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Puberty Evolution: Mia

‘Mia, come down here at once young lady! You have a visitor…’

Mia Latasha Jones awoke with a start from her nap. She had been napping a lot lately since she had received her news… She rushed over to her mirror in a groggy haze, feeling no different but hoping her change had already finished.

Nope. The short, chubby, 12-year old black girl was still staring back at her.

She sighed, opened her closet, and strained with all her might to reach her favorite, figure-concealing hoody.

Presently, she wondered who could possibly want to visit her on the week of her change. She had few friends at school, never mind a boyfriend. So why did her mom’s voice sound so excited and playful all of a sudden? She wouldn’t have long to wait before finding out.

Her mother, Monica, was waiting in the kitchen with a sly smile. ‘Mia, honey, look who’s come to check up on you!’

Mia scanned the room and stiffled a scream when she saw who had come for her. He looked cool as could be – leaning back against the kitchen counter with his hands in his pockets. Rippling muscles all too noticeable under his All-star t-shirt.

‘T-terry?!’ Mia’s voice came out as a squeak.

The man smiled devilishly. ‘Hey kiddo, long time no see.’

It really had been a long time. Mia hadn’t seen her best friend since the night of his transformation the previous year. She had to admit, it wasn’t too surprising. A guy’s social circle changes a lot when he grows from a tiny pipsqueak into a ripped hunk overnight! So… why was he here now?

Monica broke the silence with a cough. ‘I’ll give you ‘kids’ some time to catch up in private.’ She left the room, wide hips swaying as she went. Mia couldn’t help but notice Terry staring at her mother’s ass the whole way out the door. She felt a tinge of jealousy at that. Why’d he have to perve on her mother when, rumor had it, he had three girlfriends waiting for him back home?!

Terry stood up. At his full height he must have been 6’4 if not even taller. He was at least twice as tall as Mia. She blushed hard thinking about how silly they’d look together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

He rested his hands on his hips, towering over her. Mia saw his eight-pack peaking beneath his t-shirt. He winked. ‘So how is my old pal doing?’

‘Uhh… I’m g-good’ she stammered.

‘Oh yeah?’ he smirked. ‘I hear you’re going to be doing a lot better pretty soon…’

Mia’s heart skipped a beat. Where was this going exactly?

‘I’m just bummed I probably won’t be there to see your transformation, the way you were there to watch mine…’ his velvety smooth voice triggered a recollection in Mia’s mind. She could remember his high-pitched yells thickening into deep, bass grunts as the boy he had been transformed into the man he was now.

They had been out late that night, returning from basketball practice. Mia could tell he was trying to ask her out the whole way during the long walk home. But back then Mia just couldn’t see Terry as anything other than her best friend back then. But that all changed when his puberty hit…

The transformation was all a bit of a blur now, but she could remember a few things. Her friend’s limbs stretched longer. His weedy frame fills up with muscle. His manly moans of ecstasy. His biceps burst through his shirt. Terry ripped his shirt open to reveal his swelling pecks and strengthening abs. The fact he was now taller than Mia’s dad but still growing. His muscular back ripped his shirt apart. And finally, the hulking man he had become standing nearly naked in the moonlight, staring in disbelief at his crotch – the bulge in his pants was going crazy, getting longer and harder every second. When his pants finally ripped, Mia fainted and didn’t wake up until she was safely back at home.

After that, Mia only saw glimpses of her old friend at school. Now that he was grown, he was constantly surrounded by older girls who had already achieved puberty. He seemed to stop noticing her after that, and she was now too shy and embarrassed to approach him. Though there was nothing more that she wanted in the whole world.

‘You still there, Mia?’

The girl snapped out of her fantasy. ‘Uhh… yeah… I’m sorry, w-what?’

Terry shot her a gorgeous smile. ‘Anyway… I just came over to say good luck with your transformation. It’s scary at first but I hope you enjoy it… I know I did…’ he winked at her again. ‘Me and the guys are actually really curious to see how you turn out. So once your tits pop, be sure to hit me up.’

