Sibling Swap + Hypno Posters + HALLOWEEN SALE

“As I promised, the classic work of TheForgottenOne:  “Sibling Swap”  in now available in the store! I don’t think I have to say to much about it, classic sibling situations with a lot of animation and beautiful art! If you know his work you can only expect some fine transform from him!


“Sibling swap is a nice and very new form of presenting an old and classic way of AR and AP between siblings. I think the most loved and often choosed way to represent AR/AP themed comic is with a Big Brother and a little sister. This is the form what our favorite Animation master choose to present back in the time when he decided to give us a really nice animation comic.

We have an Old brother and a Little sister here who’s role gonna swap very soon and we can be an eye witness of their change. We can see deeply and detailed how there body matches their new age and how sweet is the revenge!
Also with this “pack” you can get a short AP video  and the classic “Bathroom TG”  to make it more exiting!”

Other things what is happening now is Halloween of course so I wanted to share with you guys some Posters what I made for “Hypno”  a month ago and the very first 30 costumer had the luck to own it but now – as a halloween pic – I would like to share with you! It is 3 picture about the three woman/little girl character in the comic but on the posters you can see them as grown up womans in costumes! Audree as Wonder Woman, Taylor as Black Widow, and a special one with Stefany as Harley Quinn! It is special because you can’t see her in this costum in the comic, but you can see her what she would look like as Harley Quinn if she would be part of the girls suprise!

As probably everyone noticed there is a new side chat and some ppl already started to chat with each other! I would suggest to do this to everyone and most importantly, please leave me a feedback about it! If you love it or hate it or you just don’t want it, because we have 12 days to see if it fits or not. If you like it and you guys have fun with it we can keep it but if not it has to go I’m afraid!

Many of you asked me when there gonna be updates. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but thanks to the events 2 weeks ago, I’m still making the comics captions and everything to have some content. Now all the little short comics, the full one’s the commissions and the Patreons is under my hand at one time and to work on all of these in 2 weeks is more than challenging! 😉
What I can promise, that there will be a short story up this week and a commission work as well! Next week there will be some old patreon works and after that I’m gonna travel on a 2 weeks trip to the USA. There will be a lot of content on those 2 weeks, at least that’s what I’m planning, so maybe now you can guess why is the empty ride now! So don’t worry, things are happeing in the background I just ask for a little bit more patience! 🙂

But as the Halloween is just a few days away and our CONTEST is still on till 30th October, I also wanted to give some discount for some of our Product in the webshop as a gift for the Halloweens! So until 31 October you can get some of our Premium Comics with 50% off!!! See if you can find something you like!

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