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Science isn’t Perfect Redux

Pokemon AP/AR/Expansion Story

Science isn’t Perfect

 Note: This takes place before the Luminose Conference aka the Kalos Pokemon League but after Ash getting his eighth badge and perfecting Synchrono-Greninja

After getting his eighth badge, Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie are on their way to Luminose City for Ash to partake in the Luminose Conference just after perfecting Greninja’s new form and using it to defeat Wulfric’s Mega Abomasnow.

“So Serena, how far are we from Luminose City?” Ash asked

Serena pulled her map and checked “Well according to the map, we got a day or so before we arrived there” Serena replied

“I suggest we find somewhere to stay tonight, if you guys haven’t notice it looks like it might rain soon” said the blonde Scientist Clemont as he looked at the sky

“Oh no, the near town from where we are is too far so it might be too late for us when we get there” said Serena as she checked the map

“Hey don’t worry Serena; I’m sure we’ll somewhere to stay at until the rain passed over” Ash stated comforting Serena as Ash’s Pikachu nodded in agreement

“Yeah, there has to be someone that’s nice enough to tell sta… Uh” Bonnie commented until she felt a rain drop hit her on the head

Then it started pour down as Ash and friends ran down the road trying to find somewhere dry to stay at. Soon our heroes came across a large mansion down the road, “Hey let’s see if we can stay there for the night” said Ash as him and the others ran towards

“Also some food, I’m hungry” Bonnie added on as the gang had to miss dinner because of the rain.

Once at the front porch, Ash and friends tried to shake off most the rain before knocking on the front door before Bonnie found out it was unlocked, “Hey the door is unlocked” Bonnie said as she opened the door.

“Bonnie, it’s not safe, maybe someone is planning to do something bad to use in there” Serena said as she was a bit afraid from what was on the other side

“Perhaps Serena or the owner forgot to lock the door by accident” Clemont hypothesized

Ash shrugged and placed his hand on Serena’s shoulder to comfort unaware she was blushing slightly, “It will be alright, Serena as long we’re all tighter we’ll be okay” Ash commented

“Okay, Ash” Serena said with nod.

After entering the house, Ash and friends were amazed of how big the place and how modern it felt while the outside had an old fashion look to it. “Wow who ever owns this place must be like a millionaire or something” Bonnie commented

“I think it’s best to find the owner of this place before get comfy and we get accused of intruding” Clemont stated

“Yeah it would be rude not to let the owner know we’re here, and that the front door was unlocked” Ash said adding on to Clemont’s statement about finding the owner.

“Welcome, my trainer is out for a moment and please make your comfortable while I get some towels for you four to dry yourself up before I serve dinner” said voice surprising everyone.

“Was that a ghost?” asked Serena as she cling to Ash’s arm for safety

“Not sure, it could be someone who works here” Clemont guessed

“Okay by why he mention “my trainer”, could it be a Psychic Pokemon or an talking Pokemon here?” asked Ash

Bonnie saw something on the stair way, “Hey look?” Bonnie cried getting everyone attention towards the staircase. Sitting there was dark grey and blue Umbreon with amber eyes wearing a green scarf.

“It’s a shiny Umbreon” Ash said as he remembered that his friend Gary had an Umbreon as well but it was a pure black with yellow ring marks and red eyes

“But how can it talk to us” Serena asked

The Umbreon made a light cough before saying “It’s an invention made by my trainer, it’s a small collar that is able to transmit my words into something you humans can understand”

“That is fascinating, I know people have been try to see if they can communicate with Pokemon on a new level for years but I never seen it perfected myself” said Clemont

“Way thank you as of now I’m wearing the only prototype made by my trainer as he is out currently with another young trainer who was going to ask him about his current project” Replied the Umbreon as it used Psychic to levitate a couple of towels to Ash and friends

“Thank you Umbreon” said Serena as she and the other started to dry themselves

“You’re Welcome, but please call me Shadow as it’s my nickname that my trainer gave me” said Shadow as it bowed