Mia turned bright red and almost fainted again. Good thing Terry steadied her with one powerful hand around her back. ‘Be seeing ya…’ he didn’t wait long to go. But he did leave his digits on the kitchen counter.

Mia could only stare after him in disbelief. What the Hell just happened?

‘Isn’t it obvious honey?’ Monica had just finished straightening her daughter’s hair. ‘Terry heard that your puberty was just around the corner, so he visited to make sure you don’t forget about him once you’re grown!’ Mia betrayed an excited smile at that. ‘I always thought you two were cute together when you were both little. Who knows how good you’ll both look together as adults!’

Mia frowned and looked down at her pudgy, shapeless body. ‘But Momma, how do I know I’ll look good as an adult? I want to be beautiful for Terry, but I’m scared puberty won’t be good to me…’

Monica rested a reassuring hand on Mia’s head. ‘Sugga, you got nothing to worry about. Let Momma show you something.’

Monica took out an old photo album, one Mia had never seen before. ‘I’ve been waiting for years to show you some pictures from Momma’s modeling days… but first, here’s a snap of me age 13.’ Mia blinked in disbelief. That frumpy little girl in the photo could have been her! She looked identical to her mother at that age. ‘Now…’ Monica smiled, ‘here’s a photo of me just one week later, at my first modeling gig!’

Mia’s jaw hit the floor.

The woman in the photo was gorgeous. A true work of art. Her long legs and lightly muscled arms were perfectly sculpted. Her curves were flawless and her face angelic. Monica’s hefty breasts and butt were like something out of one of those dirty movies her daddy used to watch.

‘Momma, is that really you?’

‘Damn right!’ Monica guffawed and turned page after page of centerfolds, lingerie pics and nudes. ‘Whoops! Sorry honey!’ she slammed the album shut.

Mia couldn’t stop smiling. ‘So, you mean I could grow up to look just like that?’

‘Mia baby, I think you’re gonna grow up into something even better. Your daddy used to be a real stud back in the day. When your hormones start flowing, you’re going to turn into something special… I’m sure Terry is dying to see the woman you’ll become!’

Mia hugged herself and beamed with joy. For the first time since she was given the news, she felt excited for her transformation.

That night, Mia was dressing for bed. She looked into the mirror and gingerly removed all her clothes. She looked for a while at her body and shook her head, feeling very upset. There’s no way it could happen to her.

She thought about her mother in those pictures and tried to copy one of the modeling poses. Would her flat chest fill out? Would her body become enticing and arousing? Could puberty really turn her into someone else?

As luck would have it, biology class the next day was on that very subject.

The boys in Mia’s class gawked breathlessly as the gorgeous Mrs Goodwin explained in intimate detail the process of puberty.

‘It’s been a known fact for a very long time that humans have been sexually maturing earlier and earlier with each passing generation. In our current age, puberty has evolved once again. The maturing process, which would have taken years before, now happens in a day or even a few minutes.’

Her dark eyes scanned the room and fell ominously on Mia. ‘Some of you are right on the cusp of this miraculous transformation.’

She rose from her seat and started strutting down the centre aisle. The boys’ eyes were glued to her inviting hips and bouncing breasts. ‘Last week, I described the puberty process for boys. Now, it’s the girls’ turn and – I’m happy to say – I can finally speak from experience…’ somewhere in the classroom, two boys exchanged a high-five. Mrs Goodwin allowed herself a smile.

The teacher crossed to end of the classroom. She sat on a boy’s desk and quickly crossed her supple legs so he couldn’t see under her miniskirt. He looked ready to burst. Mia’s heart was thumping in her chest and she leaned in with anticipation.

‘First girls, a change in your brain chemistry is going to trigger the release of estrogen into your bloodstream. What’s estrogen you might ask? Well, it’s a hormone that’s responsible for giving you everything a man wants in a woman…’ Mrs Goodwin uncrossed her legs and let down her long luscious hair.

Mia found herself sweating, and there was a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach.

