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Part of the Family

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Part of the Family

by Planet


Kristen had lived in a girls’ orphanage ever since she could remember. Now, finally, it seemed like her biggest dream in her 11 years of life had come true. She had a foster family.

The Hoopers seemed perfect, too. The couple was happily married, and both the father, Shaun, and the mother, Claudia, appeared to be the loving type. They also had a pair of children, both older than Kristen. Wanda was a pretty 19-years-old who had just started at the local college. She seemed very cool, and Kristen hoped she could be exactly like her when she grew up. Her brother, Chad, was 13, and though mischievous, he was very fun to be around. They even had a great house and a dog.

And yet, things hadn’t gone exactly as she had hoped in the two months she had been with the Hoopers. Yes, they always smiled at her, and fed her with tasty things and gave her gifts all the time, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong. No matter how much they tried, it was obvious to Kristen that she wasn’t a real part of the family. She was just there, sharing a house with them.

So that night, before falling asleep, Kristen voiced her heart’s desire.

“I wish I could be a part of this family. I want to find my place among them.”

Her eyes closed and she started dreaming of a happy life. Her real parents weren’t there, since she couldn’t remember them, and neither were the Hoopers. But her best friends from the orphanage were, laughing and sharing.



When Kristen woke up next morning, she immediately noticed something was different. For one, she wasn’t on her bed.

She was too groggy to get up immediately, but for what she could see from the pillow, she had somehow awakened in Wanda’s room. At least, it was mostly like Wanda’s room. Some of the posters on the wall were different, and there were a couple small details that were amiss. Maybe Wanda had redecorated? But how did that explain her being there?

Kristen was a bit more awake now and she sat on the bed, and her heart immediately skipped a beat.

Pushing in front of her chest there were a couple of extremely large breasts, held by a lacy black bra. Looking down with difficulty she saw that the rest of her body was similarly adult and curvy, and also clad in very suggestive lingerie.

She contained a scream in her hand, finding she had very long nails now. What had happened? Had she somehow been turned into Wanda? She looked down at her new breasts again, crossing her arms under them. They were enormous, and she knew her foster sister had very big boobies.

Kristen smiled timidly. She was very nervous and scared, but this was kind of cool too. She looked around to face the full mirror Wanda had on one of her walls and pulled up her hair to see herself better.

She wasn’t Wanda, but she wasn’t herself either. Instead, she was some kind of mixture of the two. Obviously, she was Wanda’s age, but her hair was dark blonde, a mixture of Kristen’s platinum blonde and Wanda’s brown locks.

Her face looked a bit like an adult version of Kristen’s, but with many of Wanda’s features thrown in. Even her eyes were green-brown instead of blue now. It looked like her height and built was almost exactly Wanda’s, though, including her trademark 34E-Cups.

“This is so weird.” Again, her adult voice was unfamiliar. Not quite Kristen’s, nor Wanda’s.

She remembered her wish of the previous night. To be a part of the family. Maybe she had been magically transformed into the Hooper’s third children? A twin to Wanda and that was why she looked so much like her now?

There was a purse on a chair, and she knew it was hers, just as the room was hers and not Wanda’s any more. She pulled out her ID, a bit confused by what she saw. The picture was that of her new self all right, and her age was listed as 19, but her name was Wanda Hooper. Not Kristen Hooper or anything else. Wanda. Had she somehow taken her place?

“Oh, no! Please, I didn’t want to erase her from existence!”

Maybe there was another explanation. She had to get out of her room and find out what had happened.

Of course, she felt very self-conscious about her current attire. Come to think about it, it was a strange choice for Wanda. Her nightwear usually looked more wholesome. Maybe this was what she used to wear privately, Kristen thought. Wanda was an adult after all, and maybe she had a wild side which she hadn’t noticed as a young girl. Somehow, her mind seemed suddenly open to understanding these things now.

Putting on some yoga pants and a diminutive blouse, she walked out to the kitchen. Mrs. Hooper was there, getting ready.

“Hello, Wanda, dear,” she said, apparently not noticing anything amiss. She kissed her, and Kristen noticed something she had never known before. Real maternal love. She was someone’s daughter now, and it felt great.

She had many questions, but then the rest of the family came out. There was her new Dad, who also kissed her, and her new bratty brother. And then, there came a little girl of about 11 and Kristen gasped.

So that was where Wanda was now. She could recognize her, despite her slightly lighter hair and young age. And yet, she also had a few of Kristen traits.

“This is awful,” she thought. “I’ve stolen her place in the family. I’m now the beloved biological daughter and she’s a foster child.”

But the new child –who answered to “Kristen”- didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong. She just sat to eat her breakfast, behaving exactly like Kristen would have.

The real Kristen, in her adult body, was very confused, but she also knew she had to go to college and it was getting late. She joined the others in their breakfast, but instead of eating her usual cereal, she instinctively pulled out a diet bar. She knew Wanda was prone to gain weight easily, and it seemed that this had become her problem now.

Meanwhile, the kiddified Wanda, who apparently idolized Kristen, kept asking her questions.

“How does it feel going to college? And is it cool to have boyfriend? How does a kiss feel?”

Kristen recognized her own behavior, but now she found it extremely annoying. She just rolled her eyes and thought instinctively:

“Shut up, brat. God, we should have left you at that orphanage.”

Kristen was horrified by her mean reaction, but she decided to let it slide. This wasn’t what Wanda really thought of her, was it?

After breakfast, she changed into something else and put on some makeup, which came very naturally to her. Then she left the house and was greeted by Tank, the small family dog, before getting into Wanda’s car. She was confident she would be able to drive as easily as she had used the makeup.

Indeed, she started the vehicle and drove to college, somehow knowing exactly where to go.