“So where is your trainer?” asked Clemont

“As I said before he’s out as a young female trainer wanted to ask him about his current research project” Shadow replied

“So are you the only one here or are there more Pokemon here?” Bonnie asked if she could play with some of the Pokemon at the mansion while they stay here until tomorrow

“Yes my trainer has a greenhouse filled with them and normally he has all of this Pokemon roaming around the grounds but with the weather change, most have been put away or left in the green house” Shadow answered

“Cool, I can’t wait to play with them” Bonnie cried happily

Then the sound of hungry stomach were made and made a slight echo in the main hall, “I see you all must be hungry. I’ll go re-warm the meal my trainer made” said Shadow

“Thank you Shadow, we had to miss dinner because of the rain” Ash commented while scratching the back of his head

“You are free to relax in the guest bedroom upstairs on the right side and the bathroom is down at the end of the hall. You are able to explore the manor if you wish but please stay out the left side upstairs of the house; it’s where my trainer’s lab and he likes his research private” Shadow explain before heading into the kitchen to re-heat the food that was made earlier.

“So where should we go first?” asked Ash

“I wanna go to the greenhouse to see all of the Pokemon there” said Bonnie

“Same here, I’m curious on what kind of Pokemon that Shadow’s trainer likes to research on” Clemont said in agreement

“Well I want to go wash-up myself” Serena commented

“Okay, so me, Clemont and Bonnie will go the greenhouse to check out the Pokemon and you can join us after you wash-up, Serena” Ash said

“Okay see you in a few, Ash” said Serena as all 4 of them went their separate ways. Unfortunately Serena was a bit confused on where was the bathroom as she was enjoying the fact she was hold onto Ash’s arm to not paying attention to Shadow’s rule about the manor as she climbed the stairway upstairs.

“Was it to the left or right for the bathroom?” Serena thought to herself as she looked down side as they looked the same on both end, “I think I’ll go to the left” said Serena as she headed to the left side of the upstairs area.

After sometime, Serena went to the end of the hall and opened the door. She entered it to see she was in some kind of laboratory  as Serena walked around she notice many test tubes and bottles with different liquids, planted Berry tree with labels, and spare robotic part.

“Wonder what does this trainer research?” said Serena as she came across a blackboard covered with many notes and scientific equations and numbers, and two names “Berry Growth Candy” and “Berry De-Growth Candy” with drawing of the effect and some partly eraser wording.

Soon Serena saw what appeared to a glass of some ice tea next to bowl of blue candy sitting on the table in the room, “Well I hope the trainer wouldn’t mind if I had some of his snack” said Serena before taking a some of the candy and putting it in her mouth

Then Serena started to get sleepy as she started to leave the room and went to right where the guest rooms were at and the bathroom. She decided to go to one of the rooms because she wanted to sleep unaware she had started to grow for some reason with every step she took. She also felt her clothes getting tighter as well and started to rip.

By the time that Serena reached the first guest room, she has almost the height a full grown woman and her once small asset was now an impressive size as her clothes started to tear during her new size. Once inside, Serena decided to lie down on one of the beds in the room and drifted off into a deep sleep.

As Serena slept, her body continued to grow as she had dreamt of her finally confessing her feelings to Ash before he left back to Kanto region. As Serena grew in her sleep, her dress was breaking apart soon it left Serena in a pink pair of shorts and her black top barely cover her massive bust along with the remains of her dress. Luckily her red sleeveless coat wasn’t damaged at all, soon lying in bed wasn’t a young teen was now a young adult as she dreamt about the boy she loved.

Meanwhile with the other, Ash, Bonnie and Clemont had their fun at the Greenhouse until Shadow arrived telling them that dinner was ready. As Ash and friends were walking to the dining room, Shadow asked “Excuse me, Ash; but do you know where Ms Serena is?”