‘Next thing you know, your body is going to start growing…’ Mrs Goodwin stretched her arms above her head and twisted her back seductively. Her breast looked ready to pop out of her blouse. ‘You’ll stretch taller as your limbs and spine start getting longer. Your puppy fat will start draining away and your pubescent body will start becoming leaner and more athletic. But don’t worry girls there’ll be so much adrenaline in your body that you won’t feel much pain. Only pleasure.’

Mia shifted uncomfortably in her seat as her body started aching suddenly. She tried kicking off her shoes, which had become painfully tight.

Mrs Goodwin rose from her desk and let her hands travel greedily up and down her body. ‘But before you know it, your proportions are going to completely change.’ She bit her lips and moaned as she caressed her curves, seeming to remember an event from her past. ‘You’ll stop being a bean pole as your body matures into a woman’s shape. Your muscles will bulge gently as you grow healthier and stronger in womanhood. Your hips will spread suddenly, signalling your newfound fertility to the men around you.’ The goddess leaned against another boy’s desk. Her wide hips stretched her skirt out nicely, and her taut pelvis was only inches from the boy’s flushed face.

Mia felt weird down under her skirt. She clasped her legs together, but the throbbing sensation only got stronger.

‘Your awkward teenage years will fly past you as your face becomes symmetrical and attractive. But Mother Nature leaves the best for last…’ The class gasped as Mrs Goodwin raised her skirt to reveal bright red underwear.

‘Your sexual reproductive organs will activate and you’ll have so many hormones in your bloodstream that you’ll be desperate to use them!’ She turned and bent over, giving everyone an amazing view of her generous buttocks. ‘Your little butt will start to grow and it won’t stop until you have to shop for new panties! And finally…’ The teacher ripped open her blouse and exposed her huge breasts to the class. ‘Your girls are going to take your training bra for a ride!’

There was an eternity of stunned silence. Mrs Goodwin seemed to snap out of her trance and hurriedly rebuttoned her blouse. She laughed nervously ‘At least, that’s how my puberty was…’

Following the lesson, a few boys excused themselves to the bathroom and didn’t return for some time.

‘Umm, Mrs Goodwin?’ Mia’s heart skipped a beat. What had happened to her voice? Had her time finally come? ‘I think I need to go to the bathroom too…’

She didn’t have to say anything else. ‘Of course, Mia, you don’t need to ask,’ the teacher sounded suddenly alert and determined. ‘Go quickly. And good luck!’

Boys jeered at Mia as she stumbled through the hallways. By now they could see what was happening to her. They mocked her and laughed, shouting ‘Hope you look better as an adult, Mia!’ and ‘How about a date when you’re grown?’

Mia pushed past them into the girls bathroom. It seemed no one was around to watch her change. She didn’t make it into one of the cubicles but slumped over a sink instead. She looked up and saw her sweaty face and hair peering back at her. Her school uniform was drenched with sweat and clung to her quivering body.

Her bag was filled with emergency supplies for her sudden onset of puberty. With shaking hands she attempted to open the zip. Then a sharp pain shot through her hands. She stared at them and went pale as they started to twitch and snap longer in little bursts.

Her shoes felt like agony. She wrenched them off just in time to see her growing feet rip through her socks. ‘Oh my God… it’s happening… I’m changing!’ She felt her knee-high socks start to slowly slither down her legs when she realised they were getting longer. Her tights laddered and then snapped apart as her thighs and calfs started taking on mass.

Mia groaned and felt the enormous need to stretch out to her full height. As she did, she felt her spine decompress and start to become longer. Her shirt seperated from her waistband as her torso lengthened, exposing her belly underneath.

‘This-this is incredible. I barely feel any pain. It must be the adrenaline or the hormones, but I feel amazing!’ As she laughed, another growth spurt hit her. Before her transformation began, the sink was chest-level. Now, her lengthening legs were lifting her head above the mirror and her thighs were coming into view. In fact, they were growing so long that Mia’s white panties could be seen just under her skirt. In vain, she pulled her skirt down but her legs continued to grow and she couldn’t hide her modesty, as her skirt rose higher on her body.

