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Orphaned (Side Story) – lostandwhatever

This story was prompted by a patreon request from an earlier poll, a side story set in the Orphaned universe featuring some male AR. Enjoy!


Just as Johnny was about to come, his phone rang.


“Shit,” he said between panting breaths. He leaned over and picked up his phone. “Damn.”


“What?” Kristen asked, looking up at him. “Who is it?”


“It’s my girlfriend. Just stay quiet.”


He took a moment to compose himself and answered the call. “Hey, baby. What’s up?”


He heard the sound of a sniffle and a light whimper. “They fired me,” his girlfriend said, sounding as though she were crying. “Those bastards.”


“They fired you?” he repeated so that Kristen could hear. She gave him a concerned look. “Amy, did they catch you?”


Another sniffle. “No,” Amy said.


He shook his head to reassure Kristen.


“They just shut down the program and let us all go without any warning,” Amy continued. “We all got an email saying we were fired. What the hell?”


“Oh, man,” he said in his most supportive voice. “I’m sorry to hear that baby.”


“Yeah,” she said. “Well, they made one mistake. They didn’t wait until I left the prison.”


“Were you able to get it?” he asked, trying not to sound too eager.


“Yeah,” she said. “I did it. I never thought I actually would, but I did it. I mean, fuck them. I grabbed a bottle of each of the drugs. I got them.”


“You got them both?” he said, smiling. Kristen smiled back up at him. “That’s great!” he said.


“Yeah,” Amy said. “They’re in my bag. I’m in my car in the parking lot right now, but I started crying, and I was worried, and I’m coming home right now.”


“Okay,” he said, getting up off of Kristen. “You sure you don’t want to take a minute or two to calm down before you drive here. I don’t want you getting into an accident.”


Amy blew her nose and said, “No, I’m fine now. I’ll be there soon.”


“Okay,” he said. “I’ll see you soon.”


Amy hung up.


“Shit,” he said, searching for his boxers. “You’ve got to go.”


Kristen was already getting dressed. “We shouldn’t have done this,” she said. “Not right now at least.”


“She wasn’t supposed to be home for hours.”


“It was sloppy,” Kristen said.


“When else are we going to get together that won’t make her suspicious?”


“It’s too late to argue about it now,” she said as she finished getting dressed and started looking for her shoes. “She did get both the Tabula Rasa drugs?”


“Yeah,” he said. “She’s bringing them here now.”


“Great,” Kristen said. “Take them from her tonight if you can. I’ll meet you at the office.”


“Got it,” he said.


“I can’t believe this is actually going to happen. With those samples, we’ll be able to catch up on years worth of research.”


“Get this,” he said. “They’re cancelling the program. That’s why she was fired.”


“Really?” Kristen said. “That’s great. We can duplicate their drug, and we won’t even have to worry about competing with them. Just a little corporate espionage and we’ll basically have a generic drug out before there’s ever going to be an original.”


“Think of the money,” he said, smiling.


“She’s going to make a lot of people rich,” Kristen said. “You did a good job with Amy, by the way. I didn’t think you would get her past the finish line on this. She must be head over heels for you.”


“I think she’s starting to suspect something,” he said, his smile being replaced by a concerned frown.


“Then, get the drugs and get out as soon as you can,” Kristen said. She walked out of the bedroom and headed downstairs to the front door.


“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” he said.


Kristen gave him a kiss and opened the door. “Don’t take too long,” she said. “I’ll be waiting for you.”


“I’ll be there,” he said, kissing her back.


She walked out, and he shut the door. Then, he hurried back to the bedroom to clean up.




Minutes later, he heard Amy’s car pull up the driveway. He had started on an impromptu workout to hide the real reason he was sweaty. She walked in and found him doing bicep curls in the living room. When he saw her, he stopped curling and set down the weights.


“Hey,” he said, walking up to her. “How are you?”


She gave him a strange, uncertain look, as if she did not recognize him at first. The bright excitement in her eyes that she had radiated whenever she saw him seemed to have dimmed. Apparently, she was taking the firing even worse than he had expected. “I’m… okay,” she said, distantly, as if she were describing the weather today.


Sensing that he needed to reassure her, he went to give her a hug, but she brushed past him to the stairs.


“I’m going to change clothes,” she said as she walked up. “I’ll be down in a minute.”


