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Pass It On (Part 2)

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Pass It On (Part 2)

by Planet

It was three hours before Greta finally looked at her phone.

She had been at football practice, and she had just arrived home and changed into her shorts and a very loose blouse. She was putting on a baseball cap when she saw she had an anonymous message with the heading “Congratulations! You’re the second reader of this message!”

When she opened she quickly read some nonsense about her body perfecting itself and having to pass it on to more people.

Greta scoffed, but then she started to shot up as she gained height quickly. It was really happening!

She looked in amazement as her figure started to develop some pronounced curves. Greta had always been a tomboy, but sudden femininity was emerging as her 12-years-old body progressed into its late teens.

Her legs became long and toned, and her shorts could barely contain her large, firm glutes. As washboard abs appeared on her, breasts also emerged. Her once short, boy-like hair was growing down to her waist, and her face looked increasingly feminine, particularly when make-up appeared on it for the first time ever.

It was over in a matter of seconds. A very eye-catching young woman of about 19 stood where a tween had just been. As unexpected as the change was, Greta felt very pleased with it, and just like her friend, she fully intended to make it permanent.

“I feel so full of energy”, she realized. If she truly had been perfected, it meant she had become healthier and more athletic, not just more beautiful, and that had to account for the delicious feelings coming from her new body.

She got ready to forward the message, still unsure who she wanted to read it. At school, she usually hung with Emma, but she wasn’t her best friend. That title had to go to Laura, who had been her bestie at her previous school, before Greta had to move away to another city.

And though she didn’t see her as often any more, she still loved her a lot. She deserved this gift, Greta decided, forwarding the message to Laura as quick as possible.[/vc_column_text][/mk_custom_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]



    • Well, that’s kind of the point isn’t it? Just by adding the potential for the change to be reversed kind of creates a demand for follow through, or at very least hint at the danger that it will be followed through.

      One thing that all transformation stories have in common is the balance between the whims of fate and character agency. In positive transformation stories a character’s new form, whether because it is blessed with increased strength, or beauty, or intellect, or some combination of the three, expands their agency. It gives them choices they would not have. It lets them be what they could not have been before.

      But the act of transformation itself is almost antithectical to that. The transformation is an outside force imposed on their bodies and the duration and magnitude are not always under the character’s control. Sometimes they want to go back but cannot sometimes they want to stay but cannot. That is especially true in this scenario.

      Look at the basic premise :

      There is a chain letter which, in turn, will perfect the next reader and urge them to continue the chain to its completion.

      So far Emma has started the chain, and its timer, and chose to transform Greta in turn. But while both characters seem to have found the experience extremely desirable, neither had a choice in the matter. The choice is made by reading the note, which immediately causes the change.

      Emma was transformed by chance and Greta was transformed, not be her own informed choice, but by Emma’s desire to retain her own new body. The subsequent girls (or boys) in the chain will likewise be changed by Emma’s choice rather than their own.

      On the other hand, reverse is also true, Emma and Greta and subsequent girls may get to choose who next gets the gift, but anyone along the chain could undo it all by simply refusing to forward the letter until the clock runs out.

      Incidentally, I think that means the letter can only continue to exist so long as the chain isn’t completed. Presumably formerly read letters lose their power and any letters after the 14th are also liable to be nothing but words. I also assume somebody who has been given the gift can’t read the final letter in their incomplete chain to start it again.

      So if they fail to reach 14 people, would the reversion by :

      1. Simultaneous?
      2. Daisy chain back from the newest receiver to Emma?
      3. Or start with Emma and work its way to the newest receiver?

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