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Retrospective: Unexpected Changes

So I thought about another “series” called ‘Retrospective’ on the site. I just thought it would be great to look back from time to time at my older comics to refresh them for you! I know the search engine is not the best in the Gallery and maybe, some of you find something that you haven’t seen!

So today what I got in my mind was the comic called “Unexpected Changes”. It’s funny for me since I always called it “Dildo” as a project name so most of the time when I try to search for it I always try to search on that one! Haha…
Anyway, I was always proud of this story. One of the few comics that I’m really proud of. Everything works and looks just the way I had it in my mind. The room, the lighting, the characters, their hair, and of course the clothes. Fun fact, I always spend at least 30 minutes just only on the hair. I don’t want to use one hair too often but there are only a few that look really great in renders.

I think this was the first time that I used the dForce technique to make the clothes animate as the changes happen. It was quite new to me so I spend hours to reach the perfect result. Every time there was even a tiny error in the screen or the cloth stuck on an object it all went out the window…
It wasn’t too much fun until I reached the end of it! But hell, that result! I remember how proud I was at it! I also remember the tons of comments you wrote! So go ahead and check out “Unexpected Changes” again! 🙂



  1. Bigmc89

    Yeah… One of my favorite stories… I loved how an innocent little girl increase her libido and horniness during the transformation. And what a body! I’d like to have a date with Emily! 😍

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