New Story: The Move!

When the Summer Contest was over end the winners have been announced, I was curious what will I get. I mean, what will be the ideas from the two winner? The first winner of course, was easy, If I can say, that he just have to choose a comic – what was Glimpses by the way – but for our second and third winner was a mystery. I’m always interest in you guys, because you gave me many – many ideas all the time what I can use in this or that way. So when somebody is asking for a request on Patreon or just ask for a Commision, I’m always happy to see how can I make their “imaginaion” into reality. mese1

It wasn’t differend with our second winner BLZBub ! His request was an a nice little story, which was a little bit “bit different from your usual age swaps” what I make – using BLZBub worlds.

The Move  is a cute short story about two young love bird, how they life changed in just a matter of minutes. I’m sure that some of you will be familiar with the beginning. Who didn’t have a BBF back in the day who need to leave thanks to some life changing decision? Well please welcome “The Move “



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