New Premium Comic: Selfie Two is ready!

Pfhu! It’s finally here!

Selfie Two is up in the Store!

Well, it’s been almost 2 month ago when I started to consider the idea of making another “Selfie”Β  again… Of course, if you guys weren’t push me I don’t think I would take the time to create it! So it’s all thanks to those people who wanted to see it! Thanks to you guys… πŸ˜€Β 

I don’t think I need to tell too much about it to anyone who know the first comic, it was made in two half in the last 1 month but I could finally finish it, so here you go!


What can I say? Everybody of the old members know the classic comic of bela04: Selfie! Easy to “read” thanks to it’s lack of written dialogues, and the detailed changes on the characters. No Bullshit, if I want to say….
Selfie Two was made with the same thought, and thanks to the AgeArts Community, for all the suggestions, and comments, it is back with a second part! The “story” is stand alone, all you have to do is check out the pictures what was “found” in the trash on some junkyard.
NoΒ prelude, no afterward, we don’t even know who are those people who are on the pictures, all we know that some strange thing happened again in a family like last time….

This week, you gonna also get the original one in the Gallery!! πŸ˜‰



  • Hey Bela!

    First of all I want to say you are one of the best out there doing this kind of work. But I want to give some constructive critisism even with my bad grammar and english.

    The Original Selfie is one of my favorite comics by you because of the details and how much work you must have done with it. The details are pure epic and the curves are realistic and sexy. In the original Selfie you really see how the ages shift from kid to teenager to fully grown up(without oversized pumped up silicone breasts and tiny Disney Princess waists) and that makes an AP comic really sensual from my point of view. I really like the oversized curves aswell but not in every comic you make these days. It seems like you want to or are forced to stress out alot of comics to satisfy us and all of us at Patreon so the work gets less quality and care even that they are really well done considering this fetish.

    Now in Selfie 2. (I don’t want to spoil anything and I want to tell everyone that its a worth buy. Atleast I hope I do not spoil anything so just in case don’t read below thispart if you haven’t bought the comic yet)..

    I loved Selfie 2 except two later pictures with the one of the regressed adults. But I really really hoped this one also was going to be like in the same quality as Selfie 1. The siblings should not have been oversized fully grown adults. They should have been late or early teenagers and she should have combined their years into herself to be more than they ever was(without all this oversized unrealism). It should have also contained more teasing between them how she takes over with her new ages and curves. It felt like stress over the pages. I didn’t enjoy going throught the pages as much as I really wanted to. It felt like pop 1, pop 2, pop 3 finished. I liked how you maked my favorite situation with one of them then it really was like hitting a cold wall. Sorry. BAAAM! Right in my face everything just died.

    Anyhow a worth buy and I don’t regret I bought it and I will continue to buy your comics in hope you will improve like the younger Bela in Selfie 1! πŸ™‚

    I have a dream scenario for Selfie 3 I will probably mail it to you cause I don’t want to spoil more.

    Thanks and keep going!

    • Hey monnsn!

      First of all, thank you for the constructive comment! Finally! Someone who dare to sprare some time to write such a critisism.
      I’m really happy when some of you write me some feedbackt, it helps me a lot how to plan the upcoming and future works. I know lot’s of people have trouble to share their thoughts in English, but as you can see on many bases, I have my difficulties in the language myself!

      Now to reflect to your “observations”: You touched one of the basic issue here, and that is the amount of the content. It is hard to keep up with all the people’s requests, comments, ideas both here and on Patreon. Believe me when I say, I try to give the best as possible, but yes I can’t serve everyone’s needs! And yes it can be look like, that my style has changes since I started this whole journey with the comics!

      In same way, I changed indeed, but who wouldn’t? It’s been four years now, what started as a hobby become a work and I look at it a little bit different. Not because I do this for living, but as the word changes, I can say as an artist I change myself. If I would do the same all the time I would just burn out in the comics, and I was a little bit near to that in the past but than again I stood up. Nothing dramatic, simple an artist needs to renew sometime to keep up his passion about what he is doing. In my case bimbofication was one of these “add-on” what helped me to think ahead.

      I was coming from TG in the start, and I’m in the AR/AP scene for 4 years now. My view of the whole scene changed a little bit what could be seen in the way I present the characters in the comics.
      When I started to create selfie, I “read” the first part again and again to see how to make something what is close to the original but can give something new to it. The IRAY is a big help to show more attractive characters. They have too big boobs or asses? Well, that’s something I add to it because I like it. πŸ™‚
      I think I try to give a detailed way of shown the transformation of how they changed, As how they look it’s a different story as always.
      Lot’s of you would like to see how different body parts change from time to time as the regress/progress takes place but I reflected to this comment on my Patreon page, I have to decide to give more show of the actual change itself or took hours to show off body parts what could easily lead to get bored with the whole comic and leave it in the dark space of my HDD as it happend before. So I always had to take a few viewpoint when I make a comic and two of them is always this: “Will I enjoy it to create it?” “How much time will it take from me?”