“Hmm….” Ash pondered for a bit before saying “Well she mention about using the bathroom to wash-up, maybe she went to one of the guest rooms to get some sleep. We’ve been traveling a lot lately to Luminose City so I can get register for the Kalos League”

“I see, Could you do me the favor and get her please while I guide Bonnie and Clemont to the dining room. It’s right of the staircase” Shadow asked

“Okay, I’ll see you guys in a bit” Ash replied

“Alright Ash” said Clemont

“Tell Serena to hurry up or her dinner will get cold” Bonnie added

Ash nodded before going upstairs to the left to the guestrooms. Once upstairs, Ash started to look around to find Serena and wake her up. Soon after checking out two empty bedrooms, Ash found an open door to one of the other rooms. He quietly opened the door before entering into the room.

Once inside Ash saw a young woman that looked like Serena but older on the outside balcony looking outside in the clear sky as the storm ended while Ash, Bonnie and Clemont were in the greenhouse. “Uh… Excuse me, miss?” Ash asked as he walked closer to the woman but she didn’t seem to be paying attention

“I’m looking for my friend, Serena. She sort look like you but she’s around my age though” Ash said as he continued to walk toward the woman, but she started to turn around this time. This stopped Ash in his tracks as he saw the woman was Serena but older like she was around Jessie’s age

“Hi… Ash…” Serena said flirtatiously

“Serena, is that you, what happen?” asked Ash as he started to blush seeing Serena how she was now

“Oh Ash, I decided to do some grow-up and I decided it’s time to tell you” replied Serena as she walked slowly to Ash as she noticed him blushing as she smiled flirtatiously

“Uh… What did you want to tell me, Serena” Ash said as he wonder what did Serena had in mind

Suddenly Serena hugged Ash tightly and pressed him against her impressive bust before she said “I wanted to tell you that I love you, Ash and I mean more than just a friend” as she looked down at Ash and smiled

“Serena, I don’t know what to say but you need wake up” Ash said as he noticed that Serena was in a trance of some sort and grabbing her arms

Soon Serena woke up and saw Ash was in front of her, then she remember that she had just confessed to Ash before looking down at herself and saw how much she had change. Serena’s face turned red and proceed to storm passed Ash was she started to cry and went straight to the bath.

“Serena…” said Ash

Ash left the room to see Shadow the Umbreon on the floor, “Shadow, you alright?” Ash said as he wanted to make sure their host’s Umbreon was fine.

“Can someone get the number of that rampaging Tauros” said Shadow before he regained his strength “Was that Serena, Ash?”

“Yeah but she looks so much different. It was like she grew up so fast” Ash said with a hint of concern

“Hmm I see, I’ll see what caused her growth spurt while you go comfort her” said Shadow as he headed into the room that Ash and Serena were in

“Hey Shadow, what do you want me to do?” Ash asked to see if he could help out

Shadow was silent for a moment before answering with “Go comfort her, Serena seems to have told you something very private and is embarrassed by it along with noticing her new body”

“Uh… Okay” Ash said before walking down to end of the hall where the bathroom was located and where was Serena holding up in. Ash knocked on the door and said “Serena, you okay?”

He got the sound of Serena crying tears, “Serena, I’m sorry what happened to you. Look I know you wanted it to be special unlike this” Ash said as he waited for Serena to answer

“But Ash… I wanted it to be romance and private… but I just babbled it out like some idiot…” Serena replied as she sniffled and cried a bit more

“Serena… look you’re not the first girl that told me that she loved me” said Ash

Serena wiped her face before saying “You mean you been through this before?”

