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Randomlifer – Chapter 9 – by lostandwhatever

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Continued from Chapter 8.

While walking through the parking lot of the public pool, I became aware of people staring at me and my sisters as if we were under a spotlight. They would do a double take. At first, they would glance at us normally. Then, they would look back to verify what they had just seen: three girls, all identical. Casey and Morgan paid no attention to the looks, but I noticed. I was already self-conscious about my appearance. Getting stared at by strangers only made me feel worse. It took all of my self-control to not run away or just drape my towel over my head to hide my face. I mentally reminded myself to act normal so that Morgan would be happy enough with me to help me later. It was a challenge, though.

One very little girl even pointed at us and said, “Look, Mom, they’re all the same. They’re twins. Three twins!”

“Triplets, dear,” her mother corrected her. “And, it’s not polite to point. Three kids born at the same time are triplets.”

Dad showed our IDs to a teenaged employee at the entrance gate to get us into the pool. Then, he split from us after we were inside, so he could to head to the men’s changing room. I followed Mom and Morgan into the women’s room with Casey behind me.

Once we were inside, the gravity of what had just happened hit me. I had passed through an impassible barrier to teenage boys. I was actually in the women’s changing room! Every straight guy of a certain age has looked at that forbidden door from the outside and wondered what potentially sexy things were going on inside there. I mean, we all knew that there were nude women behind that door. We fantasized about peepholes, hidden cameras, or being invisible. If only we could be a fly on the wall… Hell, there were pornos just focused on that one room. This was a fantasy come true. I was thrilled.

That thrill didn’t last long.

I was immediately hit by the ugly truth of the situation when I saw an enormously fat naked woman blow-drying her crotch. I just stared in quiet disgust at her bushy pubes as they blew around.

“Alex,” Mom said. “Don’t stare.”

I closed my eyes, but the image was still burned into my retinas. When I peeked again, the woman was slipping on a gigantic pair of underwear. This was definitely not what I had imagined was going on in here. Unfortunately, in reality, the women’s changing room was just as full of unappealing bodies as the men’s room, and even the good looking women seemed unwilling to get fully naked in front of each other.


“Sorry, Mom,” I said. I averted my eyes and followed Mom to a locker. Thankfully, we had put on our bathing suits under our clothes at home. We just had to take off our street clothes and stuff them in our locker. I was slightly surprised to see that Casey and Morgan’s bathing suits were each a different color from my own. Morgan wore green, Casey wore pink, and I wore yellow. For once, we were avoiding appearing identical. It wouldn’t help much since we looked exactly the same in every other way. Still, it felt good to have a little individuality. Mom locked our stuff away, and we headed out to the pool again.

Back out in the bright sunshine, I felt as though that spotlight had been pointed at me again. I noticed every curious look that turned our way. I wondered why it hadn’t felt this bad at church, but then I figured that people at church would be used to us by now. The public pool was a different story. The pool itself may have been the center ring, but we were the sideshow. It didn’t help that I was nearly naked now with only the skin-tight yellow fabric of a bathing suit to cover up me up.

“Girls!” Dad called to us. He waved us to where he stood. Next to him, a pair of long reclining beach chairs were covered in some of our towels. By the unwritten rules of the pool, he had claimed them. The chairs now belonged to us for the day. We set our towels down on them as well.

Mom sat down and started pulling things out of her bag as Dad said to the three of us, “Alright, ladies, let’s lotion up.”

Mom handed Morgan the bottle of suntan lotion. Of course, she got it first. Once she had roughly smeared white lotion on her limbs, she passed the bottle to me. I did the same and passed it to Casey. As I rubbed the lotion all over, I was reminded again of how strange my body felt. There was hardly a trace of hair anywhere on my legs or arms, and my skin felt disturbingly smooth. I had that uneasy feeling that I was touching something I shouldn’t be again.

“Alex?” Morgan said. “Do my back, please.”

