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Pass It On (Part 10)

Pass It On (Part 10)

by Planet


Little Gemma massaged her latest bruise, there where her father had punched her the previous night. This wasn’t one of the worst ones, she realized gratefully. It was very painful, but at least it wouldn’t be too visible underneath her hair.

She hated having to make excuses about why she kept getting hurt. And she was too terrified of her father to actually tell the truth. And so nobody knew he kept hitting her. Other than her old neighbors, of course, two beautiful sisters named Connie and Madison. They had tried to rescue her and denounce him, but they had never been able to gather evidence and Gemma and her father had finally moved away.

But this, Connie and Madison had a way of rescuing Gemma, and they had sent it directly to her e-mail last night. Except, of course, Gemma’s father had taken her phone away and many hours had been wasted.

It was past noon when Gemma was finally able to relax for a while, when her father went to the pub on the corner to buy one of his daily bottles. She knew she had about twenty minutes of freedom. She grabbed a quick bite from the kitchen and checked the place where she knew her Dad had hidden her phone. She was surprised to see Madison’s e-mail, especially after reading its contents.

“Yeah, right,” she said, scoffing.

But her incredulity was short-lived. Her body was actually stirring, preparing to change.

“Wh– What’s this?”

She started shooting taller immediately. Every inch counted, since Gemma had been extremely short for a girl about to turn 12. That had always made it very hard to fend away her abusive father.

Things were about to get easier, it seemed, as she felt her flesh building up with strength. She could actually feel her muscled growing, gaining power!

But she was turning into more than just a tall young girl. She noticed she was becoming more mature, just a bit at first, as her shoulders and hips got wider, and then extremely so, as huge breasts exploded out of her gown.

“Aaaaaaaah!” she cried, covering her engorged chest.

Gemma turned around to face her reflection and she was rendered speechless.

There was nothing little about her anymore, she realized, looking down at herself, from her lofty height of 6’1”. Her robe had turned into a sheer material, and her new lacy underpants were the only other thing that covered her toned body. She finally let go of covering her chest to examine her hands: her fingernails were painted in white and had grown as long as claws.

She wished she could scratch her father’s face. Though maybe she could do much better, taking in consideration her new size and the strength of her muscles. She could probably knock him out.

The thought made her giggle. It was a deep, throaty laugh, and it escaped from her very fleshy lips. Her face wasn’t only mature, but it looked forceful and authoritative. Which was exactly how she felt.

She realized that her changes weren’t purely physical. She felt courageous, independent and strong-willed. She realized she had everything she needed to become a free woman.

Gemma went back into her room. She hadn’t much in matter of clothes, but the little she owned, had been transformed to suit her new self. She put on the first things she got and threw the rest on her bag, along with the stash of money her father had hidden under his mattress.

Her freedom was about to start. She realized that she wasn’t interested in making her dad pay any more, just in not seeing him ever again.

But before leaving his house forever, she had to be sure the transformation would stick. It still needed to get to three more people, and though she wasn’t sure how much time was left, she had a feeling that it wasn’t much.

She retyped the message and decided who should get it. The answer was clear. There was a way it could be guaranteed that it could be read by at least two people in a short amount of time.

Gemma sent it to her old classmates, the twins Emma and Hannah.


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  1. BLZBub

    I thought Connie and Madison would become sisters. And it’s surprising that Gemma’s perfect body would be a strong, independent woman who can get away from her father. Again, a good use of this spell. But now there’s even less time remaining. It’ll certainly save time sending the message to twins, but I think it’s starting to cut it close.

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