Sad news…

Hi there!

As you can see there wasn’t any update in the last few days, as I promised. The reason is very sad and maked me very-very-very- angry….
Today I’ve got another “wonderful” Windows 10 Update to my laptop what caused another blue death for the I don’t know how many times… But now, it succesfully killed my whole Primary drive… with all the 256GB data on it…. at least it looks like so far. I’m stil trying to find a solution to solve to problem but my head is still not clear from the anger and if there would be a chance I would shout into the air: “GO FUCK YOURSELF IDIOT MICROSOFT FOR RUINING A WHOLE BUNCH OF WORK YOU IDIOT STUPID MORONS!!!” …. khm… so as you can guess 99% of my upcoming work is still somewhere in that drive waiting for me to save them… if it is possible. I cannot say, how much I would love to sue the Microsoft for killing a 1000 pound machine’s harddrive with their stupid and untested “beautiful” updates… A company such as big like them, could let anything like this to happen…. This is the situation for month now!!! And they stil can’t fix it, I’m not wondering that I’m not the only one with this problem.

The point is, I’m recovering the datas in the next few days, hopefully but until so I can’t give you any update by myself, I still don’t have a computer and I’ve got to leave for today. Sorry for the lot’s of trouble, you can believe me, when I have 3 free days ahead of me to work on the big projects, I didn’t plan to repair the whole drive on these days….



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