Ash nodded and replied “Yeah it happened twice, the first time was when I was participating in the Kanto Battle Frontier with my friend May. She told she had a crush on me for a while wanted to let me know how she felt but I guess I messed up and she got upset with me for a bit, we made up before we went on our separate ways”

“So who was the second one?” asked Serena as she felt her chances were slim to be with Ash

“It was friend Dawn, I meet her when I was starting out in the Sinnoh region and it was before me and my friend left back to Kanto. We had just dealt with our daily dose of Team Rocket and we got back to Dawn’s house. She wanted to talk to me privately and then she confessed like May and I wasn’t sure at the time on how to tell because I started to noticed her feelings recently” Ash started

“Ash, then what happened?” Serena asked in fear

“Well I told her that there was someone else that liked her just same as she liked me and I wasn’t ready for something like this. On my way back to the Kanto region, me and Brock talked about it and he told me that I was the point in my life that girls will have feelings for me” Ash said before taking a breather before continuing “But now I’m starting to notice now after you confessed to me, I started to think about all of the things you need with us before now especially after my first lost to Wulfric”

“Wait do you mean that you might feel the same for me?” Serena asked as she was worried she might another rejected girl that had feelings for Ash

“Well I’m not sure right now, Serena. But I’ll make you a promise, after the Kalos league either win or lose. I’ll give you my answer” Ash said making a promise for Serena

“Okay Ash, hopefully I return to my size before then” said Serena as she found a bathrobe to cover herself before she opened the door.

Then she hugged Ash again and said “Thank you Ash for being there for me”

Ash hugged her back and said” You’re Welcome, we’re friends and we have to help each other out”

Soon Ash and Serena saw Shadow sitting there, “Serena, did you go to the left side of the mansion?” asked the talking Eevolution

“Yes, I forgot where was the bathroom” said Serena feeling a bit embarrassed it

“Well I figured out what caused your growth spurt, did you take some blue candies from the lab?” Shadow asked

“Yes, I hope it’s nothing permanent. I’m not sure if I’m ready to be an adult” Serena commented

Soon a new face joined them, a young men wearing a green jacket with a grey undershirt with a pair of glasses on with blue jeans and brown boots before saying “No as long you just had only a small handful of the candies, then you should be fine in a few weeks and you’ll be back to normal size”

Ash and Serena looked at each other before turning to the man and Ash asked “Are you Shadow’s trainer?”

“Yep, I’m Draco. I left Shadow here to watch things over while I was out” said the man before petting the shiny Umbreon

“So what were you making in your lab?” asked Ash as he concern to what happened to Serena

The man looked the candies that Shadow had brought out after wrapping them in a small clothe and said “I was working a new type of Berry growth assistant, one to stimulate growth and another to revive a plant or slow done the plant’s aging process so it would be easier for Berry harvesters to pick the berry”

“Also to give a vitamin boost for Pokemon that feed on the berries as well” Shadow added

“Right, anyway how about we go downstairs and eat. You might be familiar with my guest that came here earlier to ask about my information on berries” said Draco as he lead Ash and Serena downstairs to the dining room where Bonnie and Clemont were.

Once downstairs, Ash and Serena were surprised that of all people to show up was Meitte as she had came to Draco’s place to ask about some info on  some unique berries to use in her Poke Puffs in the future for the next performance competition.

Miette was shocked about Serena’s growth spurt and a bit envious seeing how suddenly close that Ash and Serena had gotten since the finals of the Princess Performance during dinner. Bonnie commented about how awesome were Draco’s Pokemon while Draco and Clemont were talking their inventions and were exchanging ideas and information.

After dinner, Draco went to his room along with his shiny Umbreon for the night, Ash and Clemont decided to stay one room as Serena, Miette and Bonnie slept in the other room where Serena confessed her feelings to Ash.

“So did you finally do it?” asked Miette

“What do you mean, Miette?” Serena asked trying to avoid the subject

“Duh she asking if you told Ash how you felt” said Bonnie as she also knew that Serena has a crush on Ash.

