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Not Pretending Anymore

Another story I wrote, it does not have as many details as the one before. It is also based on a story I read by Filthy Mind, I hope you all like it.

“What’s happening to you, you look… younger…” Danielle said with a concerned yet inquisitive look. I tried to back away hoping that she would not want to come closer, I kept backing up until I reached the couch. I looked up at the beautiful woman in front of me, I knew I could not keep the truth from her any longer.  “Danielle, I’m not sure how else to say this so…I’m just going to say it… You’re making me younger…” Danielle furled her brow and walked closer to me. “What do you mean making you younger?” I took a deep breath and gazed into her emerald green eyes. “The more turned on I get the younger I become, I found an amulet with a woman carved into it on one of my archaeological field study trips and when I touched it, a strange mist came out of it. It turned into a beautiful nude woman, I was aroused by her and she was offended by me saying so. She told me she was thousands of years old and was too old for me to please her and that she thought of me more as a child, so she put a curse on me saying that whenever I was as aroused as I was I would shrink and become younger. And from then on whenever I got horny I would begin to become younger…”

Danielle sat down next to me and put her hand on my back. “Do I turn you on?” I responded still shaking and trying to recover from the 6 years I had lost from her kisses. “Immensely…” I whispered, not knowing what her response would be. “But I’m not sure if we should continue, I would not be able to satisfy you if we kept going, I’m already in my early twenties after just getting kissed by you… If you do not want to be with me anymore I would understand…” Danielle rubbed my back and then kissed my cheek, I felt myself become slightly younger losing what appeared to be almost a year in age. She smiled as she hugged me pressing her large DD breasts against me, I felt myself shrink more. I did not know why she was doing this but I liked it. “You are more than able to satisfy me, but in a different way…” She said as she got up and began to rock her hips back and forth, she turned around and bent over, I could almost see her up her short skirt. I was exceedingly turned on and I instantly lost a year, I was probably 19. “I want to you to be younger…” She said in a seductive tone. While almost every other time I would have tried splash water on my face or think of something unappealing to make myself not horny, I was entranced by her.

“So how young do you want me to get?” I asked her, getting younger by the second. She smiled as she beamed down at me, pointing her finger at a room down the hall. “My roommate has a babysitting business and often takes care of infants, I think I want to put you in one of those diapers!” I shrank again at her comment, I had indeed had a secret mommy fetish and I could not be more turned on. “Oh I see someone likes that idea, if you’re that young we can play house.” She grinned and in one motion hiked her dress over her head revealing a lacy bright pink bra and thong which hugged her voluptuous ass. “I’ll be the sexy mommy and you’ll be the bitty baby who gets to see these up close…” I felt myself losing years by the moment, I must have been 16 because my clothes suddenly felt a bit more lose. “Let me see if I can make you younger faster!” She suddenly bent over and began to twerk, causing her booty to jiggle as she moved her beautiful round curves. After merely a few moments of watching her I could feel that I had shrunk down to about 10. My clothes were very baggy and the hair on most of my body was gone. Although my boner was gone I was still very turned on and I knew I would continue shrinking. Danielle suddenly stopped twerking and walked over to the couch, she appeared gigantic as she looked down at me. She grinned as she bent over her cleavage barely being held back by her lacy pink bra. Just seeing her do this made me shrink another year. Seeing this she giggled and gave her boobs a shimmy making me lose another year, I responded by trying to reach up and grab her massive orbs before me.

