Pass It On (Part 13)

Pass It On (Part 13)

by Planet

Emily had just returned home from school and was as tired as she could be. She let go of her backpack as soon as she crossed the threshold. Her mother was in the kitchen, preparing some coffee, and Finn was at the table reading from his tablet. He smiled at her and she blushed intensely.

Finn was the college boy who rented the spare room at their house, and Emily had the biggest crush on him since he had arrived eight months earlier. Of course, wince he was on his early twenties, and she was only 11, it was a hopeless situation for her. She wished there was something she could do to get closer to him.

As if to answer her thoughts, her mobile phone rang. She had a text message from an unnamed source, she saw while she walked to her room, so she wasn’t in much of a hurry to read it.

Instead, she got out of her white, buttoned school blouse and threw herself on the bed, her tummy against the comfortable mattress and her feet up in the air, while absent-mindedly daydreaming about Finn, checking his latest Facebook updates on her phone.

Sighing, she saw some pictures of him at a party flanked by a couple of female classmates, both so grown-up and pretty. It was after closing the page that she remembered the anonymous message she had received, and she opened without much enthusiasm.

Congratulations! You’re the final reader of this message!

As soon as you finish reading these words, your body shall reshape into a perfected version of yourself.

As the message had been successfully passed on among 13 readers before the stipulated time, your gifts will be made permanent once your transformation is finished.

Enjoy your change!


The first thing she noticed was that the straps of her black cotton undershirt were digging into her shoulders. Her torso was getting wider! She could feel her shoulder-blades growing sideways and her back becoming bigger, as her ribcage expanded, creaking inside her as if she had an alien underneath her chest. It wasn’t painful at all, though, but actually pleasurable.

Her arms were equally elongating, and her cellphone felt smaller on her hands as they grew womanly and manicured. A ring materialized on one of her fingers, as did an elegant necklace and matching earrings.

Her undershirt shifted into a brassiere in time to receive her pert, mature breasts, which emerged in a matter of seconds. Her waist morphed and soon she had a perfectly adult upper-body in an otherwise girlish frame.

That was changing too, though. She could feel her school skirt raising as her legs got wider and longer. Her white socks turned into dark stockings, and her larger feet changed their position in order to accommodate the high heeled pumps that her shoes had changed into.

Her yellow hair became golden as it restyled, and her face transformed not only into an older version of her own, but it also got more beautiful and alluring.

The new Emily panted as her changes stopped, and she checked her twenty-something form. Then there was a soft knock on her door and she turned in time to see Finn getting inside, a wide smile on his face. Her heart was beating very fast. Now that she looked around, she could see that her room had also changed a bit.

He kneeled on the bed, over her, and kissed her.

“Finn…” she said, unused to the sound of her voice. “Be careful. My mom is downstairs.”

He just nodded.

“I don’t think she minds me here now that we’re engaged.”

She felt a strange sensation on her spine. At first it was just the trill of what was happening, but then she understood it was signaling that her transformation had been made permanent.

And, with only twenty minutes to spare, twelve other women around the map felt the same, knowing their lives had been improved for good.

They all sighed in relief as one.



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