“Okay,” he said. He wondered why she was acting so strange. Of course, she had just been fired in addition to stealing a highly valuable drug from her former employer. That would be enough to make most people uneasy.


“Johnny?” she called down to him.


“Yeah?” he said.


“Let’s sit down at the kitchen table and talk.”


“Okay,” he said. “I’ll be waiting for you.”


He took a seat at the table and waited.


A minute later she came down the stairs and entered the kitchen.


“So,” he said. “You have it with you.”


“I do,” she said, walking around behind him. “I’ll give it to you soon. But first…”


Out of nowhere, her hand clamped down on his face, covering his mouth and nose with a cloth.


He tried to ask her what she was doing, but as soon as the fumes from the cloth entered his nostrils, he felt his body go limp just before losing consciousness.




Johnny came to, still sitting on the chair. “Amy?” he said. “What? Why?”


He went to stand up, but found that his hands appeared to be bound to the chair behind him, as were his ankles on the chair legs.


“I know…” Amy said, from behind him. “I know about her.”


“What?” he said, feeling a bit too drowsy to deal with this kind of accusation in any other way than playing dumb. “What are you talking about?”


“I’ve known for a little while now,” she said, still not stepping in front of him yet. “I came home early one day last week and saw her leaving the house. You pretended to be working out just like today.”


“It’s not what you think,” he said. “She’s working with me. She’s going to get us the money for the drug. She’s our partner.”


“That may be true,” Amy said. “Still, I know you were fucking her.”


“That’s… crazy.”


“I saw you two tonight,” she said. “I saw you kiss her at the door. I wasn’t in the parking lot when I called. I was just down the street, waiting, watching. I wasn’t crying because I was fired, which I was, by the way. I was crying… because of you.”


He struggled against the restraints, feeling confident that he might be able to get loose if he could get his coordination back. However, the chloroform, or whatever it was she had used on him, had not fully worn off.


“Don’t bother,” she said. “I’ve gotten quite good at securing patients before procedures. It’s part of the job when you work in a prison.”


“‘Procedures?’” he asked.


She walked in front of him at last. He saw she was wearing a sexy red dress, the one she wore to fine dinners and special occasions. Just when he had registered how strange her choice of clothing was, he noticed what she was holding in her hand.


“Why do you have a syringe, Amy?” he asked, hoping that she was just trying to scare him.


“It’s time to give you the drug,” she said, amused. “You wanted it. You wanted me to risk my future to get it. You begged for it. Now, you get to have it… straight into your vein.”


He could see that there was already liquid in the syringe. “Hold on a second, Amy. Please, listen to me. That other girl, she means nothing to me. I was only with her to try to get us a better deal for the drugs. I swear. I was using her.”


“If that’s true, then why didn’t you tell me about her?”


“I…” he tried to think of an excuse, anything to placate her. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I love you, only you. If you knew about her, I thought it would hurt you. I did it for you, for our love.”


Amy smiled and began to chuckle. The smile did not extend to her eyes, though. Instead, she had the intent eyes of a practiced sadist, just now sizing up her new victim, a cat with a mouse in her paws. “You know,” she said. “You’re damn sexy. Handsome, strong, that bad boy smile… I suppose I can forgive myself for taking so long to realize what you really are: a naughty little boy.” She approached him, lifting up the syringe.


“Wait!” he said and cringed and struggled to escape.


“Time to make that fact perfectly obvious to everyone.”


She caught hold of his arm and poked the needle into his skin with the calm dexterity learned from years of practice. Then, her thumb pressed down the plunger. It was done.


“No!” he cried as he felt the cool drug enter his bloodstream. She pulled out the needle and stepped back to watch the show.


Panic spread through him along with the regression serum. He had a moment of realization that he did not know what was about to happen to him. Up until now, the drug had only been an abstract idea to him, money in a bottle, a fortune waiting to be collected. Now, it was real. It was inside of him, and he could feel it starting to soak into his flesh, changing him on a cellular level.


“Here we go,” she said.


He felt himself begin to warm up. He sweated through every pour, but it was not cooling him down. He was only getting hotter and hotter. Soon the hellish heat had become unbearable, and he started crying out in pain.


“Is it hot in here?” she asked, mocking him. “Or, is it just you?”


He looked to Amy for help, for some kind of relief, but she just stood there watching, enjoying his suffering.


