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Some rethink in the Gallery structure & a brand new comic from TGTrinity!

TGTrinity was always into comics but without skill, he put all his wonderful knowledge into his stories. It is something what all of us can admit and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was made happy thanks to his rare way of touching the stories. A few days ago I decided to rethink the gallery’ structure where we can choose from te Artist first and than we can find our comics what e are looking for.


For now, there are four contributor on AgeArts who are making comics for us: The Forgotten One, bela04 and TGTrinity! Yes you are reading it right! TGTrinity put his time to find out how all this so called “daz” thing work and now I can proudly show you his very first work: Trading Ages!
As for a beginner like he is, I have to say it is really a big honour that he choose me to gicve him some feedback about his very first comic! I have to say, I find myself in his work! Back i 2013 when I started, I have something similiar like this, exept, I didn’t even know “how-to-render” so I just use the “best” program on Earth: Paint!

Anyway, it is good to see that he is opening his wings in DAZ and seeing how his very unique story telling comes to life is just beautiful! Check it out!


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