Serena looked away as Miette and Bonnie waited for Serena to response than Miette said “Oh I see, you did and he rejected you didn’t he” as she tried to make Serena spill the beans

Serena couldn’t take it and said “Yes I told him are you happy now!!” cried Serena before she dived her head into the pillows

“Serena, what happen?” Bonnie asked

Serena lifted her head and lied down on her back, and said “I was under the effects of the candies that Draco made for Berry plants and I just blabbed it to him. Once I woke up and realized that I told him my feelings, I ran to the bathroom and cried. Then Ash comforted me and we made a promise after the Kalos League, he would tell me how he feels about me”

“Wow, I guess you wanted it to be romantic or something right?” Bonnie commented as Serena nodded

“I would say it’s romantic as you two were in a room alone after all” Miette added for laughs

“MIETTE!!” cried Serena before covering her face with the pillow again.

Later that night, after Serena and Bonnie were asleep; Miette quietly got out of bed and headed to the lab where Serena found the candy that caused her growth spurt in the first place. She thought she could use the growth spurt to get Ash’s fancy into her instead of Serena. Upon entering the lab, Miette saw the bowl of blue candy that Serena mentioned earlier and ate a few of them before placing a few in her pocket as she left the room.

Just after Miette left, the window to the lab was slowly open as three figures enter the room; it was the notorious Team Rocket member, Jessie, James and Meowth. “Jessie, why do we have ta get these candies again?” Meowth asked

“It’s not worth stealing really, so why are we here and not getting the Pokemon in the greenhouse?” James also asked

Then Jessie smacked them, “Didn’t you see what happen to the Twerpette, she got the body of the goodness from eating a few of them. Imagine if I had a whole bowl of them, I would be the most famous person ever and outranking the champion Diantha” said Jessie as she wanted to get the candies to become rich and famous

“Now quit goofing off and find the candies” said Jessie

After some searching James found a bowl of red candies, “Here I found them, so what’s next?” asked James as he gave Jessie the bowl

“What else, we go for the Pokemon here and then Pikachu, James” replied Jessie as she started to eat the candies from the bowl

“Jimmy boy, do you felt like ya in da same loop every day?” asked Meowth

“Most of the time, Meowth” James replied as all three of them left the room and headed to the greenhouse to where the Pokemon were kept.

As Team Rocket made their way to greenhouse as they unaware that they grabbed the wrong candies; meanwhile with Miette, she started to feel the effects of the candies as she walked backed to her room as with each steps that she made her body would grow. Her clothes slowly started to stretch and tighten as her breast and butt started to expand and her body grew in height.

By the time that Miette reached her door, her body as closely resembles Jessie’s body but a few inches behind from Serena in the height. Miette looked at Serena as she slept probably dreaming about Ash and her together, all the while a strange feeling took over Miette as she still grew in size as her vest and undershirt were already ripping from her growing breast as they started to more cleavage and hips and butt grew in size causing her shorts to imbed into her legs and rip on her growing thighs.

Soon as her body finished change, something inside Miette clicked as she slowly got into the same bed that Serena was. Unaware that Serena woke up as she heard something as she saw Miette and that she had changed like her.

“Miette, did you eat the candies that I ate?” asked Serena as she was concern for her friend

“Of course, Serena; I was kinda attracted to you and your new body didn’t help so I thought it would be better if I had the same body like you so we can match” Miette replied as she had become unfazed like Serena was after she took the blue candies earlier

“Attracted?” asked Serena as she sort felt awkward after hearing it from Miette

“Yes, after the princess festival, I realized I had feelings not only for Ash but you too” Miette replied as she got closer to Serena

Serena finally noticed that Miette had the same look that Serena had when she confronted Ash, “Miette, you need to wake up, you’re under the side effect of the candies” said Serena



Soon the alarm of the greenhouse went off, waking everyone up and snapping Miette out of her trance. She looked down and saw she was getting on top of Serena and quickly got off of her as a confused and sleepy Bonnie woke up

“Serena… I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me” said Miette as she covered her face in embarrassment

“We can talk about this later, we got to get to green house now” said Serena as she grabbed Miette’s hand and ran to meet up with the other. Unaware that Miette had dropped some of the candies she had grabbed for Ash to eat later, as a sleepy Bonnie found it and place it in her pocket for later before she ran to join the others as well.