The endless stream of sweat soaked through his clothes and steamed off of him, as he began to feel his body melt away in the heat. His muscles softened and deflated. His bones shrank, losing length and thickness. His skin tightened over all of this disappearing flesh, squeezing out more and more of his body through his dripping pores, draining away his years.


Before he knew it, his restraints had loosened around his ankles and wrists. Escape was possible, but he had no energy to run. Besides, where was there to run to? The danger was under his own skin. There was nothing he could do but bear the pain until it was over.


“Going down,” she said.


His feet lifted off the ground as his legs became too short for the chair. The whole kitchen seemed to grow around him. Before him, there was Amy, who also appeared to be growing, becoming even more intimidating as his perspective lowered before her.


As he got smaller, the shrinking seemed to accelerate. He felt his little legs draw up inside of his pants as his too large shirt slipped down over a bony shoulder. Just when he thought his body had become impossibly small, it kept getting even smaller. Meanwhile, Amy had become a giant, looming above him, horrifying and strangely awe inspiring all at once. He whimpered and whined before her, his voice having lost all of its depth, leaving him sounding like a crying child.


“You poor little thing,” she cooed.


Still he shrank, his hands and feet becoming stubby and babyish, his legs too short to even hang over the edge of the chair anymore. He felt weak in a way he had no memory of experiencing before, feeble and helpless.


Just before he thought he might evaporate altogether. The heat died down inside of him, and he felt his melting flesh and bones begin to calm down and stabilize once more.


For a stunned moment or two, he sat there panting, trying to make sense of the strange sensations he felt now. Everything seemed wrong. The world was too big, or he was too small. His body was the wrong size, the wrong shape, the wrong everything. And, nothing had improved, even. Everything had gone backwards and gotten worse. He was younger, weaker, and smaller. His whole world, his whole life felt as though it had just evaporated in front of him. Now that the air had cleared, there was only Amy left standing there, looking down at him, smiling.


“Oh,” she cooed. “You… are…. adorable!”


Her giant hands reached for him, encircled his chest, and lifted him high into the air. He gasped, too shocked to resist. He could not remember the last time anyone had physically lifted and held him up like this, let alone a woman. He hung there motionless, as she held him up for a moment, adoring him, and then she grunted and said, “Oof, you’re heavier than I expected.”


She lowered him back down onto the chair and let him stand there. He supported himself with one hand on the back of the chair, fearful of the long fall from the chair. Even standing now on a chair, he found that he was still shorter than her.


“You’re bigger than I expected you to be,” she said. “I thought I had measured out a large enough dose to make you an infant. Did you lie about your age? You did, didn’t you? Naughty boy. I wonder if you ever told me the truth.”


“Amy, I…” he said or started to say, but it was not the voice he expected, not the one he heard everyday. It was a baby’s voice. It was in his throat now. It scared him to hear it there, scared him silent.


“Well,” she said. “To start with, let’s get you cleaned up.”


Again, she reached for him and began to lift him up, but he panicked at the thought of her powerful arms carrying him away. He began to kick and squirm his way out of her grasp.


“Whoa!” she said and lowered him to the floor to avoid dropping him. “Take it easy!”


As soon as his feet hit the tiles, he twisted free of her powerful hands and began to run out of the kitchen towards the front door. He stumbled after a few steps on his uncertain little legs. His soft baby feet seemed to get lost with every step, requiring his full concentration to keep upright as he made his escape. It did not help that his soaked T-shirt hung draped on him like a dress. He did not dare to look back as he was sure he would fall if he lost his focus even for a moment. As desperate as he was to get away and as fast as he was trying to run, he found the journey much longer than he had expected. The door was in sight, but it seemed to be taking forever for him to get to it.


Behind him, he heard Amy sigh and say, “Where are you going?” There was no trace of anger in her voice. She sounded impatient or a little irritated but hardly angry. “Do you really think you can get away now?”


He was not thinking logically. His mind was in fight or flight mode. Since fighting a giant woman was something too frightening for him to even consider, he was running. The door was right there. He would get to it and get outside and call for help. He was tunnel vision focused on that mission. However, as he got closer and closer to the door, a logistical problem became increasingly clear to him. The seemingly enormous house he was in had a seemingly enormous door that loomed ever larger as he approached.  When he had reached it at last, he found that the door handle was above his head. He reached for it, pulled it down with all his might, forcing it to turn, but the door did not budge. He looked up past the handle to see that the deadbolt had been locked. He reached for it, but it was clear that he would need a ladder to even come close to reaching it. He was just too damn small.


