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New Stories on AgeArts!

Here is a quick update for you boys & girls!

Since I was on some business meetings in the last few days, I haven’t got the time to post or work too many in this week, two Users of AgeArts take their time to post one of their stories to you! I think their stories are unique and can really add more value to our site so don’t hesitate to read them!


One is from Dracoknight545 who set up a story in a Pokemon universe  called “Science isn’t Perfect Redux”  so it might be a fun read for those who are interested in the Pokemon universe! 😉

Our other contributor is the one of the writers who I mentioned before and now she finally gift us woth one of her work, so please welcome Planet’s  story called “An Offer!” 

You can reach both stories in the Stories menu or just scroll down a little bit in the News section! 😉
Also one of our other user, DancingSpartan wished to have some RolePlay in the forum section here! So if anyone feel that he or she would be into some great Role Play don’t hesitate to join the conversation!
New updates coming from me on the weekend so stay cloese! 😉



  1. In the stories section where you click on the various buttons to choose which category you want like ag/ap- most of the buttons do nothing when you click on them. I think only 2 of the buttons actually bring up stories. And of course it’s the categories I don’t want.

    • bela04

      For me everything works. The ones that doesn’t “work” is because there hasn’t been any story submitted in the category! 🙂 For examply there is no pure AR stories so it won’t show anything until there’s a story submitted!

    • bela04

      Okay, it looks like some updates deleted some links what showed the right category! After some re-work they should be work now! Thank you for the heads up and lost for to draw my attention to your comment! 🙂

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