She just backed up a little bit, allowing me to fall down to the couch and lose another year. “It’s so much fun to tease you, does little Brandon like Mommy Danny’s big boobies?” I nodded my head and smiled, I had lost my two front teeth and thus had a gap in between my teeth. “Mmm-hmm, I like your boobies a lot!” I said as I lost another year, I now almost swam in my clothes which only moments ago fit me perfectly. Danielle smiled, bent over and placed my hands on the top of her still covered breasts, I blushed and lost another year. “They’re soft aren’t they?” I smiled and nodded my head, although I was somewhat confused by her comment. “Soft and warm!” She giggled when she heard this and then kissed my forehead. “Tee hee I know they are you silly boy!” Suddenly she looked down at me, ran her fingers through my locks and spoke in a seductive yet maternal voice. “You’re getting so young, I better bring you to the room put a diaper on you” I gazed into her greens eyes and smiled as I nodded my head while still keeping my hand on her breasts, I felt another year slip away from me. I was now almost a toddler and I giggled with excitement wondering what was going to happen next. She smiled as she lifted me up out of the pile of clothes and held me close to her chest, I instantly lost another year. She smiled as she threw me up into the air and caught me causing me to erupt with giggles and lose another year. “Mommy Danny!” I said as she began walking to the nursery, “Aww that’s right I am your Mommy now!” After hearing this I became younger again but this time I lost 6 months so I was now a year and a half being held by a hot maternal figure. She got closer to the room and I began to suck my thumb, it felt so natural being held by Mommy Danny. “I see you’re sucking your thumb… after I put a diaper on you I’ll give you something better to suck on…” When she opened up the door I was amazed by all the things in the room. Everything ranging from toys to different clothes to a changing table and even a rocking chair was there, I was excited to play house. She brought me to the changing table and I immediately started to shrink again, I giggled as my age was brought to a year. “Mommy needs to make sure baby doesn’t have any accidents.” She smiled as she lifted my butt and applied a liberal amount of baby powder to my bottom.

I shrank again to about 6 months, as she fastened the diaper on me, I loved the crinkle between my legs. As I looked back up to her I noticed that her pink bra had wet spot forming around the middle of her bra. She blushed as she cupped her engorged tits, “Looks like I’ve gone through some changes as well…Hmm, is my widdle baby hungry for Mommy’s milk?” I grinned and lifted my arms up to be held, wanting to taste Mommy Danny’s milk. “Mama Ba ba!” Danny picked me up and cradled me in her arms, she adjusted my head so that I was facing her pink lacy bra. “That’s right Mama’s got your ba ba right here!.” She says as she lowers her bra revealing her erect dripping nipple. She offers her breast to me and without hesitation I latch on. Almost immediately jets of milk fill my mouth as I suckle, as I begin to settle into a rhythm I start to see the world becoming larger around me. “Wow you’re shrinking again, I wonder what will happen if you keep drinking my milk…” I feel her breast become larger as more milk goes down my throat. “Keep going my little one, keep drinking my yummy milk… ” Danny says as my eyes become heavy and the world around me darkens. Before my eyes completely shut I see Danny’s lips move once more, “My little baby…” My eyes close with her engorged nipple in my mouth, I continue suckling, knowing only her breast.

I open my eyes to find a bright light before me and a giant pair of arms pick me up and carry me. At first I am afraid until I see a familiar face, its Danny as she wraps her arms around me and cradles me to her breast. “Hi little Brandon its great seeing you again…Did you know that you’ve been inside me for 6 months? That’s right, we’re not pretending any more, I’m your Mommy in every way now…” She said as she raised her breast close to my mouth. I hesitated at first being that I thought I might shrink again. “Don’t worry sweetie, I actually did some research and found out about your curse. Now that you are literally my child my milk will be normal milk to help you group up again.” After hearing this I took her nipple into my mouth and began to furiously suckle. “ Haha, you must have missed my milk being in Mommy’s tummy for 6 months…such a hungry little baby…well you just keep sucking Mommy’s big milky titties… Mommy’s going to have so much fun re-raising you little man…”



    • ARWander1600

      I agree, it is one of my all time favorite stories and the relationship they have is amazing! I especially loved the tragic ending, it was really beautiful!

    • ARWander1600

      I agree, although I am not sure of how to find Mr. Filthy Mind, although I am happy that you liked my version as well! It would be awesome if it was made into a comic!

      • Filthy Mind publishes under the pen name of Mindi Flyth.

  1. Oh hey, I’ve read that story I think…
    The one on ARarchive?

    • ARWander1600

      It was on the ARarchive for a while and then they took it off but you can still read it if you just look up Just the Right Size Filthy mind on Google! Also how did your story writing go? My short ones were no the best but I put a lot more work into the one that became the Necklace!

  2. ARWander1600

    Hi Bela04! Thank you again so much for allowing my story to be put up! I also have another one that I sent you with a few revisions on it as well! Whilst this one is a much faster story, I am still very happy with how it came out, I usually use third person to tell my stories and the first person still worked well! I am looking forward to seeing what you thing of my other stories as well!

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