She arrived with a bit of delay, and her first class was about to begin, so she didn’t have any time to speak to her classmates, which she recognized anyway. She knew which ones hung with her and which ones didn’t, tough she was surprised to realize she didn’t actually like any of them.

The class itself was very boring, but Kristen had no problem at all understanding most of what was being said. She spent most of the time scribbling on her desk and trying to catch the guys who were stealing glances at her large cleavage.

When it was finally over, Kristen headed to the bathroom, accompanied by a girl called Julia, who Kristen thought of as her lapdog, even though she enjoyed her attention.

She was washing her face on the sink when one of the cubicles opened and another girl came out, her face a bit sour. Kristen recognized her as Leanne, and though she didn’t have any warm feelings towards her either, she knew they identified each other as best friends.

But when Leanne approached her, she did something Kristen wasn’t expecting. She slapped her hard across her face.

“I knew you were the biggest slut on campus!” she said indignantly. “But I thought I was off-limits. I was your best friend, you bitch!”

And she stormed out of the bathroom. Kristen was taken aback with what had happened, but somehow her Wanda visage didn’t show that. Instead, she shrugged indifferently.

“It looks like she found you stole Marcus right under her nose,” commented Julia.

Kristen couldn’t really place this particular incident in her memory, but she knew that her inner Wanda was very promiscuous. It looked like the good girl image she showed at home was not her real self at all.

“Is this really what I will be from now on?” thought Kristen, disgusted with herself.

The rest of the day was equally vitriolic. A lot of people seemed to hate her and those who acted like they did, as Julia, obviously did it out of pure hypocrisy. The worst thing was that Kristen couldn’t help acting on her spiteful instincts. She spent all of the time thinking awful things about everyone and trying to destroy their public images by spreading horrible gossip. She was becoming the ultimate bitch.

She wanted to get back home, but to her horror, she was invited to a party. Kristen wanted to get out, but her Wanda instincts made her accept. She soon had her first taste of alcohol, and not long after, she had abused it and she was completely wasted.

In retrospective, that was a lucky thing. She was sure that the logical end to that night was a boy taking advantage of her, especially with her current reputation. Fortunately, she was so drunk that another girl took pity on her and drove her home early.

Struggling in her inebriated state, she managed to get to her new room and slumped over her bed, with nothing but her lingerie and a letterman jacket on. Her last thought before passing out was that she didn’t want to see alcohol ever again.



Kristen woke up feeling much better than she thought. She had believed she would be nursing a hangover, but she felt healthy and full of energy. Then again, she realized she wasn’t in Wanda’s room, nor in her own.

She was in Chad’s.

“Oh, no” she said, getting up in a jolt and looking down at herself.

Or maybe we should say “himself.”

For Kristen was now a boy. A 13-years-old boy, just like Chad. She looked like a male version of herself, again mixed with some of the traits from her foster brother.

“This is so weird,” she said in her boyish voice.

She was a bit shorter than she had been as Wanda, but much bigger than she normally was anyway. Chad was the larger boy in his class. He wasn’t fat, but he was burly, and probably would have a brawny body-type in a few years.

This was the exact kind of shape that Kristen had now. Her shoulders were broad, her chest was wide. Her face was squarer and she had the very short hair that Chad had. She also could feel something inside her shorts, and she knew what it was.

“Ew… Gross, I’m a boy!” she lamented. Then again, she remembered how the previous day she had been a Wanda-lookalike, with big boobies and icky long hair, and her new male brain instead thought: “Nah, being a girl was gross. This is much cooler.”

She indeed felt a lot of energy, and she had always suspected Chad was a hyperactive kid.

“Maybe this is a second chance,” she thought. “I didn’t like being bitchy Wanda, so I get to be Chad.”

She got ready by simply changing her T-shirt and got downstairs to have her breakfast. Everyone was already sitting at the table, including Wanda, completely restored to normal, and a new 11-years-old girl. She chuckled when she realized she looked like a female, diminutive version of Chad.

“Hello, Kristen,” Kristen said teasingly.

The Chad/Kristen sitting at the table looked surly, but she didn’t say anything and just nodded.

This time, Kristen put a generous amount of chocolate on her bread and ate it enthusiastically. Then she was off to school in her new skateboard.

Kristen hadn’t been going to the same school as Chad, so this place was as new to her as Wanda’s college.

The first person who approached her once she was inside was a small, fearful boy who handled her some money.

“Here,” he said. “I didn’t bring any lunch today, but you can have my money. Please.”

Kristen didn’t understand what was happening. But when she looked at the boy again and saw his scared expression she just felt… satisfaction. Hating herself as she did it, she punched him aside violently.

“I hope you’re telling the truth,” she said. “I don’t want to see you eating anything today.”

It seemed that Chad was as much of a bully as Wanda. Indeed, when she got into class, another terrified kid, a girl, handled her a piece of paper.

“Here you have, Chad. Today’s homework. I swear it’s very good this time. Please don’t punch me.”

If as Wanda she had been uninterested in her classes, as Chad, she was positively a saboteur. She spent the next three hours hitting people with pieces of spit-soaked paper, telling crude jokes aloud and terrorizing her very nervous and ineffective teacher.

Again, Kristen couldn’t help herself when she did those things. Her Chad instincts were just too strong.

When the bell rang, she headed to the bathroom with a couple of her new mates. There were two boys in there, but Kristen pushed them out, advantaged as she was by her superior size.

“See what I got today,” said one of the bullies who were with her.

He pulled out a pornographic magazine from his backpack.

“Look at this one.”

Kristen watched the exceedingly busty women with a lot of interest. Just yesterday, she had been built pretty much like her, but now as a male teenager, she found their bodies fascinating. She felt an unfamiliar stirring in her loin.