“Well?” Amy said. He spun around to look at her, staring down at him with her arms crossed, disapprovingly. She asked, “Did you get that out of your system now?”


He had no words.


“I’m the one in charge here,” she announced. “There’s no getting away from me. You’re going to do whatever I want, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”


He gazed up at her giant body and knew that she was right. Terror made his already weak knees buckle, and he dropped to the floor onto his ass.


“Now,” she said, reaching down for him. “Time for your bath.” Again, she lifted him up and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him to her chest as she carried him out of the kitchen and up the stairs to the bathroom.


She flipped on the lights and set him down on the bathroom countertop, with his toes resting just in front of the sink, where he could see himself in the mirror. She stood him there in front of her with her hands supporting him and said, “Just look at yourself.”


He did. It was hard to believe the baby in the mirror was him, but the only other person there was Amy, standing in her red dress, holding the baby upright.


“What do you think of your new look?” she asked him, smirking down at him.


The baby in the mirror could not have been even two years old, maybe only 18 months. To think that that was all he was now… He let out a sound that was part sigh and part moan, almost a whimper, a baby expression of general disapproval and despair.


“It’s OK,” she said. “No need to cry. It’ll wear off in… a few decades, I suppose.”


She lifted him up again, turned, and sat him down on the tiles. Then, she proceeded to turn on the water to fill the tub, carefully kneeling next to it in her fancy dress.


As Johnny watched her check the temperature of the water, he decided that he needed to speak to her now, no matter what his voice sounded like. The first thing to say was obvious enough. He needed to apologize. “I’m sowwy.”


She looked at him, and started chuckling at his childish pronunciation. “Please explain. Just what is it that you are ‘sowwy’ about?”


“I wied to you,” he said, feeling embarrassed by his own voice. “Pwease fogive me.”


“You mean that you were fucking some other bitch behind my back, in our own bed even. Is that what you ‘wied’ about?”


It was a strange situation, Johnny realized, as he mentally stepped back from what was happening. Here was a grown woman in a lovely red dress accusing a small toddler of infidelity.


“Yeah,” he said.


Amy sighed. “What’s her name? Who is she?”


“Kwisten,” he said. “She weawwy is gonna give us da money.”


“Hmm,” Amy said and waited quietly, deep in thought, as the tub filled high enough for a bath. When it seemed ready to her, she shut off the faucet and turned to him. “Hands up,” she said.




She gestured upwards. He held his hands up to shoulder height.


“Higher,” she said.


He raised his hands up over his head, and she swiftly grabbed his oversized shirt and pulled it up over his head and off of his raised arms. She was so quick that he felt his butt lift off the ground for a second. A moment later, he was naked.


He caught her looking at his crotch. He looked down himself and was mortified by what he found there. Then, he looked back at her and caught her smirking at him. He covered himself with his hands, but it was already too late. She had seen it, or at least, what was left of it.


Without another word, she grabbed him by the waist and lifted him up and over, setting him down in the warm water. She grabbed the soap and smiled down at him. “Let’s get you squeaky clean,” she said.




Later on, as she was toweling him dry beneath a towel that covered him completely, he tried not to think of the experience of her bathing him. Her enormous soapy fingers had not exactly been rough with him, but they had hardly been gentle. Then, there had been the tactile weirdness of feeling her touch him everywhere, not skipping an inch of his baby skin, as she had washed him thoroughly. As much as he had been trying to deny the horror of what had happened to him, her cleaning fingers had made it impossible to ignore his new body, as the sensation of her touch had only highlighted the pathetic shape of his new form.


He just wished that she would stop, let him go, leave him alone, if only for a second.


She lifted the towel from him and nodded, satisfied that he was dry enough. She hung up the towel and stooped down to lift him up again.


“Stop!” he yelled, causing her to pause.


His yell had been so harsh that she stood up again and waited for him to speak.


“I don’ wanna be cawwied anymoe” he said. “I can wawk.”


“Fine,” she said. “Follow me, then.” She walked back into their bedroom. He toddled in after her, realizing as he walked that his legs were even less stable than he had expected. He paused to regain his balance and looked at the bed, the same bed where he had been fucking Kristen earlier that evening. The mattress was too high for him to get onto now without climbing, and he doubted he had the strength to lift himself up on it.


