Request: Help me transform!

Hey guys. Megan here. 12. Female (duh!)

My life has sorta been turned upside down today and I’m desperate for help! My BFF recommended I come to this forum because apparently, you guys have some knowledge about this kind of thing…

My parents got a letter from the Government today saying that I’ve been selected for The Programme. Yeah, that’s right – THE Program! In case you’ve been hiding under a rock since, like, forever – The Program is an experiment in ‘genetic modification’ or something. I think it used to be an Army experiment, but the point of it is to speed up the aging process in children and rapidly age them into fully-grown adults. Crazy, right?

Access to this kind of tech is severely restricted – that’s what my BFF Brad tells me. So the fact that I’ve been chosen is totally insane – like a one-in-a-million shot. My parents are hesitant to enter me into the Program but there’s no way I’m going to give up my one chance to be happy.

Anyway, you probably want a bit of background on me (although there’s not much to tell lol…). I guess I’m your typical American girl except – to be honest – I’ve always hated my body. I’m short for my age, only 4’8. I’m a bit flabby and my eyesight is so bad that I need to wear these stupid glasses all of the time! The other girls at my school are starting to enter puberty, but not me apparently… I’m as flat and straight as a board (that’s what they tell me anyway) and I don’t even need to wear a training bra. I really lost the genetic lottery – big time!

That’s why I’m actually super excited about the Program! Finally, I won’t be some ugly duckling anymore. I’m going to become beautiful, I’m going to grow up! No more school and no more bullies. I just can’t wait to transform!

And the best part is, I get to choose what kind of woman I’m going to become. I’m not joking, I can ‘modify my genome’ (or whatever that means) to grow into anything I want. But there’s so much choice that I really don’t know what to pick.

So… I wanted to ask you guys. What kind of woman should I become? I mean, physically what do you want me to transform into? How tall should I be? Should I have big boobies? Long legs? Wide hips? Muscles? What color would you like my hair?

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself… I’m just so excited to finally change! Maybe just describe your ideal woman’s body and I’ll pick my favorite details for my own transformation haha.

I need to explain what I want to the scientists soon, so don’t leave me waiting OK?!

Happy to answer any questions you might have, but I might need to hold back some information for ‘security purposes’.

PS although I’m super shy about it, I’ve shared a picture of myself below. Thought you might be curious about what I look like and why I’m so desperate to change.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go. Speak soon!

Meg x



  • hi Megan!
    thank you for coming to us.
    in my opinion you can try some light breast and weight loss with some extra muscle.
    nothing drastic that can change you too much.
    let us know how it goes! and good luck with the project.
    is your friend in the project too?

  • I’m intrigued that you have more opportunity to change how your adult form will come out. There are quite a lot of different things you could try. I recommend you try becoming another ethnicity. Asian, African, Latina, there are quite a few choices there.

  • Hi Megan,

    I say why not have fun with it? Not many get the chance to change who there are! Lets see you turn yourself into an Irish Lass, or an Ebony Goddess, a Asian hottie, or a really hot chicita!

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