The previous day, Kristen had Wanda’s sexual knowledge, which was vast and uninhibited, downloaded into her brain. Today, as Chad, she also had some awareness about sex that she didn’t have before, but this time it was much more juvenile and it didn’t come from personal experience.

She shrugged. It was normal that she liked girls now since she had been turned into a boy, but she didn’t want to get too lost into it. She came out of the bathroom and instead went to terrorize some more girls on the mess hall.

After returning home, Kristen decided to spend most of the afternoon playing video games. She had homework, but she didn’t care.

She chose the most violent game she saw, and rejoiced in the gore as she mauled her opponents mercilessly, all while eating the liberal quantities of soda and pizza she had ordered.

That night, she went to sleep, deciding her days as Chad Hooper had been as awful as when she had been his sister. She quietly wondered if she would swap into somebody else again or if, this time, she would be stuck. Maybe she would be Chad forever.

She hoped not.



The next morning, Kristen woke up earlier than usual, and she immediately knew she had indeed transformed again. She was in her foster parent’s bedroom and, judging by the side of the bed she was in, she realized she had turned into Mr. Shaun Hooper.

Indeed, when she turned, she saw her foster mother, now her wife, sleeping beside him. She quietly got on her feet and walked into the couple’s bathroom.

“Whoa,” she thought, facing the mirror.

She looked somewhat like an adult version of the boy she had been yesterday. As 44-years-old man, Kristen felt like a giant. Both when she had turned into Wanda and Chad, she had gotten taller than she normally was, but now she was over 6 feet tall, not to mention very well-built. She wasn’t wearing anything but her briefs, and she could see her muscular arms, legs and torso, all covered by hair.

She flexed one of her biceps, marveling at how much they bulged, and she let out a manly chuckle. She nervously touched the protuberant Adam’s apple on her throat.

“I feel so powerful,” she said aloud in her new deep voice. “Chad was a weakling in comparison.”

Her masculine face had a few wrinkles, but it was well-kept, and she had short, grizzled hair, as well as some coarse stubble. She looked handsome, as much as Mr. Hooper had always looked to her, even if her new features weren’t exactly his.

There was a somewhat unpleasant smell coming from her hairy armpits, and she decided to take a shower. Pulling down his underwear, she was amazed at the size difference between his current manhood and what she had as a preteen boy. Yesterday, when she was Chad, she had desperately avoided seeing her boy parts, but she hadn’t been able because she needed to pee twice (doing it standing up had been a fascinating experience), but today she felt strangely proud of herself and her large… penis.

She didn’t even bother to cover himself as she walked back to the bedroom. Mrs. Hooper was already awake and she walked towards Kristen and kissed her fully in the mouth. She responded, feeling an immediate attraction for her new wife. Though she was well into her forties, Emma Hooper was still a very sexy woman. Kristen’s manhood also responded, feeling much different than the juvenile reaction she had as Chad when she had seen the adult magazines. Mrs. Hooper smiled and she stroke it gently.

“Oh, no, she’s supposed to be my foster mother!” Kristen thought in horror, though she was also excited.

Luckily, after that, she just turned around and went downstairs to prepare breakfast. Kristen put on her clothes and followed her, ready to see who had taken her place.

It was a funny sight, seeing Mr. Hooper not only as a female version of himself, but also such a young one. Kristen couldn’t help but rumple his/her hair playfully before eating his breakfast and hurrying out for work.

Driving was even easier with Shaun’s years of practice than it had been as Wanda, and when Kristen arrived to her new workplace, she was received by a young, curvaceous secretary.

Kristen’s eyes immediately studied her figure, but a quick survey of her new memories told her that, while Shaun found her desirable, he truly loved his wife and would never cheat on her.

“Incredible,” thought Kristen surprised. “Someone in this family who is who I think he was. I thought they were all phonies.”

But as the workday progressed, Kristen would come to regret that thought. For though Shaun Hooper was a faithful husband, it also became abundantly clear to Kristen that he was stealing money from his company through discrete channels.

The worst part of all, at least for Kristen, came when Mr. Hooper’s counselor, who was clearly in on the scam, came to visit her at her office. They drank whisky and discussed their shady business.

“So, about the foster kid…” the counselor said, and Kristen’s heart leaped.

“What about her?”

“Your family is still under review, but I’m confident you’ll pass. You’ll be allowed to legally adopt her if everything goes well. So keep the charade for now. Treat her better than your own children.”

Kristen remained silent, heartbroken. So, that was why they were being so overly nice to her?

“Then,” continued the counselor, “a few months after the adoption, our associates will conveniently “discover” who the girl’s biological parents were, and how she is the heir of a big fortune. And of course, since she’s a minor, you’ll get it all as planned.”

Kristen wanted to cry in horror. But she currently had Mr. Hooper’s cold demeanor, so she simply nodded.

“Fine. Keep me informed.”

It was late when she arrived home, still feeling worse than ever before. Claudia was waiting for her at bed, wearing a very sheer nightie.

Again, Kristen tried to look through Shaun’s memories to better understand the situation. Was Mrs. Hooper in on the plot too? But no. Though Shaun had told both Wanda and Chad to be extra nice with her in order to get her money, his wife didn’t know anything about his plans. Which meant her motherly affection was real.

Kristen felt moved. She felt a surge of love for Mrs. Hooper which, coupled with the sexual attraction she felt for her at that moment, translated into a passionate kiss.

“I might be a shitty man right now,” thought Kristen. “But I’m also this beautiful woman’s husband. And I want her.”

Claudia helped her undress and Kristen didn’t hold any longer. She made love to her wife as if she had done it hundreds of times.

Later, when they were done and went to sleep, Kristen pondered about her situation. So her real parents had been rich, whoever they were. And she was some kind of goldmine for Mr. Hooper. If she ever returned to her own self, she would need to tell Mrs. Hooper this. Maybe she would help her.