      If I don’t like the thing, I make that it’s a dead end and you will see it in the final product.
      If it take too much time to create, who will update the site? Who will update my Patreon channel? I can’t do that with all the people who decided to support me, I would feel guilty if I could’t give them what they wish to see!

      One more thing, as a side note. I think I spend some quality time in “The Bloom Fairy” what was started from 1 single line… I showed how different body parts change and I posted it with a big smile in Patreon, and not even a single comment arrived to it… none. That is something what could kill something inside me, but when I see how few people reacted to it here on AgeArts, it shows there is more interest to it. Not much what also “breaks my heart especially if I see there is more than 4k user here…

      I know this is a little bit off topic from what you asked but hey, at least I could write it down. πŸ™‚
      Anyway, thank you for you comment it moved me, and I’m happy to aswer to you and I hope you will see my point in this whole journey! πŸ™‚

      “That young bela is still here, he never left but he grow up and changed… like all of us as we grow with the world… it is natural…” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Hi bela04. I wanted to say that monnns is right. You are changing to many bimbonification comics. Even with The bloom fairy. It was good age progression comic until page 25 when it become bimbonification comic. You lastly don’t do detailed age progression comic without bimbonification. Unrealistic big breast in that comic make it hard to belive in it. I love you work so I hope you will make sometime detailed pure AP/AR. Best comic that I remember was sister and brother swiching age “Toothpaste”? Talking back about “The blossoming fairy” it was weird that at end grown up woman behaved like a girl. I expacted her to have more grown up dialog for example “what hapened to you” “I age regressed becouse…” and last “I hope you suck her (other woman) dry to tech her”.

        • There is no bimbofication in those comics. As I wrote before, I enjoy creating full developed women with “equipment” like these. Most of the people like when it’s big, but I don’t think I’m making “unrealistic” sizes. It always depends on the viewer what is the “normal” size for him/her.

          Toothpaste is an old comic what I think was one of the first ones I made. Yes, it was good but the best? This is “what personal taste” means, just as for the “how it should end” part. It is a good thing that you have that opinion and taste, and it is good that you shared, but it can’t be universal!

          Thank you for the comment!

          • Hi Bela,

            I can see their point and I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. I’m not a fan of bimbofication as well because the dimensions are too unrealistic for me, and I find the IQ reduction not attractive at all; to each his/her own.

            Your style has changed since the beginning and as an artist it’s something positive, the quality of your work has improved a lot. I am not an artist nor I have ever tried to make a render so I can only imagine the amount of work you have to do even more so when we talk about a comic! And doing comic after comic can be come stressful or boring after a while especially if the plot and models are always the same. So I can’t blame you for trying something new recently with these big “equipments”, if it helps you expressing yourself, as long as it doesn’t take anything from the quality (which it doesn’t). It becomes a matter of what people like, and judging from the recent feedback you could get an idea. Now, when you have such a big number of users on the site it’s really impossible to please everyone and it’s even more difficult understand what people really like, especially if the feedback is so minute.
            I personally think you’re doing well, the latest (free) comics you’ve released alternate between “big” and “enormous” equipment so it’s not a big of a deal; it shows that you’re not focusing on one side only.

            As for what I would like to see, I really enjoyed “Therapist Revised” (even though I’m not a fan of WG) because of the deeper story and charachter development in it, it makes everything more interesting.
            Also, I hope you find the time to make some more caption πŸ™‚

          • Your art and style have improved, the argument of reality in any of these stories is silly. Be it bimbo or becoming a toddler is always ridiculous. Have fun and go crazy with all of it. We get enough reality in our real lives.

    • I reconiced the change to ,,unrealistic” too, but i habe to admit that i mostly like it. Of course it’s sometimes nice, to See something wich isn’t on the edge but i think there is one of the Problem.
      It’s a bit like coffee. Of you drink it every day, you’re getting used to the effect, so you need something extreme, to get the effect you had.
      It’s the same with this comics. I was getting used to normal proportions and i liked it, when there was something new , but also there’s always a ,,too far” but everyone has a different taste.
      But that’s just a Theorie.
      Personally i like the ,,New” size of the woman, but i also like the Mord realistic proportions.
      I hope there’s not too much lost in translation.

  • Great job Bela. My only critiques are the following.

    1. Could have had a better unbirth scene. Like along the lines of Detention 2 or better.
    2. Have her unbirth both girls at the same time. Double your pleasure.

    Otherwise, it’s a great comic and definitely worth the price. And I also have an idea for a sequel or spinoff for this if you want to hear it.

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