Mia was also aware that all her excess body fat was draining away. Her figure became tall and slim. Her now clearly visible tummy tightened. She gasped in disbelief as her face became lean and thin. She almost looked attractive now! Like a pretty preteen girl, flushed with excitement for her first date.

‘Puberty is doing my body good!’ She laughed and then hunched over in discomfort. Her bones lengthened again and started thickening all over. Her shoulders and collarbone stretched out, giving her a much more adult profile. And something new was happening in her pants. Something that felt like it had to be touched. She reached down and felt that it was wet, but it also felt good when she touched herself. She moaned in surprise and touched herself again. Her eyes rolled back and she bit her lip reflexively. ‘Is this what being a woman feels like?’ She asked in a shaking, now silkier voice.

Then all of her body was filled with an intense, pleasurable burn as her body forced her to become a teenager. Her parents’ genetics really started to establish themselves. In seconds, she became much fitter. Slender athletic muscles bulged under her tightening school uniform. Her naked legs trembled and then developed rapidly, filling up with powerful muscles. Her back, biceps and torso tensed and then rapidly strengthened with muscle. Her shirt ripped at the arms and down her middle. She rested a hand on her stomach and felt subtle abs force their way to the surface. Her other hand was still rubbing her latent womanhood – the sensations only getting stronger and more intense.

In the mirror she could see her face changing. Bones were shifting underneath, making her face angular and striking. Though her eyes were still doughy and cute. She gasped as her lips swelled to become prominent and kissable. Her silky hair lengthened and started to creep down her back.

‘Terry, can you see me?’ She panted. ‘Terry, I want to become so beautiful for you!’ Her hand now passed directly down and into her panties. The more she rubbed, the hornier she got!

It was at age 16 when Monica’s superior genetics began to manifest in her daughter’s body. She had already grown tall and beautiful. Now she was about to achieve the body of an ebony goddess. A perfect woman.

‘Oh God, what’s happening to me?’ She was forced to grab the sink below her as her lower body trembled and shook tremendously. Then in agonising spurts, her legs and thighs thickened, gaining even more muscle and a little healthy fat. The growth snaked up her legs and the feeling concentrated in her pelvis and thighs. ‘Ah! Momma! Am I becoming like you? Am I turning into a model?’ Her request was answered as her hips cracked painfully apart, first and right and then the left. She was getting wider and yelled with each crack. Her white panties and pencil skirt were stretched wider and wider across her growing hips until they felt about to snap apart.

Then she felt the cold air tickling her behind. With an effort, she twisted to see her profile. She was shocked to see how strong and sexy her lower body had become, and now she knew it was her ass’ turn. Momma had always had a great ass! Her cheeks jiggled as they pushed up what was left of her skirt. They engorged and jiggled again as they consumed the back of her panties, turning them into a thong. Then the scale and intensity of the growth forced Mia to bend forward and stick her ass out. Anyone luck enough to be standing behind her would have seen a gorgeous young woman assume a very erotic position as her ass plumped fuller and even sexier. She screamed out in ecstacy as her incredible ass ripped through her panties and broke through her skirt, which fell futilely to the ground.

But ass wasn’t the only gift her her momma gave her. What was left of her shirt snapped open as she pushed her chest out. Now she was standing almost completely naked and small mounds had appeared on her once-flat chest. ‘Yes, oh yes… I’m growing breasts!’ She moaned in pleasure as buttons popped and her chest heaved forward, taking on size and mass. Her training bra was straining to keep her bombshell of a body contained, but only served to maximize her amazing, deep cleavage.

Mia laughed out loud. She loved how sexy and demure her voice had become now. She looked down at her rising breasts. ‘Yes… yes… keep growing girls! Give me all the perks of a black girl’s body! Make me irresistible to men!’ Finally, her bra gave up the ghost, snapping apart and letting her burgeoning breasts swell into their full adult size. ‘Oh my God… Momma never had tits as good as these babies!’

All that was left was for Mia to mature sexually into her prime. Develop from a college sophomore into a fully grown lady in her early twenties. Her glistening body was racked with final changes as she grew from full-bodied to statuesque. Her muscles bulged again as they were filled with new strength. She grew taller and stronger as her entire body toned again. Her hips widened and her ass filled up, giving her an incredible hour-glass figure.