Then again, she thought, looking at her sleeping wife, in all probability, she would spend the next day as her.



When Kristen woke up, she wasn’t on a bed. She was sleeping on the floor, in the house’s porch.

That, combined with the bizarre sensations from her body, made her sure of what had happened.

“Oh, no, I’ve turned into Tank!” she thought. As if yesterday hadn’t been emotionally draining enough, now she had to spend time as the family dog.

She got up on her four feet. The now somewhat familiar feeling between her legs told her that, just like Tank, she was a male dog.

But unlike Tank, who had been a small terrier, Kristen was huge. Just like she hadn’t transformed into exact physical copies of Wanda, Chad or Shaun, but rather into her own version of them, she also had become a different dog than Tank, which even translated into a different breed.

She approached the glassy surface of a door to see her reflection and was surprised to see a well-muscled, black and tan adult dog with powerful square jaws and long, scary teeth. She recognized herself as a Rottweiler.

“This is so weird,” she said aloud, but only a deep growl and a bark came out of her snout.

She had just realized that she was seeing in black and white –it had felt natural at first-, but at the same time, all of her senses were so well developed that she could perceive the world in a totally different fashion. Particularly, her sense of smell was so powerful that it felt almost magical.

For the first time in her life, smells weren’t simply pleasant or unpleasant, but they made her aware of thousands of little things without ever seeing them, like the exact amount of pigeons that were in the roof, or what the neighbor just had for breakfast.

Kristen entered to the house by the backdoor, to find the family eating. She saw Tank, transformed into a human young girl. Tank/Kristen had large eyes and fluffy dark hair, just as he had when he was a dog. He seemed very happy, and Kristen was glad that at least someone had enjoyed the chance of being her.

In turn, despite the loss of her humanity, Kristen had to admit she wasn’t having a bad day either. Unlike the other insincere relationships, everyone in the family seemed to authentically love the dog.

But after a while, everyone went away, either to work or to school, and Kristen was left alone with nothing to do except swallowing her tasty Doggie Snacks. When she started to get bored, though, she decided to sneak out of the house to have something to do. If she had felt hyperactive as Chad, it was nothing compared to the adrenaline she got as a Rottweiler.

As a human, Kristen had to admit she was a bit scared of any dog bigger than the former Tank. There was a particularly aggressive one in the neighborhood, a Boxer who barked furiously at her every time she passed before its fence.

“Let’s see who is scared now,” she thought happily, running towards the Boxer’s house.

The poor brown dog was resting and got up with a start when Kristen approached it with her teeth bare, barking threats and placing her imposing black body in front of the Boxer.

The neighbor’s dog was indeed scared. It lowered its head and started to whimper. Kristen was taken aback when she realized she could understand what it was saying.

“Please don’t attack me!” it kept repeating.

Wow. Kristen could talk to animals now. That was kind of cool.

“Stop scaring children and I’ll leave you alone!” she barked angrily and turned back.

Pleased with herself, Kristen backed away. She was wondering what to do next when she heard something calling her from above.

“Hey, Kristen!”

She looked up to see a white cat sitting on a low tree branch. It was an incredibly beautiful female cat. She had never seen one so pretty. Still, her canine instincts told her that she should chase it. Then, she realized that the cat had called her “Kristen”, not “Tank”.

“Wait, do you know who I am?” barked Kristen.

The cat jumped in front of her with grace and she meowed gently, but of course she could understand her perfectly.

“You’re Kristen, the Hooper’s foster daughter.”


“I’m the one responsible for your transformations. You made a wish to be a part of the family, to find your place among them. I granted it to you.”

“But… aren’t you a cat?”

“I’m a goddess of Justice. We seldom interfere with the lives of mortals, but from time to time, we listen to children’s requests. Animals are even more attuned to us, and they speak frequently with me, like you’re doing now.”

Kristen didn’t know what to say. The last few days had been bizarre, but this… She sat in the pavement with the cat goddess.

“I’m not sure I understand how this wish works,” she admitted finally. “I know I’ve been changing to take each of their places, but…”

“You’re experiencing their lives to find what place in the family you desire. Tomorrow, you shall become Claudia Hooper. Then, the next day, I’ll appear to you again, maybe in this form, maybe in another one. And you’ll have to make your choice. You’ll have to decide which one of their places you want to take.”

“Do I have to be one of them? Can’t I just be… me?”

“Wishes often don’t come true in exactly the way you thought.”

“But… It’s just… None of them have been… They aren’t whom I believed they were.”

“You still have one more trial tomorrow.”

Kristen nodded, hoping Mrs. Hooper life would live up to her expectations. It was her last chance.

The cat bowed its head and turned around.

After that, Kristen was too nervous, so she returned home. By night, the family returned, all of them greeting her and scratching her ears. When it was late enough, she returned to the porch and fell asleep.



It felt good being human again, was Kristen’s first impression as she woke up the next morning. She was at the Hooper’s main bedroom once more, though now she was resting in the opposite side of the bed.

She was also a female for the first time since her day as Wanda, and that was also a welcome thing. Of course, instead of being a perky teen girl, this time she was a 45-year-old woman.

“That’s SO old,” she thought. Ironically, this was the best chance she currently had, and she hoped she could take it.

She got on her feet. Her new husband was already out of bed and on the bathroom. As usual, he was an early riser.

Kristen got a good look at her aged form on the bedroom’s mirror and gasped. Despite being an older lady, she was still very beautiful. Mrs. Hooper had always been a good looking woman, and that attribute had been inherited by Kristen now.

Again, her hair and features were a mix of her own and Claudia’s. Though there were some lines on her face, she looked ravishing, and though her figure felt a bit more tired, she was still in an incredible shape.

“I can’t believe this body has been pregnant… twice,” she said in a raspy voice.

