She watches Edward go from the days I college to high school (at which point she stops touching Edward’s member) to middle school and then to elementary school. Shelby gets up with Edward in her arms, cradling the small hero. She looks down at Edward who is now a four year old toddler in a sea of clothing.
Shelby bent down and got another drink of water, knowing that he not only had a fetish for age regression but had always been a nerd she knew what to wish for “Changing station and funny and nerdy closes.” A changing table with diapers, baby wipes, cream and an assortment of clothes ranging from a Spiderman costume to a  Yoshi costume to German Lederhosen to a small shirt and bib that read “Save the Ta-Ta’s I’m hungry!” arose from the sand. “I bet you want some from the other side!” Shelby said as she plucked the now two year old Edward from her breast and moved him to the other one, he latched on immediately. Shelby brought Edward to the changing table, with him suckling on Shelby’s other milky-sweet nipple of regression. Shelby smiles down at the now tiny Edward and runs her fingers through his hair “Is my little Eddy-baby almost done, is he almost done with his medicine?!” Edward looks up at Shelby and smiles a big, toothless innocent smile and reaches up to her and laughs. “Sweet baby…” She whispers as she places little Eddy on her shoulder and pats his back, causing him to burp. Shelby smiles and kisses the top of Edward’s forehead, “That’s a good burp for Mommy Shelby!”
Shelby removes the now 5 month old Edward from the mounds of clothes and places him on the changing table. She takes a huggies diaper from the bottom of the drawer and a bit of cream and rubs it all over his butt. Shelby looks down and snickers, “Wow, you are tiny all over…” As she folds the tapes of Eddy’s diaper, the crinkle causes little Edward to squeal and kick his feet in delight. Seeing this, Shelby smiles and lifts him up into her arms, placing her hand under his padded bottom.  “Tee hee, now you’ve got a bottom almost as cute as your new mama’s!” Shelby says patting little Eddy’s diaper whilst also caressing her own voluptuous curves. Shelby then adjusts Edward in her arms and  bounces him on her breast, causing him to erupt with a joyous high-pitched squeak. “See Mommy Shelby’s boobies are not only filled with creamy warm milk, they can be a lot of fun as well!” She said as she continued to bounce him and throw him up into the air, Eddy giggled with delight knowing that his new mommy would be there to catch him.
Shelby caught Eddy and briefly brought the now infant Eddy down from his from his “mid-air flight”, back into her arms as she looked at the clothing that had appeared.   “So what does my little hero want to be?!” Edward points his small index finger at the Yoshi costume and giggles while making the Yoshi sound. “Aww mommy’s little hungry dinosaur!” She then puts the clothes on him, then walking back to the spring, she takes another sip of water and wishes a crib into being. From the forest a multitude of trees levitate towards the stream and assemble themselves into an ornate crib. Shelby gently places Edward inside while she give Edward a kiss on the head. Edward looks up at Shelby and holds his arms out with a smile, “Maaaa-maaaa!” Shelby blushes and then picks Edward up, “Does wittle Eddy-baby want to go nite nite with mommy?!” Shelby looks up at the sun setting though the canopy, she knows its time to go to bed “Okay, besides its past your bedtime” Shelby then fully removes her shirt and bra, now wet from all the milk, leaving her clad in only her panda thong “And if you are hungry anytime during the night, the snack bar is now open!”
Shelby drinks another drink of water and a bed appears and she and Edward lie down on it. She snuggles Edward close to her chest and little Eddy snuggles back and latches on to Shelby’s nipple, “mmmmmmmm…” Shelby sighs as she gets up one more time to go to the spring and begins to talk to the tiny infant. “Well I can see that you like this as much as I do, I’m so happy because I’ve always wanted a baby, your baby! But after I found out about your lovely little secret you stopped seeing me…I’m sorry for everything and I hope that this makes up for it…” Then suddenly a notion popped into Shelby’s head, she had the baby that she had wanted but she still felt like it was incomplete. “So, since you like being mothered by me so much, would you like to become my baby for real?!” Edward continued to suck the sweet liquid and a smile appeared on his face. Shelby giggled, “I’ll take that as a yes…” Shelby with Edward in her arms walks over to the spring, takes a sip and makes a wish, “Make me a mommy!” Suddenly Edward begins to shrink more in her arms. Shelby smiles as she feels her belly start to expand slightly, now she would make sure to never make her baby ever feel weird for what he liked. She would raise him and encourage him to become a great man (and a baby if she ever wanted him to return to her arms). Shelby imagines her new life with Edward now 6 months pregnant growing in her womb, never having a single want in the world because of the Spring of Desire.



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      Thank you so much! I am very happy with how everything came out and I will continue to make more stories for this awesome site!

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