Request: Help me transform (2)

Hey guys. Megan here again.

I’m so glad I posted here! Brad was right, you guys are so helpful. Thanks so much for helping me out xxx!

I’ll do my best to answer your questions before I share my update:

‘hi Megan!
thank you for coming to us.
in my opinion, you can try some light breast and weight loss with some extra muscle.
nothing drastic that can change you too much.’

Aww thanks jojo93able, you’re so sweet for saying that – but I do want to change quite a bit haha. But I do think you’re right about the muscle growth not being too drastic. I don’t want to look like She Hulk lol, but I definitely want a body that’s fitter than the one I’ve got now :/

I watch the bodies of the cheerleaders at my school and I just think they look so athletic and beautiful. I think that’s the kind of physique I want.

‘let us know how it goes! and good luck with the project.
is your friend in the project too’

Yeah I totes will keep you guys updated! In fact, it was my friend Brad’s idea that I post my story here in the first place. TBH I don’t quite get this site or understand what it’s about, but Brad has been a huge fan since like forever.

Brad isn’t involved with the Program (but I bet he wishes he was haha). He’s been obsessed with it since the first transformation stories started to leak out. That reminds me though, I’m actually not the first girl at my school to be selected to take part.

A couple years ago, ‘Jennifer’ (not her real name BTW 😉 ) was chosen to participate. She’s actually the reason I’m so excited to be selected. You see Jennifer had always been this shy, freckly girl. This is what she used to look like before her transformation:

One day she left class abruptly for her transformation. And now this is what Jenny has become:

I just couldn’t believe how much she grew! She’s so pretty now… talk about a glow-up!

The boys couldn’t keep their eyes off her and her parents took her out of school pretty soon after that. Now Jenny lives as a model and is married to some millionaire out in Silicon Valley.

Anyway, if I can grow a body as hot as that I’ll be extremely happy! Am I alone here? Do you guys think Jenny turned out nicely?

‘I’m intrigued that you have more opportunity to change how your adult form will come out. There are quite a lot of different things you could try. I recommend you try becoming another ethnicity. Asian, African, Latina, there are quite a few choices there.’

That’s a good idea BLZBub. A lot of people have used the Program to change their adult race, though sometimes their decision has been controversial.

I’ve also heard that you can mix different ‘racial traits’ to get the best outcome. I heard about one white girl who adopted Asian eyelids and hair and she turned out so beautiful!

In terms of the racial traits I might sample… I’ve always thought that Latina women are so beautiful and have gorgeous hair. But the boys at my school go crazy for the bodies of black celebrities. I think there’s one called Lexi Hart? Her body is so perfect!

I think I’ll try and combine Latin beauty with black booty for my own transformation. (Lol see what I did there?)

‘Hi Megan,

I say why not have fun with it? Not many get the chance to change who there are! Lets see you turn yourself into an Irish Lass, or an Ebony Goddess, a Asian hottie, or a really hot chicita!

also go for broke and ask for big boobs, butt, and long sexy legs.’

Yeah that’s definitely the plan! My parents have been taking everything so seriously, but I just want to have some fun with it!

I like the sound of a ‘really hot chicita’ haha. And yeah I really want a sexy body that will grab people’s attention. It’s kinda embarrassing but I’ve never had a boyfriend, never even been kissed… That’s why I want a body that the boys will drool over! I’m definitely going for broke here!

Anyway… now for my update. Of course, I agreed to take part in the Program – despite my parent’s reservations. Pretty quickly after that a bunch of men in white coats showed up at my house and whisked me away to some facility out in the country. They were nice and all but everything was so abrupt! I barely got a chance to say goodbye to my Momma. To think, next time I see her I’ll be fully grown…

So now I’m at some secret government blacksite – don’t ask me where! The only thing I was allowed to bring here was my phone (which I’m using to message you guys now by the way).

There are all these other kids here from around the country – for the same reason I am! It’s just like school haha and we’re all staying in this mixed dorm together (boys and girls teehee). Unlike school, everyone is really nice here though super nervous to transform.

I’ve made friends with this adorable Asian girl called Amy. She’s one year younger than me and she’s so scared to grow (poor thing!) Here’s her picture:

Isn’t she so cute?!

Also I had an interview with this guy called ‘Dr Smith’ who apparently runs the Program here. It’s so weird… I thought he looked familiar but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen him… Anyway he talked to me about the transformation process and it actually sounded super interesting! Have you ever seen the first Captain America movie? You know the one where skinny Steve Rogers transforms into that hunk Chris Hemsworth 😍! Well it’s sort of like that…

The specified body description is uploaded into a computer and then you’re made to lie in a gurney inside a special chamber. Then they turn on the big machine and you’re bombarded with radiation that triggers all these hormones in the brain… then I’ll admit I got a bit lost and didn’t much understand the rest lol.

But there were a couple things he said that really interested me. He reminded me that the technology is experimental, so it’s not certain that all the changes will be immediate. Some may take days or even weeks to develop. Also some of the test subjects respond very strangely to the treatment, growing bodies much better than what they specified. They call these subjects ‘Alphas’ and they think it has something to do with ‘latent genes that presuppose them to exceptional growth and development’.

Another thing he warned me about were strong personality changes. Apparently the procedure doesn’t just change your body, it develops your mind as well and quite rapidly too. That’s why all test subjects are recognised as legal adults after the procedure.

I’ll admit, I got quite scared at that. I mean, will the woman who walks out of that chamber be the same person as the little girl who walked in? I wasn’t sure if I was ready to lose myself in the transformation… I started crying but Dr Smith put his hand on my shoulder. He reminded me that most people spend their lives trapped in the bodies that nature intended. But I’m one of a lucky few who get to choose what kind of adult I’m going to become. I thought there’s no way I was going to waste this opportunity!

So the meeting ended and I submitted this outline for how I want my body to be once my transformation is complete:

Race: Latina but with black body proportions
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 5’10 (I wanna be tall for a change!)
Weight: 68kg
Body measurements: 38-25-42
Bra size: 36 D
Body type: curvy but fit
Additional notes: cute face, full lips, child-bearing hips, strong thighs, full ass, long sexy legs.

Thank you again for your suggestions guys. I’m super grateful! I shared the outline with Brad before I came here for some advice too. He insisted I request ‘child-bearing hips’ for some reason. Brad is so weird lol but I thought it couldn’t hurt, so I’m getting those as well.

Anyway, they’re making me give up my phone now and I won’t get it back until I’ve gone through with the procedure, they said. But still keep asking me questions guys and I’ll answer them when I’m back.

I’m getting really nervous now actually, but excited too haha! To think, when I see you guys next I’ll be my perfect ideal, a beautiful woman in the prime of her life…

I’ve attached one last image of me so you can remember the little girl I once was – and you can compare me with the woman I’m about to become:

Wish me luck!

Meg xxx



  • Hey there, Megan. I hope things go well for you as well as your friend Amy here. I can’t really say much since I don’t know what it’s going to be like for you to come out of this as a woman, but try not to lose your mind if you can; do something foolish and all with your new body. Especially considering you’ll be around boys turning men… just want to air things on the safe side. Be careful and good luck, Meg.

    BTW, you were thinking of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America. Chris Hemsworth is Thor.

  • Glad we could help. I can’t wait to see the woman you turn into. After the transformation if you need a boyfriend, look me up. I’ll gladly take you out and treat you like a Queen!

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