She walked down to prepare breakfast for the rest of the family, and she smiled when she saw Mrs. Hooper as a young girl.

When Mr. Hooper came, he grinned at her and kissed her in her lips, but she didn’t feel any of the thrill she had felt as him. Maybe Claudia was falling out of love with him.

“Serves him right,” she thought. “Maybe she’s starting to see him for what he is.”

After that, she took a bath of her own and drove to the children’s benefit association Claudia was a member of.

As she gave a heartfelt speech, Kristen felt very proud of being Mrs. Hooper. She was a good woman. How could she have such a terrible family?

Once the benefit speech was over, and after lunch, she received a message from someone named Jonathan. It just sad “106”.

Kristen didn’t know what it meant, but she decided to follow her Claudia instincts to find it out. She drove home, which was now empty, and changed her clothes. She put on extremely high silver heels and the sexiest blue dress she had, which hugged her mature curves.

“A business meeting, maybe?” she thought. “I’m surely excited about dolling-up this time.”

But she didn’t drive to Claudia’s office, but rather to a fancy hotel. It was obvious that “106” was a room, and once she knocked that door, a man came out and kissed her.

“Oh, my God, she is cheating on Shaun!” she thought as she kissed her lover passionately, feeling all the pleasure that her husband didn’t give her. Still, as she remembered what Mr. Hooper was doing, she thought that maybe he deserved it.

That’s when she noticed who the man was. He was the counselor who had advised Mr. Hooper about his shady transactions. She hadn’t realized it at first because he looked much different to her. When she had been Shaun, Jonathan had been just another boring-looking guy. As Claudia, though, she could appreciate how strong and good-looking he was. He was also younger than her.

“This family is sick,” she thought, but even then, she couldn’t help but kiss him again and drop her dress.

Making love as a woman felt much different than it had as a man. She took off her wedding band while she was doing it, feeling nothing but contempt for Shaun.

After that, they returned to the balcony and looked at the sea. Kristen lit up a cigarettes as her lover laid beside her. She hadn’t even known that Claudia smoked, but it felt natural to her right now.

“So, I visited your loser of a husband a couple of days ago,” said Jonathan.

“Yeah?,” answered Kristen, wanting to add: “I know. I was him that day.”

“He still thinks you’re such a saint,” he went on. “He believes you don’t know anything about his plans with the brat, and that you’re just such a good mother…”

Oh, no. Kristen had never felt so bad in her entire life. But she chuckled along Jonathan.

“The adoption plan is coming nicely. He’s doing his part too. I’m sure that with your contributions to that benefit association, you won’t have any trouble getting the girl. And then her money.”

Claudia’s true nature suddenly revealed before Kristen, she now had full access to her memories.

“Then we’ll just take care of Shaun,” she said, and Jonathan nodded enthusiastically.

“That idiot isn’t even covering her tracks properly. We can’t risk it to happen before the adoption, but once that’s done, we’ll snitch on him. He’ll spend a long time in jail for all that money he stole from his company.”

They laughed again, and Kristen felt like dying.

She drove to her workplace that afternoon, waving to one of her colleagues as she passed the reception.

“Stop smiling, you fake bitch,” thought Kristen, unable to do it.

Once in her private office, she uncorked a wine bottle and swallowed it all in a matter of minutes. She hated this. All of her life was a lie. Nobody loved her. She had landed the worst family in the world. And tomorrow, she had to become one of them for good.

Then again, maybe there was one escape. She went through the rest of the day as an automaton, wanting nothing more than falling asleep, so that this could end.



It was disorienting for Kristen, waking up in her room, not to mention in her regular, 11-years-old body. She got up and patted herself, feeling incredibly small and flat. Maybe… it had all been a long dream?

But it had felt so real. She dressed and went downstairs to have her breakfast. Everyone was already sitting at the table, even Tank was eating from his bowl.

She felt very nervous, but everything seemed normal. Yet, she could remember the sensations of the last few days too well. It couldn’t have been a dream. Which meant the people around her were truly horrible.

They had all almost finished their respective meals when a strange kind of silence invaded the kitchen. All plates and glasses vanished from the table, leaving only the dumbfounded family sitting around each other.

And then a woman dressed in white appeared in front of them. She was very beautiful. Indeed, Kristen had only seen something so enchanting once, and that had been the white cat. So this had to be the Goddess in a human form.

Everyone seemed dumbfounded, but they were apparently unable to speak or rise from their seats. They looked at the Goddess as she addressed Kristen directly.

“Your five days of trial are over. Have you reached a verdict?”

“I… I have.”

“What’s this?” Mr. Hooper finally asked.

Kristen thought the Goddess wouldn’t answer, but she did.

“You might remember some strange experiences from the past few days. Each of you woke up in the morning as a little girl and took Kristen’s place while she took yours. You might have dismissed it as a dream, but it was not.”

“Wait, they were aware of what was happening?” asked Kristen.

“Yes, but they weren’t able to act on it.”

“So that was real…” muttered Wanda. All of the Hoopers seemed horrified.

But the Goddess didn’t pay them any more attention. She looked at Kristen again.

“You’ve reached a decision, then. What should your role in this family be?”

Kristen took her time.

“It’s not what I would wish for, but if I have to choose one of them, then I’ll have to be Tank. They truly love him, but that’s not the only reason.”

“What is it, then? I guess you know this is a very unconventional choice.”

“I know, but it’s the only one that I can bear. You see, the Hoopers are horrible people. They’re bullies, liars, thieves. Tank is just a dog, but he’s the only one who’s decent. And I prefer losing my humanity than… Well, actually I think being one of them would actually mean losing my real humanity. They don’t know anything about goodness. While Tank is pure.”

The Goddess just stared at her. But Kristen kept talking.

