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Late Night Wash


  1. funfun74

    Enjoyed the comic but for some reason some pages for Growing Attention are mixed into the last half for me.

      • funfun74

        page 39, 43, 44, 52, 53, 56. using firefox for my browser on a PC if that matters. also I might be off on those pages tried my best to count from the first.

        • bela04

          Strange! I can’t see it! I tried with different browsers on different accounts but everything looks fine to me! Does anyone else cross this problem?

          • funfun74

            clearing my browser cache and cookies fixed the issue for me.

  2. Can you add a option to open the comics on mobile because the website just refreshes when I try to swipe a certain way.

    • bela04

      Do you mean on mobile, when you swipe it refresh? On mine, this problem doesn’t happen! But If this is the problem I’ll look into it!

    • bela04

      For obvious reasons. 🙂 To not have problems of it because of some ppl.

      • You’re entitled to ignore those people who don’t appreciate the human anatomy, it’s your art not there’s. If they want it censored bad enough they can just use paint or something and blot out their own copy. : )

        • Alright, our time zones are different and I’m just going leave this comment thread so, good night.

  3. can we have an uncensorted and censorted version. give people choice?

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