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Patreon comics are out, updates coming!

So today was the patreon day, I published some some exclusive content at my Patreon site! There were some great ideas what hit me in September and there were great request/commissions as well so I think some really cool comics went out today! I just have to give you a small sneak peak from one of my favorite! The idea was came from Sir Val , one of my old time supporter and his idea give me a great opportunity to try some new render techniques. I think this one will be a classic one in time so here is a pic:


I have to say I really love this one! Yes, it has some Breast feeding in it! I always do my best to give something special to my Patreon supporters but don’t forget that with your help, with the community’s help we can create very special ones like this! If you want to join and help to support my work you can do this at this link!

From today I’m focusing to create content to the site and of course some other things as well! As you can see I try to keep the site updated – as I said before – all the time to give you guys new features. A lot of you would like to see some live chat in 1on1 with me and the others here on the site, but I still didn’t find the best way to do this. One of our member gave me a tip what could be a great idea to use for the future, so you can find an IRC based chat platform in the menu up in the right corner! I would like to encourage everyone to use it and give me some feedback. I would like to know if it is a good way of communication or you need something else. I you have a suggestion please share with me! You can leave your comments here under the post or under the “Live Chat” comment section!

Other features what was added is on the right side where now you can see online users on the website up until 2 hour! With one click you can open any users profile from there and send them messages as well! Just on the side note: it looks a little bit unanimous so if you can or would like, feel free to change your Profile Picture! 😉

Another thing changed is new Age Verification page on the site! It is now mobile-user friendly so entering the site can’t be a trouble from now on! It is still in beta so if you have any trouble with it please let me know! One more thing with it: You only have to enter your date once, if everything is okay, but if you fail to do it, it is gonna lock you out of AgeArts for 30 minutes!!!

I still would like to suggest everyone to use the forum to meet with each other and to create a great community but I’m thinking about having a Q&A in the near future on our new chat platform, if it is gonna work! So the question is given:
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