Amy was digging around in a drawer. “Let’s find you something to wear,” she said. After a bit more searching she stopped and said, “Ah ha! Perfect!” She pulled out one of her own pink tank tops and held it up for him to see.


“B-but…” he said, but she ignored his objections and slipped it on over his head. It fit him like a dress, down to his ankles. Feeling even more humiliated, he said, “No.”


“It’s this or naked. Take your pick,” she said.


As much as he hated how girly it was on him, he preferred it over being naked. “Okay,” he said. “Fine.”


“Aw,” she said. “Is my little boy feeling pouty?”


“I’m not yuh widdle boy!”


She bent down to him, put a single finger on his forehead, and gave him a gentle push. It was enough to cause him to lose his already unsteady balance, and he fell backwards onto his butt.


“Come on, big strong man,” she said, stepping over him. “Let’s go downstairs and take care of some grownup business.”


He clambered back up onto his feet, steadying himself against the bed as he found his balance again. Then, he followed her out into the hallway. She hurried down the stairs and looked up at him from the bottom. He approached the edge of the staircase and was hit by a feeling of vertigo. He grabbed on to the banister to steady himself as he felt as though he might topple over and go tumbling down the stairs to his death.


“Well?” she said, smirking. “Aren’t you coming?”


He just stood there, staring at the edge of the precipice.


“What’s the matter?” she asked. “You scared?”


“Cawwy me,” he breathed, in a barely audible whisper.


“What was that?”


“Cawwy me!” he cried.


She smiled and came back up to get him. He did not resist this time. In fact, he held onto her as she carried him down. She deposited him on the couch in the living room, and they heard the sound of his phone’s ringtone coming from the kitchen.


“Ah,” she said. “I bet that’s your ‘Kwisten’ calling right now. She’s probably wondering why you’re taking so long.” She walked off to answer his phone.


He thought about protesting, demanding that she give him his phone, but he seemed to be running out of defiance. What was the point anyway? There was nothing he could do to stop her. All he had now was a voice, and it was a tiny, whiny one at that.


The ringtone stopped, and there was a pause as Amy listened to the phone.


“Johnny can’t come to the phone right now,” Amy said. “But, he’s told me all about you, Kristen, and about the deal.”


Again, there was silence as Amy listened.


“I have the drugs, and we can deliver them to you tonight. Now, about the money…”


Another pause.


“We would prefer cash if that’s possible,” Amy said.


More silence.


“Great,” Amy said. “We’ll be there within the hour.”


A moment later, Amy returned to the living room and set his phone down on the coffee table. Then, she took a seat on the couch next to him, and he felt the world tilt as her weight sank into the cushions.


She reached over, picked him up, and set him down on her lap. She let him lean back against her belly and chest as her breasts brushed against the top of his head. There they sat for a long minute, with her hugging him to her as he felt and heard the rise and fall of her breathing from within her enormous rib cage. He thought of how massive a person she had to be to have lungs that large. Then, he realized that she had all but encircled him in her body. Her flesh was beneath, behind, and above him, while her hands were wrapped around him. Amy was everywhere, inescapable. She was his world. He was left feeling some confused mixture of despair and awe.


“Johnny,” she said to him at last. “It’s time for you to make a choice. Because I once loved you, I’ll give you this last choice.”


He waited for her to explain.


“I have the other drug, the one that will make you forget your life, wipe away your memories, start fresh as an innocent baby.” He hands shifted to holding his arms, which she began to manipulate as if he were a doll. “I can give it to you now. Do you want me to?”


“N-no,” he said, thinking of Kristen, believing that she would help him through this somehow. “I wanna wemembah.”


“It will be hard,” she said, working his baby arms through a dance routine as she spoke. “You’ll be helpless, unable to feed yourself, unable to do anything on your own. You’ll even need to be potty trained again, probably. Are you sure you want to remember who you were while you’re stuck wearing diapers? Wouldn’t you rather forget?”


She had a point, and he knew he might regret this choice eventually. Still… “No,” he repeated.


She let go of his arms and spun him around on her lap to face her. He looked up into her sad eyes past the mounds of her breasts. Then, she leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on his forehead. “Have it your way,” she whispered.


He had no reply.


She sat up and looked at the clock on the wall and said, “Well. Then, I guess we ought to be getting ready to go. Hmm. I don’t have a carseat for you do I?” She thought a moment about the problem and said, “Oh, I have an idea. You won’t like it, but, of course, what you like doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s get going.”




