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Growing Attention


    • bela04

      Sorry! I can’t test it on Iphones! πŸ™ Try it on a desktop PC!

  1. Bigmc89

    OMG, the original story is one of my favorites, but this version is f- awesome!

    • Natsu21

      Sorry, my question is poorly explained. Have you tried to leave the adult characteristics without going backwards?

          • Funkydealer

            “Clap” I believe has something to that degree, don’t know if there are any other pieces.

  2. Monns

    Very amazing! Only thing I do not like is siblings, wish it was a boyfriend/girlfriend story at the age of 18 at start. And a few more pages after last one! πŸ˜‰ Where is the donation link? I haven’t been a good donator for a while! Well done!

    • bela04

      Thank you! Well, it’s always different for each of us :’D Siblings are my fav plus including someone else like a GF or Wife! And yeah I know… always craving for more πŸ˜€
      You can support me here:

  3. Monns

    A mix between this one and selfie. Two same aged friends finds a magical bracelet and they start fight about it til one of them wins and the other end up in the others womb. Whoops poor friend. Part II: friend gets born and plans revenge but fails and ends up in the womb of her friend again. Damn that backfired! Part III, they cease fire and become friends the grown up friend promises to let the effect wear off and they are best friends again. Part IV: Friend misses to be inside the other and they start talk about it and friend asks are you really sure? Yes, let the transformations begin!

  4. If it’s not too much to ask, could I get the names of the models and accessories that you use for Daz. The content that I have my Daz is trash compared to yours, and I really want to make 3D comics. I remember you linked me to a site, I forget the the name of it but I got lost trying to find your stuff there. Do have any other links that could help me?

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