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New Premium Comic – “Hypno”

Hello everybody!

Finally it is done! My new Premium Comic for you guys is here, it took me a while and I was in a little bit late considering what I planned before but the point is that I’m done with it! It was a really interestin journey for me, all the process and the new things I tried in “Hypno”  was just amazing and I put a lot of effort into it, and the ideas just come and come while I was doing it. I can say that I could done a little bit more into this, but the ideas are still in my head what could lead me to do another chapter for it or a side story!

First, I would like to say thanks to all of you guys who are inspiring me all the time and make me to think about ideas and comics like this! All of you, all the ones, who are commenting and suggesting ideas in the forums! Keep them coming, never know, who’s idea gonna give me the final push!
Second, I would like to thank to TGTrinity  for his help on the editing, his hand makes sure to give you the best possible dialogues!


So the story summary:

“Strange things happening in the house where Taylor and her family lives. She found a strange remote what she tried a few times before and she is ready to take it to the next level. She invites her friend Audree to spend a day with her but the day will turn more interesting than an ordinary sleepover! Fates changing, roles swapping in this new Premium comic right from bela04’s kitchen!”

It is rendered in IRAY fully so the best render technique is ready for you I can make! Probably the longest comic so far with it’s 170 pages with a lots of transformations!

I would like to give a gift as well, so the first 30 costumer, can get Three HD poster like picture! Three different one each one contains one of the three main characters at their prime of age in a Superheroine costume! I’m going to send you the link to your email adresses!



We’ve got some other news as well, another two story was submitted by our readers one from Dracoknight545 and one from a new submitter, but well known writer and commenter, BLZBub !
Make sure to read them and give a feedback! 😉



  1. TGTrinity

    This comic is classic Bela, with some really good use of hypnotism as well. There’s a scene that shows Taylor’s best friend growing up that is simply the best Bela’s ever done!

  2. Hi, before i buy the comic, i would like to know if this will be avaible for the Patrons? Thanks

    • bela04

      Maybe in the future, but not this year! I’ve got other plans for my Patreons!

      • Great, now i can buy the comic without doubt. Thanks for the answer

      • I am not allowed to use PayPal, any other methods I can use to buy this?

        • bela04

          Unfortunately not, at the moment, but if you tell me what payment method is the best for you, I can use that information to improve the site in the future! 🙂

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