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New Premium Comic is under progress!

Helloooooo Everyone!

It’s been a time, I’m still back at my home country for a while and I’m managing things from here! That doesn’t mean the work is stopped! 😉

There is a few comic what will be published in the next few days and also I’m working our new premuim comic! I also would like to thank all of you who submitted ideas for our Contest! It is great to see so many ppl’s imagination is full with really nice ideas! I always enjoyed this kind of project because that show me, how different we can see the same thing and it prooves that we can’t see a thing just only from one side!

Anyway, keep them coming, me and TGTrinity are really happy to see all the great ideas, but the contest is still open till Aug 1! 😉

So brace yourselfs, comics are coming in the next few days!


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  1. Exciting news! Thanks for the update.

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