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Rivals & site update

So as probably you noticed, I’ve made some updates on AgeArts in the last 24 hour! I really like to keep up-to-date the website not just it is needed. All of your feedback is helping me a lot to keep up the level of quality what I would like to give o you! I hope all of you can notice it! 😉

So a few things:

  • updated header which get som effect and I darkened it a little bit so the text is now more readable
  • in the gallery headers, all of the authors got their own header image
  • comment section is modernized: now you can edit, reply, up vote-down vote the comments and etc.
  • now the default profile picture is the AgeArts logo what can be changed under your Profile menu

Today’s short comic is a patreon one what was published months ago! It is called the “Rivals” . I hope allof you have a nice saturday evening, have a snack get some beer, you all deserves it!


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