Soon the shiny Chatot woke up and started to cry “INTRUDER! INTRUDERS! INTRUDERS IN THE GREENHOUSE” as it woke up the other Pokemon and everyone inside the mansion.

“Great that loud mouth parrot just woke up everyone” said James as they knew what’s going to happen.

Then Ash and friends arrived to the greenhouse, “Great Team Rocket trying to steal my stuff again. I thought my stuff would be safe in Kalos” said Draco not amused

“Wait you dealt with them before?” Ash asked

“Yeah they been after my research and my Pokemon for while now. Last time I dealt with them, they sent two goons called Cassidy and Mitch or something” Draco explained

Soon Shadow ran to the scene, “Draco, someone has stolen all of the experiment De-growth candies from the room” cried Shadow

“Alright, Team Rocket; what did you three do with the red candy?” asked Draco

Team Rocket looked at each other before Jessie replied “I ate them of course and soon I’ll be ten times as beautiful as the blonde Twerpette there”

“I have honey-blonde hair” Serena retorted

Soon Draco started to laugh, just before saying  “My Arceus you three have to be most illogical trio ever, and you ate the red candies. It was meant to rejuvenate a plant and restore its prime. If it’s set to be the opposite of the blue candies, and that means…”

“I’M GETTING YOUNGER!!” Jessie cried as she finally noticed that her uniform was getting too big for her and her voice was sound like the twerps

“Hey we didn’t know that” cried Meowth

“Yes we save one of the twerpettes go to your lab and eat a few of the candies” Jessie cried as she was afraid as everyone except Miette were wondering what was Team Rocket talking about

Miette blushed a bit and said “Yeah I was a bit jealous of Serena and I ate some the blue candies”

“This isn’t fair, I was suppose ta be a grown nup” said Jessie unaware she was developing a lisps and she still shrinking down in size

“Well this is interesting, don’t you agree Shadow” Draco said as he rubbed his chin fuzz

“What are you talking about?” Jessie asked

“The candies you ate are still affecting your body, you are being restored to the point that you were quote “Good” unquote” Shadow explained

Jessie looked down and she was now either the same age as Bonnie or even younger than her as her uniform top and the black undershirt  were the only things covering her as her boots and skirts were under her, “Aww Jessie is turning into a little kid like me” Bonnie commented

“I don’t wanna be a wittle wid, I wanna be wa grew nup now” Jessie as her lisps returned and she noticed that she had the lisps and started to cry more as she continue to regress.

“I think it’s time for us to leave” James said

“Yeah and we gonna take all of the Pokemon with us and Jessie too” Meowth cried as their hot air balloon appeared over the green house and then a energy bean broke through the roof and it connected to the devices that Team Rocket used to catch all of Draco’s Pokemon and started to lift all of them

“Not so fast, let’s show these thieves the door the hard way” said Draco as Ash was knocked out due to being smashed between Serena’s and Miette’s busts. Then he tossed a Pokeball in the air as it opened up  and flash light emerged from it realized the massive water Johto Starter Feraligatr as it was wearing a piece of armor on its shoulder with a stone imbedded into it.

Draco and his Feraligatr looked at each other and nodded as Draco tapped the thunderstone on around his neck as a light shined from it and the stone on Feraligatr started to shine as well.

Then Feraligatr was engulfed in a bright light as it’s body started to change to a more fierce appearance as the red scales bended back and became more sharp. Feraligatr’s jaw grew more broader as it’s fangs grew more and became sharp as knives

“GATR” roared Feraligatr as it’s roar scared everyone and caused Jessie to cry more

“Alright Jaws, use Ice Punch to freeze Team Rocket and then use Aqua tail on them and their balloon to set the Pokemon free and blasting them off” said Draco as Feraligatr charged at them before Draco looked at Shadow and both of them nodded as the shiny Eevolution raced at them as well with a different purpose.

