Pass It On (Part 1)

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A multipart micro-story I decided to make.

Don’t expect much plot from this one. It’s just one of those silly excuses to do a few quick APs and use some pictures I’ve been wanting to use.

Pass It On (Part 1)

by Planet

Emma was bullied at school because she spent much time in the library, but her perceived “nerdiness” was about to pay off in a big way.

She was examining a book that looked as if nobody had touched it in years. In fact, in her long time at the library, she hadn’t ever seen it; it was stacked behind another pile of larger volumes.

The cover was so deteriorated she couldn’t see the title, so she opened it on the first page, and a yellowing sheet of paper fell on the floor.

Discarding the book in favor of the sheet, Emma read what it said. It was handwritten, but the calligraphy was clear enough for her to understand it.

Congratulations! You’re the first reader of this message!

As soon as you finish reading these words, your body shall reshape into a perfected version of yourself.

If you wish to keep this gift for good, however, you must pass on this message as a chain among 13 others before three days. If this amount isn’t met by then, you and all subsequent readers will revert to your regular selves.

Enjoy your change!

As soon as Emma read the last word, she felt as if her head was spinning. She was vaguely aware that she was getting taller, and she could feel as her flat chest and hips protruded outwards. It was all over in seconds, though, and she gripped a bookshelf for support.

“What the…?”

Her black dress’ hem looked impossibly short on her now, revealing long, shapely legs, but it had also gotten larger and very loose. She could feel that the body she was packing underneath was much different, though, and she couldn’t contain her curiosity as she held it up to look at herself.

The hourglass figure she saw was one of the most voluptuous she had ever seen. Her new breasts were enormous, as was her lower body, but her waist was very narrow. She was wearing black underwear that she definitely hadn’t on before, not to mention the piercing smugly on place on her toned bellybutton. She examined her physique with her older-looking hands, before doing the same with her face.

She still had her large glasses, and her short hair, but her features felt much different. Walking towards a nearby, minuscule mirror, she saw she had indeed grown older. Not only her body didn’t belong to a 12-years-old any more, but her face also was that of a young woman.

Emma had gained much beauty, but she was also surprised about how much she still looked like herself, and also that there was even room for some improvement. Maybe getting better reading glasses, and letting her hair grown longer… she could also trim her eyebrows a bit, and use some make-up. Seeing her boring black dress, she decided she could do with a better fashion sense too, in order to match the figure that was beneath.

But first, she had to plan a way to make this permanent, and for that she needed to pass on the message. She wouldn’t risk just making another note, one that could be displaced for years, like this one had. Maybe there was another, safer way to get sure people would read the message, and she could even chose who would! After all, she didn’t want someone who she disliked getting the same benefits as her.

She considered for a moment who should get it. It had to be one of her two best friends. After thinking hard for a minute, she decided that Greta was the most loyal and the one who deserved her gift the most.

Emma copied the sheet, word by word, on her phone and sent it anonymously to Greta as a text message.




  • So, because I love pedantry like this :

    3 days = 72 hours

    72 hours = Approximately 48 waking hours

    48 hours / (13) jumps/chain = 3 hours 41 minutes and 24 seconds per jump in the chain

    So, optimally each person has about that long to find another recipient for the note. In reality there will also be delays while waiting for the next person to read the note, such as during school hours.

    The interesting question is whether this will follow small world network rules. i.e. the letter will quickly spread among a group of trusted friends who all know each other, which will leave them feeling secure they’ll get the necessary 13 jumps in the chain easily.

    But they’ll be in real danger of running out of people to spread it to after the first seven or eight or so (the average number of close non familial relations in a social clique). Since the people who have it already would only think to send it again to one another.

    Emma could be in for a shock receiving the text back the next day because she hadn’t thought to include a list of who had already receive it.

    So it either burns itself out before reaching the finish line. Or everyone is biting their nails that it will be reversed only to scrape by with minutes to spare.

    Sorry, not trying to tell you how to write, just like posting my speculations. Cheers.

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