Momentarily distracted, Mia began to masterbate again. But this time it felt even better than before. All the while, she begged ‘Yes! Yes! Give me more! Oh God Terry, look what I’ve become for you… more power, more beauty, more booty! Make me perfect!’ She came as her transformation finally ended. Her yell shook the school as her legs buckled and the floor became soaking wet.

For a while she crouched trembling on the ground as the last of the adrenaline passed. Feeling strong and suddenly energised, she rose slowly to her full, impressive height. She looked at her body and started laughing to herself. Her taut, muscular abdomen pulsed where her fat, childish head used to be. Her hips, thighs, and ass were so delicious. She caressed them with her hands and with a gorgeous, unfamiliar voice said ‘Whoa, baby got back! What a body I’ve grown!’ She lifted up her huge, fully grown breasts, feeling the weight and causing the nipples to perk up. ‘And what a woman I’ve become…’

She bent down to look at her face and froze in amazement. ‘Is that really me?’ there was nothing to recognise the little girl she had been only minutes ago. Her face was perfect – slender and bright. With sexy, inviting lips and dark and encouraging eyes. There wasn’t a trace of childishness any more. Just raw sex appeal.

She turned to her bag and pulled out a pair of her mother’s lingerie. ‘Whoa, so tight…’ she strained to get it on. ‘I’m even better than mother… but it will have to do for now.’ Then she practiced posing in the mirror like the night before. But now the movements came naturally and confidentially. The motions and lingerie loved the shape of her new body. And soon, she thought, the world would fall in love with her too.

She pulled on a pair of her mother’s clothes. Even fully-clothed she was undeniably a goddess!

But before she left the bathroom, there was one more thing she had to do. She thought of Terry, his sharp jawline and heroic muscles. The feeling in her vagina started again and wouldn’t go away. Excited and titillating, she pulled out her phone and began to undress.

Terry was shirtless and half-awake when the message came. He sat up on his desk and checked his phone. He saw that a message had come from Mia. Could it be? His blood was racing as he opened the message. He read her words ‘Come and make me into a real woman xxx’. Then the image file landed.

Terry couldn’t control himself. He’d expected Mia to become hot like her mom, but he didn’t think she’d grow into a walking wet dream! His dick was already rock hard when he whipped it out. It only got longer and harder as he furiously stroked it up and down.

He gritted his teeth and slammed the table with his fist so hard it nearly broke. His arousal and frustration were only growing stronger. ‘Fuck Mia, you’ve grown so much…’ his stroking got faster and harder. ‘I want to jam this cock between your fully-grown tits!’

His phone buzzed and another pic came through even hotter than the last.

Her body was so good, so fertile. Her curves and perfect face triggered something primal in Terry’s brain. He couldn’t deny it. He was going to breed her. And his body was so big and strong that she couldn’t resist him.

‘Mia! Mia!’ Every muscle in his body tensed as he came powerfully all over his phone. He moaned desperately as the river continued to flow over his desk and down onto the floor. He had never came so strong before in his life, not even since he had been a man. When the feeling subsided, he fell back into his chair, totally spent. Then he felt a twitch in his cock. He looked down and saw it was getting hard again.

He laughed incredulously. ‘God Mia, I think you’re the one…’


It had been a few months since Mia and Terry had hooked up. Now they were going steady and had sex that could wake up the neighborhood on the regular.

Terry held Mia’s naked body close and whispered into her ear, ‘I want to make you my wife.’

Mia looked up at him with her deep, beautiful eyes which were welling with tears. ‘That’s a relief baby, because…’ she gently stroked her toned stomach, ‘I’m going to be mother to your child.’

‘You’re pregnant?’ Terry couldn’t believe it. Mia smiled and nodded her head. She then screamed scandalously as Terry began groping her body and kissing her chest and neck. He spun her around and forcefully ripped her panties away from her legs.

He panted in her ear as he started thrusting again and Mia moaned rhythmically. ‘Come on Mia, let’s make another one!’



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