“Sure,” I said. Keep her happy, I mentally reminded myself, while I rubbed some lotion onto her shoulders and neck. I chuckled a little to myself when I realized I was actually touching her now, not just the copy I was trapped inside of at the moment, not that it mattered much either way except to the person I was inside.

I jumped a little when I felt cold slimy fingers touch my shoulders as well.

“Oh, sorry,” Casey said. She paused a moment before smearing lotion on my back. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll do your shoulders now too.”

“T-thanks,” I said. I didn’t dare look around, but I could just feel eyes staring at us. I imagined the spectacle we were making: three identical girls lotioning each other up. How adorable we must have been. I felt mortified to be at the center of it all. Not a moment too soon, I finished with Morgan’s back.

Then, mom approached us. “Are you feeling hot?” she asked as she started putting lotion on my face. I must have been blushing. I glanced over at Morgan, who was now rubbing lotion onto Casey’s back. Morgan watched me carefully.

“I’m fine,” I said. “I was just feeling a bit embarrassed,” I admitted, honestly. “We’ve been getting a lot of stares.”

Mom smeared some zinc lotion on my nose with a playful flick and said, “Don’t let it get you down, sweety. They’re just curious, and you three are very pretty little girls.” She gave me a reassuring wink. I gave her a weak smile back as a thank you. I knew Mom meant well, but it was hard to hide the quiet disgust I felt at the idea of being either “pretty,” “little,” or a “girl.”

Soon enough, we were all properly sun-blocked and ready to get swimming. Mom gave us a quick lecture. “Dad and I will be at the chairs. Keep an eye on each other. No running. No roughhousing. And, stay out of the deep end. Got it?”

“Yes, Mom,” we all replied in absolute unison. I felt queasy to have been at the center of so much cuteness. Morgan and Casey giggled as they quickly walked over to the shallow end. I trailed behind them and finally followed them into the water.

The pool was refreshingly cool on such a warm day. I held my nose and dipped my head under the water and felt my long hair drift about and then stick to my neck and back as I came up for air. Standing there in the chest-deep water, I was transported through time. I remembered past summers I had spent in this pool as a young child. The smell of the chlorine, the refreshing splash of the water, the children laughing and squealing, the sound of young feet slapping against the wet concrete, the old man doing laps in the deep end with goggles and nose plugs on: it was all so familiar. I smiled. It was my first truly carefree smile of the day. I dove forward into the water, and swam a bit. Then, I floated on my back. I felt weightless. I felt free.

“I bet you I can hold my breath longer than either of you,” I heard Morgan say faintly through the water in my ears. I stood back up and waded over to her and Casey. I was back in the present again. I was in the wrong body, and so was Casey. We were both Morgan’s clones, her playthings to order around.

I was not free.

Morgan held her hand up to her nose and we followed her lead, as usual. She counted us down, “Three, two, one…” We all took a deep breath and then dunked under the water. We floated down and knelt on the bottom together. Then, we waited, listening to the muffled sounds around us. I watched Morgan through the stinging pool water as I felt my lungs begin to burn from lack of oxygen. Casey gave up first and jumped to the surface. I kept going, but I knew better than to try to actually beat Morgan at anything today. I held on just long enough until I saw her starting to get uncomfortable, and then I gave her the win. I leapt for the surface, the sounds of the pool returned, and I inhaled a deep gasp of fresh air. Morgan followed a moment later. Once we were breathing normally, she smiled at both of us. At least she didn’t gloat, but the message was clear; she was still number one.

I played along with my sisters through some more games, little races and challenges with Morgan calling the shots. Naturally, she came in first again and again. It was a bit of a disgusting display, but I held my tongue and played the part of the good little sister. Just keep her happy, I reminded myself. Remember the deal. Remember the computer.

