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Site update and new comic!

Allright! Hello again, it’s been a long time…

I start to write this post for the fourth time already. There had been so much idiotic trouble with the site at the back-end that every time I uploaded and wrote this post it crashed… That is why I choose to let it by in since the 9th of this month. It drove me crazy and my life just didn’t needed the stress in the last few weeks. So I decided to calm down and relax a little with my family & friends and start this over again from the beggining…

I can’t promise anything, I’m almost daily contact with the technicans to keep the site up to date, I can only hope that it will work now again as I want it.

Other than that, I finally got the rest I was looking for and spend some quality time which I was very in need. I’ve been working on some product which I really want to share with you in the future.
I owe a big THANK YOU to the AgeArt Writer’s Group to be active and keep pushing me to work and always look back to the site to solve the problems! Thank you guys really! Thank you Planet to keep up the site with your stories!

Now, please welcome our new Comic called: “Changes”!



  1. Good to see you back! I hope you’re doing a bit better now and spent some good time with your family and friends. Keep your focus on what’s most important to you. Even though I know you’re running a business and a passion of yours here, try not to worry too much about AgeArts if there are more pressing matters to care for. 🙂

    As this is my first comment on here, I would like to say that I’ve been following you since your first comics on DevART and that I’m checking your site almost daily for new entries to the gallery. I’m very glad that you’re here, regularly presenting us with your AR/AP comics, as you really are an enrichment for the community.

    Your new comic was something you’re especially good in, I think: A sequence of short age and reality changing, random situations. I look forward to more of yours!

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