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News, news, news….!

Well hello there!

Yepp, the waiting is over, here I am! Phu, a lots of things happend with me in the past month, good and bad things but I consider all those time as a positive month. First, I’ve red a lot… a lot of new stories! As you know I’ve gain a many good inspiration from storie what are on other sites like the CYOC or The Changing Mirror. And of course from your ideas what you suggest and write down the forum!

I would like to thank every single one of you for all those good ideas what you gave me in the past month! It is always good to read how many variations of AR/AP can born within our growing community! I try to answer and reply to all those ideas all the time when I’ve got the time so keep me posted!

TGTrinity  come to me almost 2 weeks ago to make some fun! We both create a comic from each others idea as a small challenge between us and you can already see his work in the gallery! My part will be up in this month here on AgeArts! I would like to thank him for this little game! 😉

So what I was doing so far? Creating comics obiviously but other than that, as I said I red a lot of stories, found new sites and new authors and new fetish what inspired me! Okay, these are not new, most of you know the bimbofication, mind control but working within styles like this was a new thing to me. I started with TG back in the day but I end up in the AR/AP community what is still far most my favourite genre. But it was a good time for me to move out a little bit out of this and find new elements what I could use in the future or in my current works! So I created new comics with elements of Bimbo, MC, and some WG. Okay, you don’t have to exepct anything big shifting! But as I said it was a fun way to create! So…

Today I present you a new Premium Comic what you can find in the Webshop right away if you click on it! It is called “Relocations”  and I’m very proud of it! I tried to mix a few elements of the fetishes what I wrote up there so if you want a see a great story with a lots of transformations, here you go! Bimbofication, Mind Control, lots of humiliation, Age Regression, TG transform! I can say, many life is going to change deeply forever in this comic! Short description:

“Somewhere in a strange city a strange Company are developing strange things. It looks like they want to own something what can control someone’s mind while it can change a person’s outlook as well! Mysterious things happen within the Company but some informations has been leak from the Company’s wall. The FBI starts an investigation to know more about this chemical weapon. They send their two best agents to find out what is going on in there and what happend with the emloyees. Will they be ready to face what’s coming or they’re gonna be just victims? Find out in “Relocations”.

I’ve tried another new thing also what I put it first, in the short comic called: “Loser”  – what you can find in the gallery now! I’ve really interested in your feedback with that one! I’ve made some animations… Yepp! You don’t have to think about some serious hard stuff, just simple short sex scenes, but as a first step it was a good lesson! So if you want to see some mixed theme with two short animation, check it out! 

Other than that, there will be a big update on my Patreon page next week! Many new comics with new ideas, so if you want to see what I was working on in the last couple of weeks check out my Patreon page! There will be a new Premium comic also this month – hopefully – what is made in the old classic Age Regression/Age Progression style! I think you gonna like those one as well! For AgeArts, captions are coming so open the Forum if you want to submit your ideas!

One more thing what was a really good thing to see for me is ARWANDER1600 ‘s Babality  story! God, it is a masterpiece if you ask me and I’m very happy and proud to have it on AgeArts! I can only hope ARWANDER1600  is gonna share more of his work with us in the future! If you haven’t red it than don’t hesitate: Babality  is something what every AgeArts user should read!

Well thats for me now, see you soon!



  1. ARWander1600

    Bela04 thank you so much for not only mentioning my story but calling it a masterpiece! It makes me so happy to hear this! You, Areg and Bojay are my favorite age regression artists and it means so much to have you say that! I will make sure that I make more stories in the future, there are actually a few that if I do the proper revisions to I might be able to put up! Also I was wondering, whilst I know that my story is long (I can try to put up some other stories if need be) I was wondering if you might want to make Babality into a comic or use it to make it with key images made and a story, like you did with The Maternal Experience? I hope that this might be doable and if not I still want to thank you for giving me this opertunity to have my story (and future stories) seen by an awesome audience that is also safe for people who like age regression, lactation, etc. You are amazing and I hope that you know that you make truly wonderful comics!

    • bela04

      I’m really happy that I can give a place to talented authors like you to publish their work in a modern enviroment! 🙂 I’m honord with all the words and I can only say, thank you and that I will continue the work to publish more here what you and others will like! 🙂
      To make your story into a comic would be surly a fun thing! I’ve already imagined a couple of pictures in my head while I red it and yes I would like to create some picture for it! Maybe not to turn it into a whole comic – time is what is short – but with short pictures it can happen! OR as a commission it could work as a much fuller comic! Will see 🙂

      Keep up the good work!

      • ARWander1600

        That sounds fantastic to me!! The Maternal Experience only needed 6 pictures and I have enjoyed reading it many times! So if you think that would work, it would be wonderful! Or if you even wanted it to have the same amount of pages as say The Bet, that would be awesome too! However, since you are the artist, it would be completely up to you! Although, I love the story and picture format of The Maternal Experience!

        As far as a full commission goes, I will be going to Japan later this year so I will not be doing any big commissions this year. I am wondering though, since I like to keep my purchases of this sort separated from my normal perchases if possible, do you know if would take Visa Vanilla card? I want to buy Time Reversal and Relocations but I do not want to use my debit card!

        I hope to hear from you soon and I will continue to follow your amazing works if erotic age regression art! Thank you so much for creating this site and partnering with TGTrinty!

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