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Some TG Coming!

Hello Folks!

I’m really happy that so many of you take particapate in the post below! So far we got 400 comments, what shows me that “yeah, there are boys & girls here who are hiding in the shadows!” I’m really happy to many of you show interest in the site, I try to answer some of the comments what has something more to say than “hi”! So if you haven’t done yet, you  can check out if you find the answer for your question! This is also a great chance to ask a question if you want from me!

I you don’t know what what is it all about, I suggest you to read THIS POST!!!

Other than that, we got a new comic up in the Gallery! This one was a commission last month what I made for Ratta . He asked for a little bit different than an a classic AR, so I would say this is more like a TG comic than an AR. So in “Reluctant Nurses”  you can see how three well respected doctors fate change thanks to some change in the board of a very specail hospital!

See you soon!


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