“Also, though they are evil, I am not. I’ve come to hate them, but I won’t condemn any of them to lose their identities and take my place, that of an unloved girl. So this is the only way I won’t hurt anyone, because I think Tank would actually enjoy being human, won’t you, boy?”

The terrier barked happily.

“You’ve seen their ugly side and still you won’t punish them?” said the Goddess, impressed. “You truly have a heart of gold, Kristen. Also, you would rather be an animal than live a despicable life. Those are two truly noble reasons for your choice. And that’s why I won’t respect your decision. You don’t deserve to be a dog. In fact, you don’t deserve to be a part of this family at all. From now on, you’re free from them.”

Kristen felt a warmth inside her and she realized she could get up from her chair now. She did so and she looked down at the scared Hoopers.

“Now, about the four of you…” she said, and they shrank in fear. “Kristen said she wouldn’t punish you, but I shall. I’m a Goddess of Justice after all.”

They started to protest, but she lifted a finger and they were immediately silenced.

“So, I think you’ll have to learn a few lessons, and some changes will be needed for that,” she looked at Kristen and winked. “Let’s reshape the Hooper family.”

She pointed at Wanda and Chad.

“Let’s start with the children, so young and already so rotten.”

The Goddess flicked her fingers and the siblings started to change. Both of them seemed to get a bit shorter than they currently were, but that was the only similarity in their transformations.

Wanda’s voluptuous frame was getting straighter by the second. Her large chest deflated completely as she became extremely skinny. Her complexion was getting ridden with acne, and her face was quickly losing her good looks. Her hair became short as a pair of glasses materialized over her nose. She had become a weak-looking, unattractive teen boy of about 13.

“Ew, I’ve got a dick!” she said in a nasal voice, clawing her crotch.

Conversely, Chad was getting feminine and as curvaceous as his sister had been. His hair got long, reaching his flaring hips, just as new breasts exploded on his short frame and got enormous, much like his sister’s. His increasingly girly face looked surprised, and then his plaid shirt opened up revealingly.

Just like Wanda, he still had a subtle resemblance to himself, but looked much different overall. He was now a sexy 19-year-old young woman. They had practically swapped places.

“What did you do?” moaned Chad, cupping his gigantic breasts.

“What you deserved,” declared the Goddess. “From a very young age, you’ve been using your budding masculinity and size to intimidate others. Those you deemed weak.”

Chad lowered his head, feeling very weak indeed. Despite his increased age and pronounced curves, he had turned into a very tiny girl, barely any taller than 11-years-old Kristen. He would have trouble maintaining his dominance now.

“You weren’t nice to girls either,” continued the Goddess. “You never respected them and that was sure to make you into the worst kind of man there is. That’s no longer the case. You will have to learn to fight for respect. Or, you can be just like your sister was, and disrespect yourself.”

At that, she turned to face Wanda.

“This can actually be a good learning experience for you too. You thought you could go through life on your looks alone, but now you’ve lost them. You were also a spiteful person, but now that you look like this, you’ll learn the dangers of that behavior.”

Wanda’s bespectacled eyes teared up. The Goddess was now facing the parents.

“You are both old enough, so it’s quite late for you to learn a lesson. You shall simply be punished, and much more severely.”

Another fickle of her fingers and Mrs. Hooper started to change. She became larger, masculine. She was putting on some weight and getting balder. Unlike her husband, she wasn’t going to be a handsome man.

“No, please no!” she pleaded.

“Silence! You were a hypocrite, Claudia Hooper. You pretended to love when you thought only about yourself. Even with his faults, at least your husband truly cared about you. And yet you were betraying him, weren’t you? Not merely cheating, but also leaving a crumb trail that would lead him to prison.”

“Is this true?” asked a hurt Mr. Hooper.

“Yes, she did,” confirmed the Goddess. “Except now that she’s in your place, this trail will lead to her capture. No she will go to prison very soon.”


Claudia held his bald head in desperation.

“And as for you…”

Mr. Hooper tried to interrupt the Goddess.

“Please don’t! I don’t want to be the wife!”

But he wasn’t turning into a woman. White hair was erupting across his body as he shrank. In seconds, there was a diminutive Poodle where he had stood, barking shrilly.

“Yes, you loved your wife, but that doesn’t redeem you. You were a petty thief. You stole more than money. Your plan with this girl,” the Goddess pointed at Kristen, “was pure evil. You deserve to spend the rest of your life like this. You won’t be hurting anyone now.”

The Goddess walked towards Tank, who was very attentive to the whole situation.

“You might deserve an upgrade, though,” she said gently.

Tank started to get larger and human-like. His dark fur was receding, except on the top of his head, where it was getting longer. He got up on his two hind legs as his red collar turned into a dress. Soon, a full-figured woman was standing on the kitchen.

“Thank you for this,” the former dog said in perfect English, “This feels much better!”

“You shall use each other’s names now,” said the Goddess. “So, Tank, you’re Claudia now. I’m sorry to leave you with this family, but at least you’ll enjoy your humanity. And with your husband gone to jail soon enough, you’ll be a good enough mother to try and help those two to mend their ways,” she pointed at the new Chad and Wanda.

Kristen hadn’t enjoyed the punishment session. She had tried to spare them, but the Goddess of Justice was fearsome. There was nothing she could do for the Hoopers.

“We should go,” said the divinity, holding Kristen’s hand.

“Good luck, my girl,” said the new Claudia, just as they vanished.

Kristen and the Goddess reappeared on a deserted hall. The girl recognized it at once. This was her orphanage.

“So, I’m back here,” she said, not sure about how she was feeling.

“For now,” said the Goddess. “But, Justice isn’t only about punishment. It’s also about rewards. And you deserve one.”

“I thought my reward was getting free from the Hoopers.”

“Well, yes, but I thought you might ask for something else.”