Soon Feraligatr punched Team Rocket encasing them with ice but before a power torrent of water engulfed its tail and slammed into them and sending them blasting off again like usual but slightly different

“Wow that great Draco with how you dealt with them” Clemont commented

“Yeah and I didn’t know that Feraligatr could mega evolve” said the awaken Ash

Draco smiled at his starter Pokemon and nodded “Yeah, I found it on my journeys around the world. Me and Jaws been together for years since he was little Totodile” said Draco as Jaws reverted back to his normal form.

“I can’t wait to tell Professor Sycamore about this” said Ash

“Yeah he would be excited to know about a new Mega Evolution” Clemont commented

Then Shadow walked up to the group as he carried something in his mouth. “Thank you, Shadow for your help” said Draco as he took the bundle from his Umbreon

“What is it, Draco?” asked Serena as everyone was curious to want Shadow had brought to them

Draco turned to the group and showed them it as it turned out Draco had Shadow snatch Jessie away from Team Rocket before Jaws made his move on Team Rocket as he was now holding a confused baby Jessie in his arms now.

“Draco, what happen to Jessie?” asked Clemont as he was wondering how did Jessie become a baby

“Like I said, she eat all of the red candies that are supposed to revive and rejuvenate the berry plant. So the candies caused Jessie to regress to the point she was considered good and it appears that she had been good when she was baby” Draco explained

“Wow, that’s karma for you” said Miette

“Yeah, but does she know any of us now?” asked Bonnie

Draco looked down at the infant Jessie as he saw she had no clue what was going on but she pushed herself to close to him when the other was trying to get a closer look, “I guess the change was too powerful for her body it cause memory lost and she has no memory current. They could come back if she grows up again” Draco answered

“I think we had enough excitement, how about some breakfast while me and Draco decided what to do with Jessie for the time being” said Shadow

“Okay, sounds good to me, I’m getting hungry” said Miette

“Same here, I guess our growth spurts also caused our appetites to grow as well” joked Serena

Soon while everyone was eating breakfast, Draco was pondering what to do with the regress Jessie as she slept on his bed until they thought of a solution while Shadow was looking for something Serena to wear until she returned to normal. Draco looked at Shadow and they both knew what had to be done and nodded knowing it would happen sooner or later.

After Breakfast, Ash and friends were about to leave Draco’s mansion until Draco wanted to talk to Ash  privately in his lab after telling everyone that he was going to take care of Jessie with his girlfriend.

“So Draco, what you wanted to talk to me about?” asked Ash as he wanted to know what Draco had mind.

   As Draco and Ash went upstairs to talk in private about something,  Serena decided to talk to Miette about  last night as she walked up to her performance rival and friend. “Miette, can we can talk for a bit?” asked Serena

“Sure, I guess you want to talk about last night” Miette replied as Serena nodded and lead her away from Bonnie and Clemont.

Clemont looked at his little sister just after she popped in one of the candies she found on the floor last night, and said “Bonnie, what happened last night?” asked Clemont

“I don’t know” said Bonnie as she swallowed it

“Okay, I’m going to bathroom before we leave to Luminose City” said Clemont as he went upstairs as well as Bonnie decided to eavesdropped on Serena and Miette

With Serena and Miette, they were discussing about what happen the previous night; “Miette, I want to know the truth, do you really have feelings for me and Ash?” asked Serena

Miette lightly blushed and replied “Maybe, I thought it was phase back at the Princess festival but after eating the candies… I kinda did want to have relationship with you and Ash but now…” as she started to cry

All the while, Bonnie had started to grow as her shirt, skirt and pants started to feel tighter on her. “I think Clemont accidently shrunk my clothes again” Bonnie commented as she started to mess around with her clothes while overhearing Serena and Miette’s conversation

“I see, Miette” said Serena as she grabbed Miette’s shoulders “I’m not sure how I feel about this or Ash right now and it still feel awkward maybe after some time I can rethink about but for let’s still be friends”

Bonnie watched and said “Awww Ash has two wives to take care of him, I have to step up my game to get Clemont someone to take care of him” as she looked down and saw that her clothes were very tight on her now as she started to develop as her body reached her teen years and her face started to mature and her chest started to develop a pair of blooming breast slowly until…

Miette nodded and said “Okay, Serena” as the two got into a friendly hug until they heard…


“Uh.. Miette did you rip your clothes?” asked Serena

“No… Draco said these clothes aren’t supposed to rip” Miette replied as she and Serena got new outfit that fitted their bodies.

