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New Story: The Satellite Part 2!

As I said, this week is about updates and because of that this week’s second update is a story what continues our exclusive story from Curious4ever ! The Satellite Part 2  is continue the story from a different perspective, where we can see a single Father with his little daughter in a park. While he is speaking with a fellow dad on a bench, the Satellite takes action and suddenly everything changes around him! In the next few events and days, we follow our hero with his daughter seeing how he manages to process all the strange thing around him and slowly feeling himself going crazy. He realize something is not okay around him and try to find answers. But will he be lucky enough to see how it ends? Read the story to find it out! 😉

There will be a third part up next week and in the future I’m planning to illustrate all the three episode with a few pic to make it more intresting! Don’t forget to comment to leave a review for Curious4ever !


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