Problems [Update]

So, just a short report to all the ppl out there! Due to the hosting change I went to SiteGround to host AgeArts, it seemd all good and fast and helpful. Well, they are still but this ridiculous limitation what was not mention anywhere caused some problems with the site!
That ended up in a site shut down and probably will happen in the future until I can reason with them or get help from someone who understood more about WordPress sites!

*sigh* Just to add more to it, like it wasn’t already enough… getting really tired with all these… thing…. Anyway, if the site goes down, I’ve created a twitter profile with the name bela04_AgeArts!

So save it, follow it, so in that case, the site goes down I can keep you guys posted about the situation….

bela04 our…

UPDATE: Okay, so for now the site is on a different server for one month! We gonna see how it works!

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