Patreon Post are coming on my Support

Hey, hey! Busy week again a lot’s of thing are going out and behind the scenes some really good stuff are cooking! Oh man, I can’t wait to share it with you guys! I’ve just finished a Commission with a classic babysitter theme! It was a such a good work – what I enjoyed so much – that I added a few more pages to it! This can happen with Commissions – more info here – and with Patreon request as well!

So if you wish to see your own idea born in my 3D Skills feel free to speak with me! 🙂

So what’s going on on Patreon? Here is a little sneak peak:

This was yesterday’s comic, where a shy boy’s wish become true! Today’s post is already out, and who knows what’s coming tomorrow? If you would like to see more exclusive stuff early than support me on Patreon! 😉



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