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New Premium Comic – Glimpses

The day has come… It is finally here. I have to say I’m a little bit exited how will all of you like it. It is our first Project with TGTrinity  – and hopfully not the last – and we put a lot of effort in it! We worked on it for 2 month and the whole idea was jus came from a few sentence what I couldn’t use in any of my comic! Well he certenly helped me how & where to use that idea! So here it is:

Glimpses – Joe & Jenny are brother and sister. They parents just bought a nice mansion near to the ocean to enjoy the summer at any time they want. Unfortunately for the weekend, only Joe & Jenny will all alone to “enjoy” this weekend at the beach. Unfortunate, because Joe loves to humaliate his little sister, no matter what is the cost… He wants to prove that he is the older at any circumstances. But the weekend keep surprises for both of the siblings when Candice, Joe’s girlfriend jumps into the scene. This weekend can be a turning point for all of them. How it ends? Well it looks like only depends on Joe’s decisions…

You can find “Glimpses” in the webshop and we both really happy to give it to you! As I said, we put a lot of work in it and we would be really happy if all of you could give us some feedback! Both here in the comments & under the review tab!


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