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Pass It On (Part 3)

So, as you’ve probably noticed, all these girls get very different types of bodies, despite reading the same spell. I figure each of them become their personal definition of “perfect”.

Pass it On (Part 3)

by Planet

Laura walked as naturally as possible, despite the fact that she was still very unused to the extreme jiggling coming from her new adult, and extremely voluptuous body.

Because, just a couple of minutes earlier, she had been an 11-years-old with a twig-like figure. She had been walking towards the baseball stadium to see a match with her dad, when she had received an anonymous text.

She had barely registered what it said -something about being the third person who read it and that she was about to become perfect-, when she indeed felt something changing.

It was all very fast. Before she could properly understand what was going on, she started to get taller at an alarming rate. Then her body developed ferociously, endowing her with what were without doubt the more pronounced curves she had ever seen, at least on a slim woman.

Her hips and buttocks got enormous, and along with her powerfully built legs, her pants were reduced to shreds. Then, her chest sprouted what she would later discover were F-cups. She couldn’t so anything but hold them in surprise.

The most unbelievable thing was that nobody seemed to notice a thing. Not even her father, who was looking directly at her had been able to detect her public transformation.

She was a young woman by now, not only in body but also in face. Her hair had grown a bit longer and gotten highlights on its edges. Then her clothes adjusted a bit. Her top grew enough to contain her, though a massive amount of cleavage was still on display, and she could feel a large brassiere appearing underneath, giving her much needed support for her round breasts. Her pants repaired themselves, though they still had some fashionable rips.

Her little girl’s purse and sunglasses also changed to fit her new age, and gloss appeared on her plump lips.

After that, she had no option but to keep walking alongside her oblivious father, who was barely taller than her now. She could suddenly feel the eyes of the people all over her, and she understood that it wasn’t because they had noticed her transformation, but rather because she was an uncommonly fetching woman.

Once she had entered the stadium, she took seat beside her Dad. She wasn’t quite comfortable, since obviously these seats had been made for someone with hips like hers, but she had to admit the whole experience felt quite enjoyable, and she kept looking down at her own cleavage more than the game itself.

She had decided that she liked her body and that she wanted to keep it, but she needed to keep the chain going for that to happen. She was very disappointed when she saw her phone had no signal, and she would lose some valuable time if she waited for the match to end. It had already been half an hour since her own transformation.

Unless… she looked through her purse and was pleased to find a pen and a piece of paper. She hastily copied the message into the paper and looked around.

She saw a little girl on about 9 sitting two rows below her and, when nobody was seeing her, she threw the note, folded as a paper plane, right into her lap.



  1. BLZBub

    Hmm, clever way of getting around a no-signal area. I’m pretty sure at some point it will be sent by text again.

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