Kristen thought for a while. Then she finally said:

“What was the deal with their adoption plan? I never understood…”

“You real parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dolloway, were very rich,” the Goddess explained. “They died in a car crash, but everything was incinerated. You were just a baby and it was believed that you had died too. But you had been thrown away from the crash site and you survived. Sadly, a crazy vagrant took you and you were never found. A few days later, you ended up at this orphanage and your real identity was never discovered.”

Kristen nodded. She didn’t care about the money, but it was sad that she had never gotten to know her biological parents.

“Thank you. Knowing this truth shall be my reward, then,” she said.”

“You’re so humble!” said the Goddess, impressed, yet a bit exasperated. “Even when I give you this chance you ask for so little!”

“It’s just… Last time I made a wish, it didn’t turn out as I thought it would. And now, I just wish… to be able to be with them.”

“Oh, honey, the first real thing you ask from me and I can’t give it to you. Not now. Death is something that not even a Goddess of Justice can reverse. But one day, when you’re very old, you’ll see them again.”

“That’s good enough for me,” agreed Kristen.

“Then, since you’re not asking for anything else, I’ll decide what the reward will be. And I think you’ll find it satisfactory.”

“I accept whatever you wish to give me.”

“But first I want you to get your friends and bring them here.”

Kristen nodded and hastened upstairs. In less than five minutes she was back on the hall, accompanied by three girls of about her same age. They were Kristen’s best friends at the orphanage: the raven-haired sisters Dinah and Lydia, and the mischievous Francesca, wearing one of her usual baseball caps.

“Could you at least tell us what is so urgent?” asked the serious and rather stern Lydia.

“Later, there’s no time!” answered Kristen, turning to the Goddess. “Here they are!”

“Uhm… Are you talking with the air?” asked the bubbly, girlish Dinah, her dark pigtails dancing as she giggled.

“They can’t see you?” wondered Kristen.

“No,” said the Goddess, “Nor hear me. As I told you, animals can communicate easily with us. It’s much harder with humans, even children, and I already made a big effort to do it with the Hoopers, and now with you. And since I’m about to perform a big piece of magic, I’m saving energies.”

Kristen nodded, curious about what was about to happen.

“Now I’m about to transport the four of you out of here. You won’t see me again in your mortal life. As I told you, one day, when you’re very, very old, you’ll be reunited with your parents. And you’ll be able to see me then too.”

Kristen felt a bit apprehensive, realizing she was hearing about her own death, however distant it was.

“You’ll be transported into your parent’s house. Since their death, the manor has been uninhabited, and has passed into the government’s hands. I’ll take care of things so that you can reclaim it and all of their assets. It shall be your new home, and you’ll need your friends with you.”

“I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You don’t need to, just remain good and fair for the rest of your life. Whenever justice is service, I’m happy enough.”

Kristen smiled and the Goddess vanished. But then there was a blinding beam of light and her surroundings changed.

She and her friends were standing in the middle of a field, it seemed. Looking around, she realized she was actually in the vast grounds of a mansion so enormous and beautiful that she felt like she had been transported into a Downtown Abbey episode.

“Kristen?” asked a very scared Francesca. “What did just happen? Where are we?”

“We’ll live here now. I’ll explain everything in a moment.”

But as she took a deep breath to start her story, there was another flash and Kristen felt as if she had been hit by a lightning.

She felt very disoriented, and her friends were screaming again. She seemed unharmed, though. Until she realized that she was growing larger.

“Ah! Kristen, you’re changing!”

Kristen had already been in other bodies, but she had always awakened already inside them. This time, she was experiencing an actual metamorphosis, much like the Hoopers had, and it felt wonderful.

She was already much taller than all her friends, and she knew she was getting older too. Her face was shifting and her body felt ready to enter puberty. Her stretched clothes also changed. Her pants became tight, fashionable jeans, her sandals sprouted stiletto heels and her red blouse altered into a silky, plunging one which exposed a great amount of cleavage when her chest suddenly developed a massive pair of breasts.

They were only slightly smaller than Wanda’s, but they felt much better. They were firmer and rounder, and sat higher on her chest, and felt much more proportionate since she was a lot taller than her. Meanwhile, her blonde hair grew fuller and makeup appeared on her adult face. She felt great, but her head was buzzing a little.

“You got older, Kristen!” said an impressed Dinah. “And you look so pretty!”

“Pretty?” asked Francesca. “She’s hot! She looks like a supermodel, or something.”

“I— I do?” wondered Kristen, were large blue eyes widening even more. Her grown-up voice was pleasant, much sweeter than Wanda’s or Claudia’s had been.

“Why did you grow?” asked Lydia. “Did you know that was going to happen?”

“No, but it makes sense,” said Kristen.

The Goddess had told her that she was to inherit her birthright, and she could only do that if she was of legal age.

“Are more weird things going to happen?” asked Dinah, both worried and thrilled.

“I’m not sure. I think…”

But she couldn’t finish her sentence and another lighting had hit Francesca.

She just looked at her friends, shocked and almost petrified.

“Please tell me that the same thing is happening to me,” said Francesca with a voice full of hope.

“It is!” said Lydia. “You’re growing too!”


Francesca looked down, delighted, as her whole self-started to expand. She was getting taller but at a much slower rate than Kristen had, and when she stopped growing, she was about a head shorter than her. Her face was maturing too, as was her body. She developed breasts, which also got to be much smaller than Kristen’s. Her hips and buttocks, though, were getting as large, if not a bit larger, as her jeans reduced into very short shorts.

“Questo è impressionante!” she yelled as she laughed. Like many girls at the orphanage, Francesca was a foreigner, and she still spoke a lot in her native Italian and had a thick accent.

Her white blouse also got a bit skimpier, but her baseball cap remained unchanged. Her head was buzzing, and she held it with a hand, noticing her fingernails were panted in red now.

