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Randomlifer – Chapter 1 – by lostandwhatever

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This was originally written in 2017. The idea was for it to be part of a collaboration, but the collaboration never came to pass. I did end up writing a few chapters for it, and it felt like a shame to let it go unused. So, I’m sharing it with you now as it is, while I work on other writing. It may not be my best or most fresh work, but I hope you enjoy it.

Day ?


Sam sits next to me as we gaze out over the exotic landscape. The sky is a gradient of purple and pink. The yellow sun is already half set while the red one hovers above it at a slight angle. From our spot on the hill, we can see the village below in the valley. Lights are turning on in rainbow colors to prepare for the coming night. Above us, under the reddening clouds, dragon-like creatures drift along on the evening breeze.

“It’s all so gorgeous,” Sam declares. She is sitting next to me on the grass with her knees pulled up to her chest. “The world is like a candy store some nights. It’s like I want to eat it all.” Her feline tail flips side to side pleasantly.

“It is,” I say. “This is a good one for sure. I would probably keep this one if I could.” One of the dragon-things above us lets out a roar in a jet of blue flames.

“What do you mean by ‘keep this one’?” she asks me and looks at me curiously, and I realize that it’s time to tell my story again. I feel my tail curl up against my leg as I prepare myself.

“Well,” I say, beginning the story I have told so many times now I have it all but memorized. “This is not my first world, or my first life. I’ve lived many lives.”

Sam looks at me uncertainly. “What do you mean, “many lives”? Like reincarnation? I didn’t think you believed in that kind of stuff.”

“No, I mean that I live a new life every day. Every day I wake up in a new world with a new life. Some things change. Some things don’t. But, something is always different.”

She’s not sure if I’m joking or serious. I can see it on her face. “What? You mean you wake up as someone else everyday? The world changes everyday?”


“That sounds like something out of a fantasy book,” she says as her pointy cat ears twitch in the wind.

“It’s true,” I say.

“Sure it is.”

“At the very least,” I say. “It’s an interesting story whether you believe it or not.”

“Okay,” she says as she lays down on her back next to me. “I’m game. Tell me about it.”

I lie down next to her, get comfortable, and say, “It all started one day when I saw an ad on the Internet. It said:

“Bored? Does every day feel the same? Tired of seeing that same face in the mirror again and again? Do you wish your life would really change? Then, Randomlifer is your wish come true. When you sign up for Randomlifer, every day is a new adventure. Live a new life again and again. Click here for a free trial, and prepare for your life to change.”

To be continued in Chapter 2



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