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New Story & Comics!

Hello to the AgeArts family! Day After Day (1)

I have to say I’m more than happy how active is the site after a few days since I started it and maybe you can’t see, but behind the scenes there are a lots of work going on to – impovements, bug reports, e-mails, updates – just to give you guys the best experiance! I just wanted to say that I welcome all of you! All of the 260 Users so far! WOW! Just wow to all of you!

Today is an update day not with bug reports but there is a new story and 2 new comic avaible now!

Just a Joke! ” is a 2 page short comic about that teasing can be very confusing! It really depends on which side you are at! 😉

Aaaand we have are second TG comic on the site what was posted back in Patreon a while ago and was available in my blog a time later. It is called “TG-Phone ” and of course, it contains AR & AP as well. The reason why I choose to upload that comic today is because our new story today is also a TG tale from TGTrinity who was so nice that he shared one of his latest story with us called: “Day After Day “! That means our very first TG-Story in now available on the site! Whohooo!

And for the end, I would like to tell you about some updates whitin the site! I’ve got some emails and forum topic with the question: “Where can I find the bought products?” Also there were some who find hard to register to the site, so that is why I choose to add a new option to the header menu called “Account/Register “! Under this tab the new guests can register easier to the site and also can be found easier for those who are visiting the page from Phone. Users can also find this option useful: they can find their premium content under that tab and download them from there. Plus, now you can search for exact members from there!

Well, that’s all for now, if you have questions or suggestions I’m still open! Use the forum, comment here, or send me a mail!



  1. heres a suggestion
    is there a way to get rid off mandatory fields (name, last name, phone, address and etc) in checkout section?

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