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Effection on him


      • Age-Machine

        Lmfao! Oh well, it’s still another great story and I hope it has a squeal that shows their weekend adventure together maybe his wife shows up to save him maybe?

  1. acw264

    Very nice. I like he didn’t lose himself fully at first. And she gave him a pointless warning because we know he won’t remember on monday. So very nicely written.

    • bela04

      Yes, I understand. We’re can’t all have the same taste πŸ™‚

  2. Michael1908901

    The cruelty doesn’t do it for my either. But the growth does πŸ˜„ plus this is free. So another shout out to Bela for this great comic! Please keep it coming. I’m sure the community will pick you up more than ever.

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