“Serena… Miette… I have a problem” said a voice as it sounded like Bonnie but slightly older.

Both girls turned around and saw that Bonnie has changed like Miette and Serena. “Bonnie, how did you get hold of the blue candies?” asked Miette

“I found them on the floor before we found team Rocket” Bonnie replied as she tried her best to keep her clothes on from ripping any more

“I see…” Serena and Miette said at the same time

“Miette, you try to find Bonnie some clothes. Meanwhile I’ll go tell Draco and Ash what happen before…” said Serena until

“BONNIE! What happened to you?” cried Clemont as he came back downstairs to see his sister now the same age as him now

“I grew up” Bonnie replied with nervous chuckle to only have Clemont fainted

Serena was about to say something before Miette interrupted her and said “Wake up Clemont, I got it”

“Thanks, I’ll be back” said Serena as she left upstairs but not before Miette gave Serena a peck on the kiss

“Miette…” Serena said as she felt awkward again but didn’t mind it at the same time as she went to get Ash and Draco.

Meanwhile Draco tossed a small pouch towards Ash, “You might need this” said Draco as Ash opened the pouch to see it was filled with the candies that caused Serena and Miette’s growth spurts.

“Wait why are you giving me these?” Ash asked as he confused on why on earth that Draco just gave him some of the candies that caused Serena and Miette to grow up

Draco looked at Ash and smiled before saying “Well Shadow told me what happened last night about you and Serena talking about and I thought would help out”

“You mean these are for me and Serena?” Ash commented in shocked

“Yeah, I gave one to Miette as well” Draco stated as he saw Ash’s expression “It’s up to you three if you want to be adult already or enjoy being teens. I’m trying to pressure you into taking the candies but it’s in case that Serena and Miette don’t change back and you three want to have a relationship, you can join them. I mean it would be weird for someone like you dating young adults like Serena and Miette right”

Ash chuckled a bit but got what Draco was saying and said “Okay I’ll keep them on me in case that happens”

Draco walked up to Ash and patted him on his head, “Good kid, I see you three got a good future together as long all six of you stick together” said Draco

Soon there was a knock on the door, “Come in” said Draco

Then Serena entered the room dressed in a pair of grey short, a red sleeveless jacket and a pink V neck shirt as she had her hair tied up by the blue ribbon that Ash gave her along with Ash’s Pikachu, “Draco, we got a problem” said Serena who was embarrassed

“What happened now?” asked Draco in dread as Shadow knew what was going to happen next as Serena guided Draco and Ash to the stair way to see that Bonnie had aged up as well and now the same age as her brother now.

“Bonnie found some of the candies that Miette took last night and ate them and now she’s a teenager” Serena explained

Then Shadow appeared using psychic to levitate a set of clothes and a pair of shoes for Bonnie to wear now, “I know Draco, you need to start making your stuff is locked up” Shadow retorted as he used Psychic to give Bonnie her new clothes just after she went up to the bathroom for some privacy

After Bonnie was done getting dress, Ash and friends were off to their next destination as Draco and Shadow watched from them leave.

“You know the boys back at the Hollow are going to have a field day with you now” Shadow commented

“As I have to take care of the person that I use for transformation work now. Cannaire doesn’t mind taking care of another one since Cinder and Koyuki at in preschool now” Draco replied

“Yep, still it’s going to be fun” Shadow smiled as the shiny Umbreon and his trainer entered the mansion



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