Then, in the middle of one of the games, something bopped me in back of the head. I turned around to see a beach ball floating behind me in the waist high water. “Oh, I’m sorry,” a familiar voice said, and I spotted the owner of the voice wading toward me. I think I actually gulped as she approached. I recognized her immediately. She was the girl from my high school, the one I had a crush on. There she was, in all her teenaged glory, looking as beautiful as ever and showing off a lot of tan skin under a skimpy two-piece swimsuit. I tried not to stare at her breasts; but, as she got closer, they were practically in my face at my new height and very hard to ignore. I felt so small, and she seemed even more gorgeous now that she was considerably taller than me. It was as if the increase in her relative size had only multiplied her beauty. Unconsciously, I crossed my arms in front of my crotch, but then I felt very dumb as I realized that I had no boner to hide.

She stood in front of me as I grabbed the beach ball. I looked up into her eyes, and my heart ached. I felt a deep longing to tell her everything that had happened to me over the past couple of days. I wanted her to know who I really was. I wanted her help. I wanted her to hug me and tell me I was safe with her. I wanted to cry on her shoulder. I wanted to fall asleep in her arms as my head rested on her pillowy breasts.

“You okay, kid?” she asked me, and I realized that I had no chance of being with her now with my life as it was. It was hopeless.

“I’m fine,” I said as I held the beach ball up for her. It was an act of surrender.

She took it and thanked me, smiling down at me, and then she turned to leave. I just watched her beautiful butt sway back and forth, as she waded back into the water to toss the ball around with some other teenaged girls.

“I have to fix this,” I said to myself as I watched her and her friends play. “I have to get back.”

Then, a sing-song voice called to me, “Hey, Alex!” It was Morgan calling me back again. I wanted to punch her in the mouth just then, and then punch Casey, and finally myself. I wanted every copy of her face to be bruised and bloodied and in pain. I wanted this all to be over.

I waded over to the two of them, my sisters, my darling sisters. I forced a fake smile on my girly face. I would do anything that she wanted if it meant this would end now. Anything. “Have you thought of the thing you wanted me to do today?” I asked, plainly. “You know, for the deal?”

Morgan crossed her arms and looked up into the sky off to the side. “Well,” she said as a thought came to her. “Now that you mention it, I just had an idea about something fun we could all do. We could play a trick on Mom and Dad.”

“Alright,” I said and waited for her explanation. Mentally, I steadied myself for the part that I was sure would embarrass me.

“Come with me,” she said, and we followed her out of the pool. We walked up to Mom and Dad. They were both reading: Mom had a book and Dad had his phone. “Mom, Dad,” Morgan said, pleasantly. “We’re going to the bathroom for a minute. Can you guys play with us when we get back, please?”
“Sure thing, kiddo,” Dad said. “We’ll see you in a minute.”

“Do you need me to open the locker for you, girls?” Mom asked.

“That’s fine,” Morgan said. “I know the combination if we need it.”

“Alright,” Mom said. “Just don’t take too long.”

We left our parents and headed for the restroom. I was still in the dark about our little “trick,” but I was already getting a bad feeling about it.

We entered the changing room and Morgan lead us to a toilet stall in the back. It was the wheelchair accessable one with extra space inside, so all three of us were able to get in and shut the door behind us.

“So,” Morgan said in a quiet, conspiratorial tone. “Here’s the plan. We’re going to switch bathing suits, and then we’re going to pretend to be each other for the rest of the day.”

“Yes!” Casey said a bit too loudly. “I love it when we do this.”

Morgan gave Casey a weary look, “But, this time you’re not going to screw it up like you always do. Got it?”

“Sure,” Casey said. “I’ll be perfect this time. So, who do I get to be: Alex or you?”

My heart sank as I knew what Morgan’s answer would be. The smile on her face said it all. “You get to be Alex this time,” Morgan said to Casey. Then, she turned to me. “That means you get to be me,” Morgan said. “Can you do that?”

As if the nightmare wasn’t bad enough already, as if I wasn’t already sick of looking and sounding exactly like her, now I had to pretend to actually be her? I was about to tell her to fuck off and punch her in the gut and watch her moan and cry on the damp bathroom floor. Fuck you! I though. You know I didn’t want to be here. You know I’m not enjoying your little games. Now, you want me to be even more like you? Seriously? You want me to pretend I love all of this. You want me to try to lie to our parents, knowing how much I want to get on that computer later, because if I fail you can call the deal off and screw me over. You want me to suffer for questioning you, for doubting your supremacy, don’t you? You petty, spiteful little brat!

