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Full Moon

Next premium tale in bela04’s store: Full – Moon! This was more like one of the experiments I was working on to see and try myself out in animations and how it would fit into a comic form. And since in this tale my focus was mostly on the animations it wouldn’t be fair to ask full price for it – at least that’s what my feelings say to me. It started as a stand-alone tale but it could easily happen that I turn this into a 3 episode tale where we can see more changes like this!


(2 customer reviews)
(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Full Moon

Dec 20, 2018, 23:11 PM

I love this! Really nice and great Premium tale!. Please do more with this kind of Art! 🙂

Dec 06, 2018, 23:11 PM

Cool comic, I was hoping to see a sequence of Susan and Tommy growing closer as Tommy grew up while Robert regressed outside. Qualitywise, it was pretty good as usual. Still not sure why you have male relatives be called “Aunt” as they are supposed to be referred to as Uncle but that is a minor nitpick from me. Also, I only have seen one animation in the comic unless I missed the second one somewhere but I did see the change in Susan’s bust size as I had to get Flash Player for Adobe Acrobat to see it play out. Overall it was a nice comic and a good role reversal story but I would like to see be longer but 74 pages are good enough for now and maybe we can get a follow-up or an extended version of this story with more scenes and extended ending as the last scene kinda left it open-ended. Still, for a test run for animations in the comics for the store, I think it did pretty well and I like what I just purchased. Still, I hope to see more free content in your gallery soon as well. Other than that I wish you luck 😉

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