Kristen stood waiting by the back door to the office, watching for a car to arrive. She checked the time on her phone.


“Any minute now,” she said.


Right on schedule, Amy drove up to the door and parked her car. She stepped out of it, and Kristen stepped out of the office door, wheeling the luggage case full of cash behind her.


Kristen paused when she saw Amy wearing a fancy red dress, but that was not the only thing that seemed off. “Where’s Johnny?” she asked.


“He’s waiting in the car,” Amy said.


Kristen squinted a look into the dark vehicle, but she could not see him, nor did she remember seeing him inside when the car had pulled up. “Are you trying to pull something here with me?”


Amy shook her head and said, “No. I’m being honest with you. I thought that you might be a bit skeptical of the drug I was giving you, so I decided to give you a demonstration of it, to prove that it works.” She pressed a button on her key and the trunk to her car popped open. She walked around to it and pulled out a large black duffel bag, which she carried over to Kristen and set on the pavement in front of her. Then, she stepped back from it.


“What’s in it?” Kristen asked.


“Open it.”


Kristen unzipped the bag to find a baby laying inside of it, dressed in a woman’s pink tank top. The baby looked up at her and appeared ready to cry.


“What is this?” Kristen asked.


“Don’t you mean, ‘Who is this?’” Amy replied with a smirk.


Kristen looked down at the baby, and tried to imagine the baby having grown into a man. It might be him. “Johnny?” she asked the baby.


The baby started to cry quietly and nodded his little head.


“So,” Amy said. “You have proof that it works. I have the two bottles here.” She pulled them out of her shoulder bag and showed them to Kristen. “There’s a little left of the physical regression drug. If you’re quick, you might even be able to find traces of it in his blood.”


Kristen stood up, stepped past baby Johnny, and rolled the money case over to Amy. Businesslike, she lay the case flat on the pavement and opened it, revealing neat stacks of bills inside of it, a fortune in cash. Amy took a moment to flip through one stack with her thumb. It was real currency all the way down. She shut the case and stood it up next to her. Then, she handed over the bottles to Kristen.


“Nice doing business with you,” Amy said. “I was going to say take good care of him, but, honestly, I don’t care. Goodbye.” She turned and rolled the case over to her trunk, lifted it inside, and shut it away. Then, she got into the car and drove away, without looking back even once.


Kristen walked back over to sniffling little Johnny in the duffel bag and looked down at him with passionless eyes. She pulled out her phone and made a call.


Her boss answered, “Yes?”


“I have the drugs, and I have a test subject,” she told him, as she gazed at the bottles in her hand and then back at him. “He was recently injected. We’ll want to take samples from him and monitor him in the lab.”


Johnny listened, realizing that he had become a lab rat.


“I’ll get the team over there immediately,” the boss said. “Good work.”


“Thank you,” she said. “I’ll keep you informed.”


The phone call ended, and Kristen looked down at Johnny for a moment, fascinated by what the drug could do.


“Kwisten,” he said, whimpering, looking for comfort from his lover.


Kristen responded by zipping the bag shut. Then, she lifted it up and carried it to the lab for further study.




Amy’s phone rang as she waited at a stoplight. She answered it when she saw it was her old coworker. “Hi, Brianna,” she said, attaching the phone to a holder on her dash.


“Hello,” Brianna replied. “So, how did the trade go? Did you get the money?”


“All of it,” Amy said.




“How about you?”


“I managed to get a box of each of the drugs out of the lab before they realized I was in there. I told the guard who found me that I was just clearing out my locker. He let me go, no problem. I don’t think anyone will suspect anything until they do some kind of audit. That could take weeks.”


“We’ll be in another country by then.”


“Yes, we will,” Brianna said. “Too bad you had to hand over the drugs to that bitch.”


Amy smiled. “Actually, I managed to swap the labels off of the real bottles and put them on some morphine bottles. I just emptied out some of the morphine from one of the fake bottles to make it look like it had been used already. The real bottles are still in my bag.”


“Damn,” Brianna said. “That was smart. So, they got nothing then?”


“They just have little Johnny and what they can squeeze out of him. Poor little guy. He’s in for a bad time, let me tell you.”


“Poor little thing,” Brianna said, wistfully.


“Yeah,” Amy said, as the light turned green, and she drove off into her new life. “Poor, poor little thing.”


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