Short Captions

Hello boys & girls!

I’m bringing some short “caption” kind of tales to keep you up to date! The first one: “Afternoon Nap” is now up! 🙂 Check it out!




  • Depending on how in depth these captions will be, hopefully they get published as quickly as if not the same as The Orb content was put out. Was a nice change of familiar category/genre but still felt like a fugazi.

  • Fugazi.. .:D 😀 I mean really? You guys get content that’s in my focus, so you wouldn’t have to wait too much. I have to measure another aspects as well since my Patreon has been shut down.

  • Yeah, it just kinda dwindled and was left where it was at, as if most of your AR stuff lately if it involves regression beyond adolescent stuff this and growing attention are the only things like that in months. As is most of the stuff lately because you either have grown tired of it and see it more as a vanilla type thing versus what YOU are into and then act like we wanted it and therefore need to pay for it.

    Which is wild, cause at that point, is a matter of commission based. Yet, when approached about independent work, you still turn folks away because its something YOU only want to do… yeah, youre the creator of these things, but to have a lame/lazy god complex on what you feel like making or wont when thats literally the wall your backing us and you into. As per your patreon, that literally has nothing to do with my comment and the genre of work you put out. That’s like saying oh, because my patreon is down is why I only make cat people or something. Also, start up another account with a fresh alias, unless all your info will redflag the system and they’re all like “They’re back! Man the Patreon gates!” Lord knows if you still had that, then maybe, MAYBE, but again. I was even paying you then for content but hey, how much till someone’s support, and patience is noticed. Try being better with your content OVERALL and maybe your system and methods won’t crumbled or leave you trying to keyboard your own work when you literally ask all the time “if I had more feedback then I’d know what to make more of or better content.”

    As I’ve always said, I’ve given good feedback which i did with this one. You just can’t take it when someone actually tries giving corrective feedback and then act like you’re giving content people want. Like who? Where are the polls? Where is the feedback at least on THIS site to prove so? Which is why it just feels like you’re putting out stuff YOU think we want… and at that point yes, it just turns into a fugazi and dwindles away.

    • You seems familiar to me, seeing you bringing too much into this whole thing. 😀 I don’t think you understand what’s behind the scenes but that’s normal. It’s not something what you should see or know about. 😉

      I have my things and way if doing things. If you like what I do you stay if you don’t you can always find someone else out there. You have your feelings and I respect that. Just as well that you shared it with me. But using the word fugazi is just over the line. You get free stuff even if it’s short or long what I put my work sharing it with you guys and you call it fugazi? If that’s what you think than maybe you should leave this page or my work in all since I’ll never be anything else for you! 🙂

      But I hope you enjoyed what you got so far!