“Well?” Morgan said. “Are you in or are we calling the deal off?”

I took a deep breath and controlled my emotions. “Can’t we do something else?” I pleaded. “Anything else?”

“No,” Morgan said with a finality that allowed for no argument. She would not change her mind.

“If I do this,” I said. “If I try my hardest, then you will get me on the computer by myself later?”

“That was the deal,” Morgan said. “So…?”
I sighed. I had no choice. “Let’s do it,” I said.

Casey immediately giggled and stripped off her bathing suit. Morgan and I did the same. For a moment we stood there naked together, three identical nude bodies, three Morgans. We passed around bathing suits, taking care to put on the right ones for our new parts. Casey put on my yellow bathing suit, Morgan put on Casey’s pink one, and I put on Morgan’s green one. I tried not to think about the dampness of her suit, how much of that dampness was from her sweat, how a little trace of her skin had rubbed off on the fabric and was now pressed against my bare flesh. That was bad, but it would not be the worst part of what was to come.

“Alright, girls,” Morgan said while wearing Casey’s pink suit. “Time to get into character.” She cleared her throat, and then spoke again with a new lighter tone of voice. “I’m Casey, and I’m just here to have a fun time with my sisters. Let’s go splash around a bit.” It was an uncanny performance. I had to mentally remind myself that she was actually Morgan and not Casey.

“Alright,” Casey said while wearing my yellow suit. She let her shoulders fall and wiped the smile from her face. She said, glumly, “And, I’m Alex. I’ll go along with you two if I have to. I’d rather be home, though.”

“Hey!” Casey (Morgan) said enthusiastically. “That was a good one, Alex.”

I was faintly insulted. Is that how they really see me? Am I the wet blanket of the family?

“Your turn,” Alex (Casey) said. “I guess.”

I knew, at the very least, I had to match the level their performances, which had actually been pretty good. They must have done this a few times before. I had only acted in one play in high school. True, it had been a small part, but I had learned how to say my lines and play a character. I remembered that the trick was you had to convince yourself that you really were someone else. You had to become that person inside and out.

Well, the outside was taken care of already. I was in Morgan’s green suit. Now, I had to become Morgan in my mind. I had to be her altogether, or, ironically, I may never have a chance of being myself again.

I closed my eyes. I pictured Morgan in my mind. I saw the girl I had watched grow up. I saw her temper tantrums and her rude behavior. I saw her trying to dominate every situation she was in. I saw her strength and her determination to get her way no matter what. I saw how she saw the world. She was in charge. People had better get in line, or they will face her wrath. She was going to get what she wants no matter who gets in her way, because she deserves it… because it is what Morgan wants…

…and I get what I want… or else. Alex and Casey had better follow my lead or there will be trouble later. I know just how to get to them both, and I’m not afraid to put them in their places if they refuse to listen to me. I know how to get Mom and Dad to do what I want as well. I know how to get everyone to do what I want.

I am in charge.

I am Morgan.

I stood up straight and crossed my arms. I looked at my younger sisters. It was time to lay down the rules. I gave them their orders. “Alright, girls,” I said, the words welling up from some dark place in my mind by themselves. “Let’s go out there and get Mom and Dad. Remember, we stay in character until we get home. Got it?”

“Yes,” they both replied.

“Alex,” I said to Alex (Casey). “Don’t screw this up for us.”

“I won’t,” Alex (Casey) said. “I might not want to do it, but I’ll try my best.”

I turned to Casey (Morgan). “And, you had better not screw it up either.”

“Hey!” Casey (Morgan) said. “You don’t have to worry about me. This is going to be a lot of fun.”

“Alright, then,” I said now that I was satisfied that they were ready to go. “Follow me,” I said and opened the stall door. Alex (Casey) followed right behind me, with Casey (Morgan) trailing behind her, smiling.

To be continued in Chapter 10



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