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  1. Age-Machine

    Great story Bela but, it’s better to show and not tell. Would love it if you could later come back and add to it in the future maybe or I could commission it even?

    • bela04

      Well, it’s part of the “caption” tales so I don’t plan to make any more to it. 🙂 Although she is a self-made character so she might reappear in the future comics.

    • bela04

      Hmm… I don’t think it does. I mean there were stories where you could say it was “cruel” but this? Maybe if I would just leave it to the pictures – as Age Machine said above – it would give a different feel. Interesting observation. 🙂

  2. I really like this one, the pov view, becoming her baby, the text, she explain what happen and where go his knowledge and memories.. Just like they said the growth and shrink part is not visible but this is a little thing next to your great work I really like all of this thanks to you bela04

    • bela04

      Haha! Yeah, it’s not always easy to make new faces. This is a custom face but it took me months to actually make it look worthy.

  3. ARColt67

    The perspective change in this story is fantastic and I love how even without showing an additional scene, you know what will happen next, wonderful job Bela!

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