She turned around to see her friends, breathing hard. She had also become a very beautiful woman.

“I don’t know what happened. But I like it,” she said sultrily, patting at her enlarged body.

“Are we all going to become grown-ups?” asked Dinah happily.

“M-maybe. I don’t know the details,” admitted Kristen.

They all waited silently for a few seconds, and since nothing else happened, they walked towards the house. Kristen found a red purse in front of the door, which perfectly matched her blouse.

“I guess that’s mine, then,” she said, and picked it up. She searched through it and found an electronic key, which allowed them access to the manor.

It looked quite clean, not at all like an abandoned place. They marveled at the marble floors and elegant woodwork, and ran upstairs to the first balcony they found.

As soon as they were outside again, though, another lightning struck, right over Lydia.

She squirmed a bit as her yellow blouse started to get tighter. It was soon evident that she was getting to be taller than Francesca and just a bit shorter than Kristen, about 5’10’’.

Her straight and short hair cascaded down in seconds, almost to her waist, and her round face became thin, angular and bold, with full lips and a long nose, sharp eyelashes and brows and attractive catty eyes.

Lydia’s sinuous arms were straining her sleeves, which receded until they disappeared as her t-shirt changed into a halter top. Her neckline was getting lower and lower, revealing the beautiful cleavage of the large breasts that violently emerged a second later.

She looked very different, but still like the no-nonsense, stern girl she had always been. She regarded her mature body with a calm, measured look, and when she spoke, she did it with a serene, very deep voice.

“We must be at least eight or nine years older.”

Kristen nodded silently, while Dinah was beside herself.

“You look so beautiful, sis! Why doesn’t this happen to me too?!”

“Patience. I guess it will,” said Lydia.

There was another flash of light just then, but it hadn’t hit Dinah. Instead, they saw a group of little girls walking below the balcony, beyond where Lydia was standing. They had just suddenly materialized there.

“Who are those kids?” asked Francesca, confused.

Kristen shrugged as they retreated from the balcony, intending to find more about what was happening. Once inside, Dinah’s turn to change finally came, following the last flash.

“Yes! It’s happening, it’s happening!” she yelled merrily, jumping up and down.

She had been the youngest of them all, only 10, and thus her transformation appeared even more staggering. Her little, skinny body seemed to blow up from the inside out, stretching her small brown dress beyond its limits, ripping it at parts.

Dinah’s hair was as black as her sister’s, but a bit wavier. It was getting fuller by the second, and it snapped out of her two pigtails, changing into a stylish peak-a-boo hairdo.

She wasn’t becoming as tall as Kristen or Lydia, and rather had an average height, like Francesca, but her body was probably the most voluptuous of the group, with an hourglass shape that would make a guitar envious. Her hips and backside were enormous, and her DD-cup breasts were doing their best to burst out of her dress before it also changed to contain them.

“Hehe. This feels funny,” she said. Her voice was still high and playful, but unmistakable mature.

Similarly, her face retained some childish innocence even as it got more seductively adult. Her fuller lips turned crimson with gloss and her dark eyes got larger.

When it was over, she just looked down and ran into the first room on her left, which, as she guessed correctly, was a bathroom.

Her friends followed her and found her posing in front of a mirror, taking a selfie. Her phone had changed a lot from the very modest one she had, but its Hello Kitty case was still very Dinah-like.

The others also stared dumbfounded at their reflections for the first time. Kristen removed her red blouse to see the kind of body she was packing underneath.

The four of them were very beautiful, and she had a suspicion that the Goddess had helped them with that.

“Hey, look, it’s us,” Lydia said.

“I know it’s us,” retorted Francesca, not tearing her eyes from the mirror.

“No, not there, here. Look at this magazine I found next to the toilet.”

Kristen took it from her and saw a picture of the four of them in their new adult forms, posing in front of the mansion. She quickly ogled the article.


They might look like supermodels, but these four beauties are Angels of a very different kind.

Wealthy Kristen Dolloway, along with her friends Francesca Gianni and sisters Lydia and Dinah Bronson have taken over a dozen orphan girls to give them a better chance in life.

Ms. Dolloway -who like her partners was an orphan herself-, jumped into public notoriety after her Cinderella-like story a few years ago.

After being brought up in an orphanage with no clue as to her real identity, it was discovered that the girl was in fact the only daughter of the rich Damian Dolloway and his wife, who were killed in a car crash. Young Kristen was also thought to have perished, until she was discovered safe and sound by pure chance. DNA tests confirmed her identity, and as soon as she came of age, she reclaimed her family properties and vast fortune.

But rather than spending it on selfish pursuits, Kristen and her friends decided to use the money to give back to those who’ve also lost their families but are less fortunate.

Besides the young girls which they’ve been rising at the mansion, the charity is growing fast. The Miss Dolloway Association for Orphaned Children has donated over five million dollars just this year, and it’s expected to…


Kristen stopped reading, and saw that her friends were also seeing the article over her shoulder. They looked very confused.

“So,” she said, closing the magazine and sighing. “I was about to explain…”


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  1. BLZBub

    When you write long stories, I know I’m in for a treat and this was no exception. I agreed with Krysten’s decision, I would have picked the dog over all the other Hoopers as well. Sure was interesting to see them get their just desserts.

    The part about Krysten getting her house, fortune, and adulthood was fascinating, even if the rest was a bit out of the blue. Very good story.

    • bela04


      I agree the final part came a bit out of the blue. In my mind, this is almost like two different stories.

      When I first planned, it ended after the Hoopers were punished, but while I was writing it, I decided to give poor Kristen a reward too. And since she wanted to be part of a family, I threw in the friends and the foster kids she taking care of now.

    • bela04

      I appreciate your comment! Thanks for your words and I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Great story, I think this is my favorite so far.

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