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New Story: “The Maternal Experience”

As I promised, I bring you a story this weekend. This story was created for our “September Contest” winner: Vakhoar . His request for a story was based on the “September Contest” picture, he wanted to see how the story coninues. You made some really good ideas for the pic but he choosed his own winner submited post, to see it live in a full story. I had to say, I love when I have a chance to put my “glasses” on and see how I can recreate something in my way. I think TGTrinity  made a great picture for the contest and it was a nice time to see how I can give it back in my “universe”.

Well you can see the result in the story, as I made 5 pictures to illustrate “The Maternal Experience” ! I’m deeply amazed again how great work he put down on the desk again with this story and I was happy to fill the missing parts with my little comic!

This story also brought us some updates for the site, as from now on you are available, to see any future PDF work in full screen!! Weeeeee…!


With today, I closed, the Halloween Contest! I know it was short, and only a few people submitted stories this time. I’m sure it has to do something with the numbers of word! Tell me, how do you like to see the future Contests? If you have any suggestion, how to make it more interesting, please LEAVE A COMMENT!

Tomorrow, I will announce the result!

Oh, and don’t forget to test the CHATROOM! If you want to join the Public Group Chat click on it in the corner!!!

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  1. BLZBub

    Well, it’s great to see that the last contest’s prizes are starting to be seen. Though I wonder if at some point you can get around to fixing the story you did for me. If you lost it when your hard drive got locked by the update, I can give you a copy of the one you sent me.

    Also, I think you made a slight error with your poll. Don’t you mean 1000 words instead of 100?

    • bela04

      I fixed that I think when you told me and when I uploaded the story up here, I used the new modify version. I think it is still up and now inserted to the site with the new way of presenting.

      I mean 100 words! 😉

  2. “thank you” is not enough to say what I feel right now!
    you two did a wonderful job on both story and images. it turned out both exactly as I wanted and deferent from what I envisioned. I hope I was not too picky on my part of demanding certain things. this encourages me to try even harder in other contest that may happen here! I also want everyone else here to comment as to what they thought about this story!

    Once again thank you Bela04, thank you TGTrinity!
    little nitpick
    pg 5
    “Sara stepped into the shower area completely naked, and she wasn’t trying to cover up at all. Her new

    breasts were so big, yet they were still so perky.”
    it supposed to be Amy.
    but still great job!

    • bela04

      Noted, the correction were made, now it should be “Amy”! 😉

      I’m happy to see that you have fun while read it! Glad you enjoyed the story and I hope the others will as well! 🙂 Asking for certen things is part of it and required in case if we want to give you the best experience! Don’t think it was a pushy thing, it wasn’t!

      I always try to do my best to give the illustrations as good as I can and if there is something what I can’t make I will always give the feedback of it!

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